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Heavenly Star – Chapter 258 – My Name is Black Bear (I)


Both Li Lao and Liu Lao were silent. They knew exactly what was going on. The only doubt that they had was the reason why Ye Wuchen had to do this with the Emperor. Was it really because Ye Wuchen had grown so arrogant that even the Emperor didn’t deserve his respect? Or was it because he wanted to betray his country? It didn’t make sense, as three years ago, he was very loyal to the country when he could perfectly beat anyone, including the War of God. He shouldn’t be thinking the opposite now that he’d become disabled.

Suddenly, Long Yin frowned and whispered, “he should have discovered something. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be doing this to me.”

Lin Kuang turned mad, and Lin Zhan looked confused, he didn’t know what the Emperor was mentioning about, yet he dared not to ask further. Li Lao and Liu Lao were looking at each other silently. From what Long Yin had said, it led to a lot of imagination.

While Long Yin was mad, he felt more insecure. The girl dressed in black next to Ye Wuchen could take away his life quite easily.

Such a feeling was unbearable for him – that his life could be taken away just like that. He suddenly had this urge to kill Ye Wuchen. As what Li Lao and Liu Lao said, he’s a disabled person. Once he’s without protection, it would be effortless to get rid of him. Also, for his own benefits, he’d better act fast!

“The Emperor, what about the marriage of the Princess and me…” Lin Zhan raised this question cautiously. Long Yin was looking fierce, making him scared.

“Well…if I ever listen to the son from Ye Family, what kind of joke I’m going to turn myself into?” Long Yin left instantly after he said so.

In Ye Family, Ye Wei and Ye Nu were looking at Ye Wuchen for a long while without any words.

“Grandpa, father, what do you want to ask me?” Ye Wuchen asked with a smile. He still looked very much at ease.

“You shouldn’t be someone who’s so impulsive. Tell me honestly, what did you think when you treated the Emperor like that?” Ye Nu asked slowly. The behavior of Ye Wuchen in front of the Emperor had shocked him. What shocked him more was the reaction of Long Yin. There must be something that he didn’t know about.


Ye Wuchen said with a slight sigh, “Grandpa, father, you can rest assured. I am someone from Ye Family, and I will never do anything to hurt the reputation of my family. After some time, you will understand why I did this.”

Ye Nu nodded slowly. He did not go on asking, “you are my grandson, I will always believe you. As long as you’ve returned, I have no more regrets in life. Although I’m old, I have not yet turned stupid. I know that you have determined to do something big – from the way you look, you talk, you’re no longer the same person. I suppose you’ve realized something while you were struggling between life and death. I am eager to know what had happened to you during these three years, but at the same time, I’d rather continue being an old fool who will never find out. You can do whatever you want. I hope that you can stay alive no matter what.”

After Ye Nu finished, he laughed, turned and left.

Ye Wuchen thought for a while, then he looked at his Grandpa’s back and whispered, “thank you, Grandpa.”

Ye Wei walked over to pat him on the shoulder and said seriously, “since we received the news of your death three years ago, your grandfather has realized what’s most important for him. You’ve been bearing so much the past three years. If there is anything that you want to achieve, then do it. Your family will never stop you. As you’ve said, you’re a descendant of Ye Family, and I trust that you’ll never do anything to betray your family.”

Ye Wuchen nodded slowly, “father, in a few days, you will understand. It’s just that. I hope you will then be mentally prepared.”

“Haha, I have basically seen everything in the world. Nothing will surprise me anymore.” Ye Wei laughed.

“Well… Father, what is the origin of the young man called Black Bear next to the Emperor?” Ye Wuchen asked with interest.

When Ye Wei heard him, he became very serious, “Chen’er, it’s good that you paid attention to him. Although he seems ordinary, even a bit clumsy, he’s very gifted.”

“Oh?” Ye Wuchen’s face became even more serious, “if you say that he’s ‘gifted’, it means he’s extraordinarily powerful. Father, can you please give me more details?”

Ye Wei nodded and began to tell him in detail about the origin of Black Bear.

Ten months ago, the Tianlong Royal Academy was full of people, and the central plaza was densely packed. A large number of master guards were at the entrance of the yard. Because of the war, this year’s young talents selection had to be postponed for several months. However, no matter it happened to be the people watching the competition or the participants, they were more numerous than the previous years. This day, it was the last day of the martial arts contest. All the prestigious people from the Tianlong Kingdom gathered at the Tianlong Royal Academy and were ready to watch the talented people competing among themselves.

However, ever since Ye Wuchen suddenly got onto the stage and competed with Lin Xiao, it was difficult to see the same pleasing and fascinating game. In comparison, all the other contests appeared as dull, even a little boring.

However, this game was destined to be extraordinary because of one person.

