Heavenly Star – Chapter 264 – The Person Who Put Poison


The Sky began to get brighter. And in front of Cold Cliff, many high-level guards were standing there. The Palace happened to be a lot more heavily guarded than the Lin family. It was already difficult for a middle-level assassin to get in, let alone when you’re carrying someone with you.


The real test only began now.


Cold Cliff had no fear at all. He took a deep breath, and his eyes flashed with a horrifying and captivating beam. Without entering from the main gate, he tried to avoid the patrolling guards and stood above the wall that’s about ten meters high. After pointing his feet, he jumped up with Lin Xiao and stood on top of the high wall. After a quick look, he jumped again and leaped forward for ten more meters. Like an eagle, he crouched on a small pavilion. The guards who were standing between the pavilion and the Palace didn’t find out at all.


Ye Wuchen once told Cold Cliff that there were three important guards around Long Yin. As they were with Long Yin all the time, it was nearly impossible to get near to his bedroom unnoticed. Also, the high-level guards at the Palace could also quickly discover the energy released by anyone trying to get near.


Cold Cliff tried to remember firmly the map of the Palace. After another quick glance, he chose to leap forward while stepping on the roof. This was a risky move as it’s easy to be noticed if he made any sound. However, such is also the safest way if he could complete the whole action in silence.  It’s because the guards usually didn’t check out the roof.


Cold Cliff could complete such action without any issues. Not only did he land without a sound, like a feather, but Lin Xiao didn’t make any sound either. It’s very difficult to reach this level.


Cold Cliff continued moving quickly inside the Palace. Every time he jumped up, he tried as quickly as he could. A few guards seemed to have seen a dark shadow. However, they thought they were just having an illusion.


As time slowly passed by, the Sky was getting brighter. It was soon 5am. Long Yin was about to step out from his bedroom to go to Tianlong Hall. He saw a eunuch approaching in a panic, “The Emperor…Xiao Tao just told me that…that…”


“What is it? Just say it. Don’t stutter.” Long Yin was angry.


The eunuch swallowed before uttering his words, “she told me that…she saw a shadow entering the Empress’ bedroom. She thought it was an assassin, and she went to scream for help from the guards. Just when she approached her bedroom. She heard…” The eunuch began to shiver.


“It’s that noise…”


Long Yin’s face became dark, and the eunuch continued with a lot of fear, “well…no one knows what went wrong…I am begging the Emperor to…” Long Yin trembled, and his face went pale. He bit his lip, “Black Bear, follow me!”


The Xiu Ning Palace, where the Empress Lin Xiu lived, was exceptionally quiet at this time. None of the four maids stayed in the Palace. Instead, they all stood outside. The guards stood outside the Palace looked uneasy. They kept walking back and forth.


Long Yin, who looked serious, came in with Black Bear. The maids and guards hurriedly went forward to greet him. Without hearing what they said, Long Yin instantly entered the Palace. Everyone was extremely nervous, and they kept sweating.


Long Hao went straight to the bedroom of Empress Lin Xiu and kicked open the door. He almost fell and Black Bear hurried forward to support him. Long Yin yelled while point at the door that’s shut tightly, “smash it!”


“Oh…okay.” Black Bear immediately moved forward and slammed open the door with his fist. After a loud noise, that hard wooden door was immediately smashed to pieces. Using just one hand, Black Bear easily removed the whole door plank.


Long Yin fiercely stepped in. For a moment, his face went dark as charcoal and he didn’t speak for a long moment. “Oh my!” Black Bear yelled and turned away his head, “I saw nothing…my mother told me that I must not look at other women’s bodies before marriage.”


Perhaps the movement was too tense, the quilt had been kicked under the bed.  Two naked bodies were hugging each other. After such a loud noise, the two people slowly opened their eyes, looking at everyone in front of them, seeing themselves naked.


“Well…great…good!” Long Yin was furious. He trembled and his lips turned pale. He was grinding his teeth, as if they were about to break anytime.


