Heavenly Star – Chapter 262 – Tears of A Man (II)


Cold Cliff was extremely anxious, he quickly rushed back home like wind, using his fastest speed in life. Several servants heard the noise and felt that something had flown across them, yet they didn’t see any person. Although he had no idea why Ye Wuchen suddenly suggested that his mother was going to commit suicide, he had to go as long as it’s about his mother.


When he came to his mother’s door, he tried to push open it no to avail. Then, he had to use his body to break open it. The wooden door was broken, and Cold Cliff rushed himself in…


His mother was lying there quietly. She was wearing a peaceful, light smile, like she had a sweet dream. Under her smile, it was clear that she couldn’t let go. She was in her deep sleep. She wasn’t even woken up when the wooden door was broken open.


Cold Cliff’s heart sank immediately. And it was so painful like it’s bleeding. He stepped on illusionary footsteps and approached his mother. His cold and sturdy eyes became more and more blurred.


Finally, he walked over to his mother’s bed, suppressed his breathing, and stretched his trembling finger near her nose…seconds passed by, and Cold Cliff went stiffer. When his trembling finger went hanging in the air, his mind also went blank. An overwhelmingly heart-tearing feeling had taken over him. All he could do was to stand there and look at his mother. Even breathing was difficult for him.


Ye Wuchen, who was still sitting in his wooden wheelchair, came to his side with the help of Tongxin. He stared at Leng Si’s face, raised his head and sighed heavily.


“Why…why…” This was the only word that Cold Cliff could utter. He seemed to have lost his soul and could only keep asking why. He just couldn’t figure out. How come?!


There was a small note on the table beside the bed. Ye Wuchen asked Tongxin to bring the letter over and read it. Then, he patted Cold Cliff on his shoulder and handed the note to him. “This is left by your mother. You have a selfish but a great mother. She used her life to end your short-term pain, and she helped you decide your future.”


The ink on the note had not even turned dry. Cold Cliff could see that she had just finished writing the last few words. Every word was written lightly, and it’s apparent that she finished writing the note very quickly. Cold Cliff stretched his almost stiff right hand and took the letter.


Xiaofeng, mother is gone. Since he passed away, I have wanted to follow him. My marriage with him was a ridiculous thing. He had never had any feelings for him, but I have never regretted or hated him. He’s a true hero, and I am not worthy of him. Xiaofeng, since you’re back, and that I’ve seen you safe and sound, my wish has been fulfilled. I can now follow him…Xiaofeng, don’t cry for mother, you must be happy for me, okay?


Xiaofeng, your mother just told you that, you couldn’t be someone who controls him. Although you seem cold on the surface, your mother understands perfectly that you’re someone who cherishes every relationship, and you’re the most filial child. If I don’t go, you will always be dragged by me. Even if I hit you or scold you, you will never choose to leave me. You’re a grown-up man, how can you be dragged by your mother? Ye Wuchen is important to us, and we should be grateful for what he’s done for us. Although he’s disabled, he will have significant achievements one day. I hope that you can forget that he’s killed your father and choose to stay beside him. I really believe that he will give you a future that’s the best for you.


Xiaofeng, you seem to be tough and can endure a lot of pain. However, mother knows that you can grow up for real once your mother goes too. Although I am gone now, I will still be able to watch you from above. Listen to me, and don’t let me down, okay?


When Cold Cliff let go of the note, he collapsed himself on the bed and cried heavily. Although he knew very well that a man shouldn’t cry easily, his sorrowful crying sound spread through the whole courtyard. Ye Wuchen took away the bottle that’s without a lid on the table and walked outside quietly.


The small bottle looked a bit old. Obviously, Leng Si had prepared the bottle for a long time. She was the only person who knew about Cold Cliff. Long before he returned, she had prepared for this day. She wanted to follow Feng Chaoyang, and she also wanted her son to achieve all he could without thinking about his mother. Cold Cliff was a filial person, and he could sacrifice everything – even his own future, for his mother.


Leng Si had everything it takes to be a good woman. She’s a good mother and wife, but she didn’t have a good life. Ever since she met Feng Chaoyang, she put herself in deep misery.


“Spread the command. Don’t let anyone get close to here.” Ye Wuchen said to Ye Si who guarded the courtyard.


“Yes, young master.” Ye Si respectfully agreed. At this moment, Cold Cliff was still crying loudly. Both his parents were dead, he had no more family members left in this world.


The son of God of War had to grow up.


