Heavenly Star – Chapter 260 – My Name is Black Bear (III)


After dozens of rounds with Li Lao, Black Bear still hadn’t hit on the right spot. On the contrary, he had taken several severe blows. It was by no means an easy task for Li Lao, and he had to pay very close attention. The fists of Black Bear were extremely unbearable.


It was a loud noise. Black Bear was hit right on his chest. His body turned several times in the air, and flew for about ten meters before stabilizing. Although he was mighty, Li Lao had a God-level capacity, and his defense power weakened undoubtedly after several times of attack. His brain went blank after this blow, and he got fierce, very fierce – he immediately rushed forward and decided to land a massive fist on Li Lao, as heavy as Taishan.


Li Lao’s body went stiff, and he successfully avoided Black Bear’s attack. His fist went straight into the ground, and it shook the whole stage like an earthquake. Long cracks appeared on the ground, leading to a bottomless hole. Li Lao quickly resumed his attack, and there was a loud noise like giant stones hitting each other when he got his energy back. In an instant, Black Bear was again caught and thrown far away.


Li Lao took a long breath, and he didn’t know that his forehead had been full of sweat by now. Black Bear, without getting injured a bit, stood up again. This time, he didn’t attack, he slowly lifted his arm and roared letting them down…






Indeed, it was a roar. Black Bear’s shirt was shattered, revealing his tanned, powerful and muscular body. Although he was still young, his body was already so well-trained, it even had a shine on it. He lowered his head, then lifted it again, and let out another roar…






The earth suddenly trembled, and people in the whole plaza felt the shaking of the ground, as if it could collapse anytime. The arena was like being exploded by a bomb, it merely turned into pieces and flew straight up to the Sky.


The momentum of Black Bear had also reached a horrifying level at this point, and Li Lao was stunned. People under the stage were looking at what was happening, entirely terrified.


The gravels fell, the dust faded. The 1-m tall arena suddenly disappeared. Black Bear suddenly jumped out from the hole, holding the same position while his muscles were even shinier than before. His arms also grew stronger. Slowly, he approached Li Lao.


“Wait, stop!” Li Lao raised his hand quickly, and Black Bear did so obediently without approaching any further. Li Lao turned to Long Yin and said, “My Emperor, I have never seen such strong arms before. If I have to win, I have to make use of my magic. Otherwise, I will either be killed or injured severely. I have nothing against him, and I don’t want to lose my life because of this fight. I’d rather admit losing today, if you permit!”


Although Li Lao might not get defeated by Black Bear, as he said, it was extremely dangerous to fight with Black Bear. Both Lin Xiao and Lin Yao took only one fist, and both of them had gone into a coma. It was still worth taking note that Black Bear didn’t make use all of his strength when he fought with Lin Yan and Lin Xiao. This time, it was clear that he was going to full force, and Li Lao thought it might be a smart move to quit.


When Li Lao finished speaking, he retrieved. The noise didn’t stop, and everyone was still horrified. They thought that Lin Yan had gotten what he’d deserved, by having dared to fight with Black Bear directly.


“Oh! I won! I won! And I can be an official!” After hearing that Li Lao was willing to surrender, Black Bear jumped out of joy like a kid. More accurately speaking, he WAS a kid. He was genuinely happy, yet no one else shared his happiness.


Inadvertently, an “amazing” young man appeared in Tianlong Country. One could imagine what he’d become after ten years, twenty years. He could reach a God-level power. If Long Yin chose him by his side, he could surely become another Feng Chaoyang!


“Li Lao, what kind of practice was that?” After Li Lao returned to him, Long Yin asked in a low voice.


Li Lao shook his head, “it seems that what they’ve said is true. I have lived for almost eighty years, and I thought I’d know about everything in the world. However, I’ve never witnessed such kind of power myself. I guess he’s the kind of person who’s just naturally born like that. Otherwise, it’s hard to explain how someone so young could be that strong.”


“Naturally born?” Long Yin frowned, yet he looked more reassured. Although this powerful young man seemed an honest person, Long Yin still couldn’t help wondering about his origin.


