Heavenly Star – Chapter 261 – Tears of A Man (I)


When Black Bear happily sent his parents to their new home, a guard dressed in yellow came to the study room and reported respectfully, “it’s a valley where no one wants to live, only about a dozen households live there. I spent almost half a day to find the place. I’ve heard from the people living there that Black Bear’s original name is Black Bear. His father is Big Bear, and his mother is called Big Flower. The people in the village also told me that since his birth, Black Bear has been uniquely strong. When he was ten years old, he could uproot a tree all by himself. However, his mother has had strict control over him. He has never made use of his strength for bullying.

On the contrary, he’s always helping the others. Then, someone convinced him to join the contest so that he can become an official. His parents thus found an acquaintance to send him here.”


After seeing Black Bear’s parents, the last hint of Long Yin’s doubt disappeared entirely. He trusted fully that Black Bear was born to be the way he was. Sending his parents could help him verify his origin and to turn him into a loyal official. Also, in case Black Bear wanted to betray him one day, he could make use of his parents to turn against him.


“By the way, Black Bear’s parents have insisted on bringing along all their furniture. Do you want to have a look?”


“Oh? What’s so special in there?”


“There’s not really anything special…mainly some old utensils, quilts, drapes, bottles, buckets, wooden barrels, rice paste, etc. They just can’t let go of their own stuff.”


Long Yin, “……”


From then on, Black Bear had become the personal guard of Long Yin, and everyone in Tianlong City knew about him. Whenever Long Yin went out, he’d bring him along. Black Bear was entirely loyal to Long Yin, and he’s very grateful. He would get furious if Long Yin got offended, and knocked the person down. Black Bear’s parents had then lived in Tianlong City, and they had been leading comfortable lives, they no longer needed to work as hard and became healthier.


Ye Wei told the story of Black Bear in full details, then explained, “back then, I witnessed how powerful this person was. You’d better be careful of him.”


“I’ve got it.” Ye Wuchen nodded.


“You just came back, don’t overthink. Take a rest. Ye San, can you send Wuchen back?”


“Yes, Master.” Ye San agreed, and pushed Ye Wuchen to the direction of his small courtyard. Just a few steps away, Ningxue and Tongxin ran out, “we’ll do it…”


Ye San had to let go and let the two girls push him back. After returning to his yard, Ye Wuchen couldn’t help it anymore and laugh happily.


On the other hand…


Cold Cliff supported his mother and walked out of the room slowly. At this time, his mother was no longer as weak as before. She didn’t need anyone to support her to walk anymore. For Cold Cliff, he had long cultivated a habit of helping his mother, as she’s the only family member left.


When they saw each other again, they held each other and cried. They hadn’t seen each other for three years, and they had so much to tell each other. Coincidentally, both of them only told each other the good things that happened during those three years. Cold Cliff only told his mother how much improvement he had made, and he never mentioned about the bitterness he had to take. At the same time, his mother only told her son about how comfortable her life at the Ye Family was, without mentioning how much despair she’d suffered from.


They were at the courtyard of Mrs. Ye, when Cold Cliff waved his hand, a short green knife suddenly appeared. He pointed at the tree ten meters away and shouted excitedly, “mother, look!”


He slowly lifted his right hand with the Broken Wind Knife, attracting an unknown hint of killing, a faint green light appeared on his knife.


He shouted, and suddenly slammed down his hand, creating a tearing sound. The tree that’s ten meters away was suddenly cut into halves.


His mother couldn’t believe her eyes. Cold Cliff took away his knife and said firmly, “mother, I’ve become powerful. From now on, no one will dare to give you a hard time. I will stay by your side all the time and continue to train. I will be stronger than him one day, I promise!”


His mother smiled and shook her head, “Xiao Feng, you’ve really grown up. I am so glad to see how much you’ve achieved. You have to thank Ye Wuchen for what he has taught you. You have to be grateful, understand?”


Cold Cliff went silent for a while, then nodded hard.


Cold Cliff’s mother, Leng Si sighed lightly, “you still mind the fact that he died under the hands of Ye Wuchen, right? Back then, when I received the news of his death, I couldn’t hate Ye Wuchen. There’s no hatred between them. It’s even the first time they met. They fought for their own ground and no matter who died in the end, the other party wasn’t at fault. I believe that if you’d kill Ye Wuchen, Ye Family will never kick me out. Xiao Feng, I’m sure you understand. You cannot let go…I understand that too. And it’s okay. It’s normal. But I am sure you can let go after some time. Ye Wuchen owes us nothing. It’s us who owe him too much.”


“I understand that, mother. I truly do.” Cold Cliff responded seriously.


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