Heavenly Star – Chapter 259 – My Name Is Black Bear (II)


Black Bear was a good kid.


What Lin Yan had done made everyone speechless, but they couldn’t stay anything. Aside from capacity, he also had power and status. No one dared to say anything even if he broke the rules. What the audience could do was to witness Black Bear struggling, and almost dying under the hands of Lin Yan.


It seemed that Black Bear had nowhere to escape. He bit his teeth and hit Lin Yan with his fist. Just when his fist met with Lin Yan’s fire palm, there was a horrifying flash across Black Bear’s eyes. He released a momentum that’s a thousand times more frightening than the one when he fought Lin Xiao.


Lin Yan had only used about 20% of his strength, yet both of their fists met. Black Bear’s momentum suppressed the burning fire, and when the fists hit each other, there was a bursting sound. There was blood splashing everywhere, all of Lin Yan’s four fingers were broken, and the bones of his right arm were also split into four pieces. His body was flown out, across the audience, and hit hard on a thick wall in the plaza. The wall trembled vigorously and almost fell.


If the two fought, it’s hard to make an accurate assumption of the result. Although Black Bear defeated Lin Xiao with his fist, the audience still thought that Lin Xiao was hit accidentally. Who would believe that a fifteen-year-old boy had the strength as strong as Lin Yan’s? As a result, when part of Lin Yan’s strength met Black Bear’s full power, and when Lin Yan’s relatively weak defense met Black Bear’s vigorous attack power, it’s easy to imagine the result.


Same as Lin Xiao, Lin Yan was bearing an extreme pain, and he fainted before falling. All the prestigious people among the audience stood up. They were shocked to see this young boy who had severely injured Lin Yan with his fist. Lin Yan was the first fire magician in Tianlong Country, and his capacity surpassed everyone else. The whole of Lin family was moaning. Those experienced practitioners were also stunned and couldn’t believe what they had just seen. What kind of power was Black Bear releasing when he hit Lin Yan with his fist? Only someone with a God-level could achieve it.


And all this was done by an underage boy!


“I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean it…” After Black Bear saw the huge mess he’d created, he didn’t know what to do. He was so anxious and almost cried, “he was mighty, and I was afraid to get hurt and then scolded by my mother, that’s why I had to use my full strength…I didn’t mean it…”


“You… you bastard…” Lin Zhan pointed at him, and he was both shocked and angry.


“Shut up!”


Someone fiercely roared. It was Long Yin. He suddenly stood up and frowned. After glancing at everyone, he shouted, “someone, bring Lin Xiao and Guardian Lin for treatment…remember! You must save Guardian Lin’s arm even if you must use the most expensive medicine. Be quick!”


A group of people hurriedly released the light magic on Lin Xiao and Lin Yan, then carefully transported them away. Lin Zhan bit his lip, “the Emperor, this bastard…”


“Just shut up!” Long Yin interrupted Lin Zhan and said coldly, “On the battlefield, let alone injury, even your life and death are at the hands of God. When you fail, you have to blame yourself. You can never blame the others who have defeated you. Guardian Lin broke the rules himself. He got what he deserved. So, what more comments do you need to add?”


Lin Zhan was stunned and did not expect that Long Yin said something in favor of Black Bear. Lin Kuang pulled his sleeve, and Lin Zhan lowered his head, “My Emperor, what you’ve said was right. I beg your pardon.”


Long Yin nodded slightly, then turned to Black Bear who’s overwhelmed, he was wearing a gentle smile, “what’s your name?”


“My name is Black Bear.” After hearing that someone asked him, Black Bear replied subconsciously.


“What I asked was your real name.”


“Real name?” Black Bear stupidly said, “that’s my name, Black Bear.”


“…” It was not uncommon for rural people to not have a proper name. Long Yin gave up and asked, “then how old are you?”


“I’ve just turned sixteen.”


“What’s the name of your father?”


“My father is called…” When Black Bear was about to answer, he carefully asked, “why do I need to tell you so much? You still haven’t told me your name.”


“Haha…” Long Yin said with a smile, “hey, I am the Emperor. You know what an Emperor is?”


“Em…Emperor!?” Black Bear was dumbfounded, “you…you’re the Emperor? You’re wearing yellow clothes…and you’re really the Emperor?”


Black Bear was scared by the title. He suddenly squatted on the ground, and smashed his head on the floor for a few times. He looked so ridiculous that everyone couldn’t help but laugh. He looked so different from the boy who had just severely injured Lin Yan on the stage.