“As Li Lao said, I’ve never seen someone so powerful. I do think it’s naturally born. It’s nothing strange, the world is so big anyway, and it contains many kinds of people. Also, I don’t think this young man is a liar. If you have any doubts, I suggest that we check out his hometown. I am sure that he’s a godsend to our Emperor!” Liu Lao suggested happily.


Long Yin smiled and nodded. He stood up, first laughed a little, then he said, “ok! Good! Black Bear, you’ve won this contest. I will grant you an official title! Now, follow me! Off we return to the Palace!”


Long Yin got up and left the crowd. Black Bear was very following him, extremely cheerful. People around him couldn’t laugh at all. They just looked at him fearfully.


This person was horrifying. Everyone thought, he could be a perfect assassin for the Emperor. He would also be able to defend the Emperor very well.


After entering the Palace, Black Bear was amazed by everything in the Palace. Everywhere he went, he opened his eyes and mouth wide open. He also dared not be himself as he was afraid of doing something wrong. When he saw a pretty girl, he would look at her straightly. And if the girl looked back, he would immediately lower his head and flush, like a kid who’s done something wrong. It made Long Yin laugh, and it further reassured him how innocent Black Bear was.


And when various plates of delicious meals were presented, Black Bear couldn’t help his mouthwatering. He was so desperate to taste the meals that even his saliva dropped to the ground, making the ladies giggle. When Long Yin laughed and nodded, Black Bear was similar to a wolf that hadn’t eaten in ages, and finished all the food in seconds. He even licked the plates clean, shocking the royal chefs that were standing aside. When he finished, he giggled and asked, “by the way, do you still have that…?”


Long Yin laughed again. He hadn’t been in such a happy mood for a long time. He said, “yes, of course. As long as you stay by my side and obey my orders, I will feed you as much as you want. Not only I will grant you an official title, but I will also retire your parents so that they can enjoy their lives. Are you willing to accept this offer?”


“By…by your side?” Black Bear was shocked. He swallowed hard and stuttered, “but…but…my Mum told me…someone that’s next to the Emperor…he…he’s naturally the most important official…and he’s even more important than a hundred village heads together…I really…”


“Of course, I am not kidding. The Emperor does not lie. So, are you willing or not?” Long Yin smiled.


“Yes, yes! I am willing!” Black Bear nodded in a hurry. He couldn’t stop rubbing his clothes, as he was too nervous and excited.


“Hahaha, well, then I will send someone to pick your parents up.”


That afternoon, Long Yin sent a dozen people to Anqing City. After ten days, they returned with a skinny couple. Although they did put on expensive clothes before entering the Palace, they couldn’t hide the cheesiness inside them. After getting into the Palace, they were so scared and nervous. They dared not walk or breathe loudly.


After they were taken into the hall to wait, Long Yin was immediately notified of their arrival. When Long Yin arrived with Black Bear, and he saw his parents, he screamed out of excitement, “Dad, Mum!”


“Black Bear, they’ve told us that you would be a big official in the Palace, and you’re going to retire us. Is that true?” The skinny-looking woman grabbed his arm and asked, while looking at Long Yin and the people around him cautiously.


“Yes!” Black Bear laughed innocently, “indeed, I am going to be an important official. I am going to serve our Emperor.” Then, he pointed at Long Yin very impolitely, “he’s the Emperor.”


When they heard that it’s the Emperor, they kneed down immediately. Actually, they looked more like they were too scared and had to get down. They kowtowed for many times and dared not raise their heads.


“You are the parents of Black Bear?” Long Yin took a few steps forward and asked gently.


“Yes…Yes…we are his parents.” The two people answered while being in a panic. They were trembling all over.


“Oh, well, you have a good son. From now on, Black Bear will serve me, and no one will bully you. I will arrange the best mansion for you. You will wear the best clothes and eat the best food. You will also have all the money in the world. Haha…”


The middle-aged couple was so thrilled that they continued to kowtow even more and kept thanking the Emperor. The woman pulled Black Bear aside, and her voice was trembling, “son…be quick, thank the Emperor.”


Since Black Bear always listened to his mother, he instantly kneed down, “Not only that our Emperor is the most powerful person. He’s also the nicest person. I will surely listen to every word you say and obey every order of yours. And anyone dares to bully our Emperor. I will teach him a lesson.”


“Hahaha…well, remember what you’ve said today.” Long Yin laughed.

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