It turned out that one is Lin Xiu and the other person was her nephew – Lin Xiao!


It was as if Lin Xiu and Lin Xiao woke up from a nightmare, and each made a horrible scream. Lin Xiu pushed Lin Xiao away quickly and shoved a sheet to cover her body, she was trembling, “Em…Emperor…this…this is fake. I know nothing…I really know nothing…”


Lin Xiao rolled down from the bed and quickly kneed in front of the Emperor, he was begging, “Em…Emperor…I…I was set up…I didn’t do anything. You’ve got to believe me…I was sleeping at home yesterday. You have to believe me…please…”


It was impossible to stay calm under such circumstances.


Long Yin didn’t say anything. Every muscle of his face tightened, and he looked horrifying. Lin Xiao was sure that he was going to die. This is clearly a trap, but what if the Emperor knew that it was a trap? What differences could it make? He had seen the Empress’ body and she had seen his. Nothing could be turned back.


“Black Bear, make him wear his clothes and drag him out.” Long Yin sneered. Without looking at Lin Xiu, he went out immediately.


The guards and maids could do nothing aside from standing there stiffly. No one dared to be the first one to leave and no one dared to come closer. Looking at the face of the Emperor, all of them knew what had happened. Those who wished for the opposite were disappointed.


“What have you seen?” Long Yin stood in front the guards who dared not breathe and asked with a low voice.


The leader of guards tried to stay calm as much as he could and respectfully answered, “I was patrolling nearby, and I heard that there’s an assassin nearby the Empress Palace. After checking, I found no assassin…it was my fault…”


Those guards also kneed down and answered in unison, “it was our fault!”


Long Yin was looking at them with a dark face. When Black Bear finally dragged Lin Xiao out, he sighed coldly and walked away. Black Bear also followed Lin Xiao closely behind. Lin Xiao had no reaction even being dragged on the ground, as if he had lost all consciousness. The maids, after seeing the untidily dressed Lin Xiao, all opened their eyes widely, like they had seen the most unbelievable thing ever.


“Go, shut down Xiu Ning Palace right away! Those who failed to protect the Empress will be beheaded. The Empress will be put under house arrest. She will have nowhere to go. Also, make an announcement, today’s meeting is canceled!” With still the darkest face ever, Long Yin finished giving his order, and he went back to his Palace. After this incident, everyone will be killed except Long Yin, Black Bear, the eunuch, Lin Xiao and the Empress. However, the next morning, it seemed that everyone in Tianlong City knew already about the incident. The scandal was spread in a lightning speed. No one knew who told the people about this, and they seemed to know the full details as well. Someone told them the story from the beginning to the end.


Talking about this kind of taboo would be a big crime. However, since everyone else was doing the same, the fear was subsided by the excitement. At this time, no matter where one went in Tianlong City, you could hear someone talking about it. Soon enough, everyone in the Tianlong Kingdom would know.


Still, the door of Lin family was shut all day. It was so abnormal that people tended to believe what they’d heard was true.


“Bang!” Long Yin threw a thick inkstone onto the ground, almost making a hole. He pointed at the door and shouted, “someone! Go and check who spread the news! If you fail to find out, you’ll be beheaded!”


“Yes…I’ll obey your order!” The leader of guards had never seen the Emperor in such a big temper. He quickly left. Before the news was spread, everyone who knew about it, including the patrolling guards and the maids, were all killed. In the end, who had spread it then? People couldn’t help but believe that the rumor was true. As even that day, the Emperor had called for the cancellation of the meeting.


Black Bear picked up the inkstone and put it back onto the table. He tried to comfort the Emperor carefully, “my Emperor, I have never seen you so angry before. What if I go and find the person who’s made you so angry?”


Long Yin didn’t know what to do. What was he supposed to do with him anyone? Kill him and cut him into pieces? He knew clearly that it was a trap, a trap that was designed to make him destroy the whole Lin family!


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