The death of Ye Wuchen made everybody sigh. Therefore, Lin Xiao, who had been participating in the competition these years, was destined to have no more opponents. And for more than two years, his martial arts skills had tremendously improved. Since Ye Wuchen defeated him, he felt as if he had no more face to enter “the finale”. He took the opportunity to get on stage to compete with the talents from everywhere and beat them down without much effort.

Just when people thought that this year’s first was again Lin Xiao, a young, short, fat, black and robust young man came to the stage with a frightened look. When he first went on stage, he attracted already a round of applause because of his thick arms. They were too thick to the point of being scary.

“Where does this person come from? His figure is extraordinary!” Long Yin, who had been watching the competition without many feelings, asked Lin Yan who was hosting the contest.

“To the Emperor, I checked out this person before. He’s from Anqing City at the south. He’s not equipped with a lot of skills, yet he’s super powerful. We’re fortunate not to have him beat down someone yesterday. If he did, that person could lose the ability to walk. However, as long as Xiao’er plays smart, he’ll still win.” Lin Yan said without being too worried.

Long Yin said lightly, “oh.”

From the look, it was evident that the boy was from the countryside. He looked like someone who’s never seen much in his life. Also, his tenseness and nervousness indeed revealed that he’s never stepped foot in a city. After getting on stage, he first laughed a little, then touched his head and politely said, “hi, my name is Black Bear.”

Lin Xiao smiled and said, “and I am Lin Xiao. Nice to meet you.”

“Well, yes, it’s nice to meet you…” This boy, who had a ridiculous name, hurriedly waved his hand. Apparently, he was shocked at Lin Xiao’s courtesy. His clumsy gestures made the audience laugh. Black Bear scratched his head, “you’re so powerful. And I am going to use even more strength. If I accidentally hurt you, can you please not tell my mum…if she knows that I’ve hurt someone, she’ll scold me.” Lin Xiao laughed lightly, “no one should ever blame anyone if he’s not competent, you just have to do your best, and no one will tell your mom.”

“Well, that’s good, you are a nice person.” Black Bear was happy and thankful. He began to lift his arms and rubbed his hands. It looked like he’s warming up.

The audience laughed. Long Yin did as well, “it’s just someone who knows nothing. He does not even have a clue how much strength Lin Xiao has. This boy is innocent though, and he is so naïve. Well, I don’t hate him.”

Obviously, no one has ever thought that this silly-looking boy could defeat Lin Xiao.

Black Bear moved his wrists and said thoughtfully, “my mother once told me, once I enter the city for the competition, I must let the others beat me first. This is politeness.”

Lin Xiao did not oppose the idea. He said, “well, then I am going to strike first.”

He raised his sword and rapidly attacked the black bear. Although after seeing Black Bear play the previous day and knowing that he’s got an in-born strange power, he’s not scared, and he wanted to finish him quickly.

When he was close, the black bear’s fist also came in the speed of the wind. At his feet, his body suddenly fluttered and flicked. His sword hit directly on Lin Xiao’s shoulder.

In an instant, the situation suddenly changed. He suddenly felt a strength, heavy like a mountain, was wrapping him. Lin Xiao had never felt such heaviness in his life. It’s like being crushed by Taishan. His limbs were as if they were pressed by giant stones. He couldn’t move.

Black Bear’s fist hit Lin Xiao’s body harshly, giving him an unbelievably heavy blow.

Black Bear’s fist was heavily bombarded on the chest of Lin Xiao. This seemingly dull punch seemed to have thousands of weights. Lin Xiao could hear his brain roaring, as if there were thousands of bees. He squirted blood from his mouth, his body was thrown upward, and until it was about 20 meters high, it fell to the ground. And there was no more sound.

As he fell, his blood fell from the sky, and the stage was stained with blood.

Everyone was made quiet. They opened their eyes widely, their jaws dropped. They were all starting at this stupid-looking boy. Every one of the Lin family also stood up, and they were heartbroken. For an average person, he would have died already. Even for someone powerful like Lin Xiao, he must be seriously injured.

Lin Kuang and Lin Zhan were furious. Lin Yan, who’s got a terrible temper, screamed at Black Bear, “you f**king bastard. How dare you hurt my Xiao’er!!!”


Lin Yan was famous for his arrogance. At the competition, there was a rule mentioning that no one can sue the other party if there’s a casualty. However, Lin Yan totally disregarded this rule that he’d set earlier. If Lin Xiao got hurt, he would hunt down the other party undoubtedly. Back then, when Ye Wuchen had cut Lin Xiao’s face, it was enough to get him furious, let alone being severely beaten by Black Bear.

Although Black Bear looked clumsy, he was flexible. He managed to avoid the fire thrown at him by Lin Yan. He hurriedly explained, “I…I didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t expect how weak he is…”

“Go to Hell!” Lin Yan put his hands on his chest, and a deep red flame burned fiercely on his right palm. His body rushed forward, and his momentum was released. He locked Black Bear’s body and burned it with his right hand. It was the speed of lightning.


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