“Since you understand, then stay by Ye Wuchen’s side from now on and serve him. I’ve known since a long time that he’s special. Imagine, even if a dragon has no limbs, it’s still a dragon, and it will think of a way to fly. Trust me, I know your character, you aren’t suitable to be a leader, but you’re good at implementing instructions. Be the sharpest sword of him…you know what I mean?”


“But – mother, I have to accompany you. How can I leave you alone like that?” ,


Leng Si interrupted him and persuaded, “silly boy. I have a good life with Ye Family, and I am fine. What do you have to worry about? Look, you’re a grown-up man, you can’t spend your whole life staying by my side. Understand?”


“No… Mother, I have been practicing every day, just for the sake of returning to my mother one day and to protect her. Then, I will become someone even stronger than him. How can I leave you alone again?” Cold Cliff shook his head hard.


“Hey, silly boy, since you said so, you can spend more time with me if you want…by the way, I haven’t even seen Ye Wuchen since he’s back. Xiao Feng, go and greet his parents, then say hi to Ye Wuchen on behalf of me. Ok?” Leng Si looked at her son carefully while saying so, then gently stroked his hair.


“Ok, mother, please take a rest in your bedroom first. I’ll be right back.” Cold Cliff nodded lightly, he was confused by the way his mother looked at him, and he didn’t know what it meant.


When Cold Cliff turned around, Leng Si was full of years. When his son’s shadow became blurred, her eyes were filled with tears, and she couldn’t see.




After three years, when going back to his place, he found out that nothing had changed, yet everywhere was so clean, the quilt was not humid or dirty at all. Ye Wuchen was lying on his bed and playing with a fist-sized, crystal-clear bead. He got it about one year ago. When he fell from Duanhun Cliff, in the center full of horrifying wind elements, he discovered this strange bead.


“Brother, why do you like to look at it so much?” Ningxue and Tongxin were leaning against him, both looking at this green pearl curiously. Whenever Ye Wuchen had nothing to do, he would take it out and look at it with full attention.


“Because there may be something interesting hidden in it.” Ye Wuchen replied. In the terrifying forbidden land where even Yan Tianwei would not set his foot in, this green pearl was placed at the center of it. Also, it was green, representing extreme wind elements.


He couldn’t help but doubt whether the forbidden land was formed after this pearl. If so, what sort of power does it have? If not, then what is it made of, and why was it there, and what had formed the horrifying wind?


There was a white light flashing across Ye Wuchen’s shoulders, a pocket-sized girl with fluttering white hair appeared on his shoulders, panting and gasping. Her lovely little face was reddish, and her small forehead was already sweating. She was holding a white note about the size of her body.


“Xiangxiang, you’ve had a hard time.” Ye Wuchen poked her with his fingers and took the note from her hand. After breathing lightly, Xiangxiang turned into white light again and went back to his body.



“Xiangxiang, take a rest now. We’ll play again tonight.” Ningxue said to Ye Wuchen. Whenever Xiangxiang got tired, it took her a long time to recover her energy.


Ye Wuchen opened the note and had a glance. He sighed and said, “there is still no news of your sister Meng. They have thought of different ways to get inside the Northern Emperor Sect, all to no avail. And they almost got caught.” He put the note in Tongxin’s palm, and she turned it into a black light before making it disappear. He sighed again, “I guess she’s become the wife of the Northern Emperor. I wonder how she’s been doing these years. I thought she’s the daughter of Yan Duanhun. If only I knew earlier that she’s the fiancé of the Northern Emperor, I would never…”


“Brother, sister Meng is a good girl, I am sure she has a good life.” Ningxue felt the despair of Ye Wuchen, and she tried to comfort her brother.


“Yes, I really hope she’s doing well.” Ye Wuchen breathed a short sigh of relief. If they hadn’t slept together, he would forget about her completely. All in all, she’s his first woman, he couldn’t see her as an ordinary person ever again.

“Young master, Cold Cliff wants to see you.” Outside the door, it was Xiao Lu’s soft voice. This young lady had already grown into a mature girl. After Ye Wuchen’s “death”, she had returned to Wang Wenshu’s. Since he’s back, she returned to this small courtyard as well.


“Let him in.”


The door was pushed open, and the expressionless Cold Cliff walked in. His usual cold face would only change in front of his mother. To anyone else, it was the same face after all. Ye Wuchen smiled and asked, “why don’t you spend more time with your mother?”


After making a few steps forward, Cold Cliff said thoughtfully, “my mother wants me to thank you on her behalf. Without you, I would be a different person.”


“You don’t need to thank me. As I’ve said before, I do have my own agenda.” Ye Wuchen said casually. However, he raised his doubts at once. In his eyes, Cold Cliff’s mother was no longer as weak as before, and she could live independently. Also, it was apparent that she’s from a prestigious family, although she had been blind back then, she couldn’t hide her elegance and wisdom. After he returned, Ye Wuchen thought she would thank him personally, instead of letting Cold Cliff do it on her behalf.


Suddenly, something came across his mind, and he was awakened. He shook his head hard and yelled, “Cold Cliff! Be quick! Go home and check out your mother! I think she wants to kill herself! Now!”


Cold Cliff was stunned, then stormed out immediately. Ye Wuchen was extremely worried, “Tongxin, let us follow him!”

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