“Oh? It seems that you’re not so ignorant after all. Get up. There’s no need to kowtow.” Long Yin said.


“My mother told me, that the Emperor is the most powerful person in the world. Whenever I see the Emperor, I have to knee.” Black Bear said cautiously.


“What else did your mother tell you?” Long Yin asked with interest.


“My mother told me that when I meet the Emperor…I have to say, ‘Long Live the Emperor’, and I have to listen to him even more. I have to obey his every order.” Black Bear dared not stand up. He looked both frightened and full of respect. He couldn’t help but check out Long Yin discreetly. He was a bit curious and enthusiastic. He was also looking at Long Yin in a worshipping kind of way.


“Ha ha ha ha!” Long Yin burst into laughter, “tell me, your home is far away, in Anqing City. Why did you come today to participate in the competition?”


Black Bear squinted and shouted, “My Emperor is so powerful, you even know where my hometown is…I wasn’t planning to come. However, my mother told me that if I win, I might get to be an official. I have a lot of strength, and I thought I could win. And if I can become an official, my parents will have a good life too. That’s why my mother let someone bring me here.”


“I see. Since your mother told you to always listen to me, how about if I want you to fight another person? If you win him, you will be my official, and your parents will have a happy life. How does that sound to you?” Long Yin laughed and said. At this moment, everyone knew the real intention of Long Yin except Black Bear. Indeed, it was extremely fortunate to have someone so powerful, yet so obedient as one’s servant. He’s too easy to control.


“Ah? Really? Can I become an important official? And an official even with a higher ranking than my village head?” Black Bear screamed with excitement.


“Hahaha, yes, you will be a critical official, thousands of times higher than the village head you know.” He looked at his side and said, “Li Lao, you are on!”


“Yes!” Li Lao responded, after being silent for a while. He jumped onto the arena. Without further nonsense, he slapped Black Bear.


One was an aging person, someone whose fame was well-known in the whole of Tianlong Country; another one was a teenager, someone whom no one had ever heard of. At this moment, everyone was concentrating and staring at the two about to compete. No matter what the result would be, Black Bear’s name would be well-known from that day onward. Even the four God-level masters in the Tianchen Continent did not have his strength when they were at a similar age. This teenage boy coming from nowhere suddenly gave them a vast strike when they weren’t prepared.


In the face of Li Lao’s offenses, Black Bear did not know how to escape. He could punch Li Lao in the face. But immediately, his eyes became blurred, as Li Lao had disappeared and reappeared on his left, getting ready to slam both his fists onto his shoulder. After a loud noise, his body rolled a few times on the ground.


Li Lao’s attack was like hitting open a mountain, but on the body of Black Bear, it was just like hitting on a piece of steel. Li Lao made use of the force to jump a few steps back, his palm was all red, and he was feeling a sharp pain. He felt shocked.


Black bear climbed up from the ground, cleaned the dust on his body and moved his shoulders a little. Then, he became more serious, “grandpa, you’re so powerful. Let us try again.”


The loud sound just now proved how amazingly powerful the palm was, and Black Bear’s seemingly carefree look had shocked everyone. This teenager not only had iron-like fists, but he also had an iron-like body.


Li Lao became more worried, and his fists were tightly gripped. He had not used all his strength for many years when fighting with someone. Unexpectedly, he had to do his best to deal with a young boy who was not even twenty. Sure enough, the younger generation surpasses the older generation. God knows how many talented people are hidden out there. He took a deep breath and hurried forward. He split his shadow into two, then four, then eight, until the other party was confused. Li Lao never had to carry a weapon. His weapon was his palms. And he also knew incalculable magics.


In front of Li Lao, Black Bear couldn’t tell which one was real. He was a bit helpless. Then, with a strong wind on his right, his neck was cut by a palm knife, making it tilt. He straightened his neck and without caring whether what appeared in front of him was real, he hit with his fists continuously. One fist was quicker than the other. Even a steel knife would be crushed if caught by his fists.


Black Bear was unbelievably powerful in both of his attack and defense power, yet his flexibility and speed needed improvement. This was his biggest flaw – none of his fists hit Li Lao. On the contrary, it was the audience who was feeling the heavy blow of his fists. Although they were kept at a distance, none of them could be at ease when watching this fight. They thought to themselves. Luckily, it’s not them who got hit!

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