“Father, do you not know what it is inside?” Ye Wuchen took the small bottle and put it in front of Ye Wei. Ye Wei glanced at it, and his facial expression instantly changed, “it’s Heart Sealing Powder! Chen’er, where did you get this?”


“The mother of Cold Cliff has just died. She took one of these.” Ye Wuchen said.


“What!?” Although Ye Wei had little communication with Leng Si, she had lived in Ye Family for three years. After hearing about the news, of course, he felt surprised.


“In the past three years, his mother had wanted to die. This time, after seeing that her son had come back safely, she had nothing more to worry about. When Cold Cliff and I went back, she had died already.” Ye Wuchen explained to his mother half of the cause and asked, “Heart Sealing powder? It must be poison. Auntie Leng took poison to kill herself.”


Ye Wei was silent for a while, and sighed, “the Heart Sealing Powder was used to kill anyone who had committed a big mistake in the Palace. Two years ago, I saw someone die after using it. This is still a more humane way to die. After taking the Heart Sealing Powder, the person would not have any feelings. Then, she would feel a sudden warmth in the body, and would then fall asleep after a few minutes. This powder lets a person die in his sleep. Hence the person doesn’t suffer from any pain.” He took the small bottle and frowned, “the Heart Sealing Powder is a precious medicine, and usually, people cannot get ahold of it. I have no idea where she got it.”


“She didn’t suffer from any pain? Then that’s fine.” Ye Wuchen smiled bitterly. He considered it a comfort anyway. Cold Cliff’s mother was someone with wisdom. She chose to die this way, which eased her pain, and it eased Cold Cliff’s pain as well. Otherwise, if she decided to end her life by cutting or hanging herself, Cold Cliff would have to endure much more pain.


Throughout the whole day, Cold Cliff hadn’t walked out from the room. Under the command of Ye Wuchen, no one dared to disturb him. The second day, before the Sun rose, Cold Cliff was standing in front of Ye Wuchen’s bedroom. When Ye Wuchen opened the door, he saw the emotionless pair of eyes of Cold Cliff. After one night, Cold Cliff’s face became ashen, and his eyes were swollen. However, there were no more tears on his face. All his tears had been dried.


Starting from that day, he had no more family. And he’d got no one to care for. Who’s standing behind him was Chu Jingtian, whose eyes were a bit red. Since the previous night, he had been guarding the front door without getting inside. After seeing Cold Cliff stepped out without any sound, he followed hurriedly and tried every means to comfort him. After so many difficulties, he finally got to see his mother, and yet she chose to leave him so soon. Both had become people without parents. After getting along for three years, Chu Jingtian felt the pain of Cold Cliff deeply. He understood very well what Cold Cliff was going through.


Cold Cliff suddenly kneed down in front of Ye Wuchen, shocking Chu Jingtian standing behind him. He was going to lift him up, but Cold Cliff’s body was as stiff as a stone, he wouldn’t move.


“Promise me something. From now on, my life belongs to you. I am going to do whatever you ask me to.” Cold Cliff half nodded his head while saying so. He sounded very firm and cold.


Ye Wuchen, who was still sleepy, had no intentions to lift him up or ask him to stand up. He responded thoughtfully, “what you’re doing is like giving away your life to the hands of another person. Aren’t you going to regret?”


Cold Cliff looked up, stared at his eyes and said firmly, “I will not regret it… This is the will of my mother. I don’t care whether this decision is right or wrong…even if you’re an extremely evil and heinous person, I will never betray the will of my mother!”


“Is it worth it? Do you understand what this promise means?” Ye Wuchen was a little worried.”


“It’s worth it!”


“Very well. Tell me your request.” Ye Wuchen raised his eyebrows.


“I want you… to bury my mother’s body with him…with Feng Chaoyang!”


Speaking of the mother’s body, Cold Cliff’s voice still sounded cold. There was not a single hint of sorrow in his eyes. His mother used her death to force him to grow up. After one night, he had gone through so much in his mind, and he had made up his mind after this massive blow.


Chu Jingtian was shocked. He couldn’t help but shout, “but…Cold Face, this is too difficult to achieve. Why don’t you get up first?”


Given the critical status of Feng Chaoyang before his death, his contributions to Big Wind Country, his tomb must be strictly guarded. Even if they weren’t afraid of the guards and could kill them all, then what? Everyone in the Palace of Big Wind would find out, and they couldn’t spend their whole lives guarding her tomb. Plus, Big Wind Country was too far away. If they brought the corpse of Leng Si there, it would get rotten before their arrival.


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