Heavenly Star – Chapter 265 – Ye Wuchen, watch your back!


“…but…I hope that you still remember that you’ve promised to let me marry Princess Feifeng. I hope you don’t forget that she belongs to me, Ye Wuchen only, and no one else. No one else can touch her. I hope you can reconsider!”


Yesterday, when Ye Wuchen said the last sentence, he was almost threatening. And this sentence was still in the head of Long Yin. He hit the table hard and was furious. He shouted, “Ye Wuchen, watch your back!”


At this time, Ye Wuchen was no longer the respectful self as three years ago. As the Emperor didn’t cancel the marriage of Lin Xiao and Princess Feifeng, Ye Wuchen now used this method to destroy Lin Xiao and Lin Xiu, giving a fatal blow to Lin Family, also an intolerable insult to Long Yin.


Naturally, it couldn’t be Ye Wuchen who brought someone silently to the Palace. Well, maybe the girl in black could do it? It shouldn’t be a difficult thing for her to do. Aside from Ye Wuchen, who else who has a reason to destroy Lin Family and Long Yin?


A small eunuch walked in cautiously, “the Emperor, Li wants to see…”


Before Long Yin could answer, Lin Kuang already sneaked in and kneed down in front of the Emperor, “the…the Emperor, it’s a trap! It’s a trap! Xiao’er was sleeping inside his bedroom. Even if he’s got the guts, he wouldn’t do such a stupid thing. It’s really a trap!”


The eunuch quickly left.


Long Yin gave a heavy sigh.


“…the Palace is heavily guarded. Even if he’s got the ability to, he won’t sneak in the Empress’ room. I beg you to forgive him…I will deport him to West Xinjiang, and he’ll never come back. I beg you to forgive him. Please!”


Long Yin turned to the other side and said, “do I look like someone who doesn’t know that it’s a plot? But even if it is, so what? How am I going to forgive him for what he’s done? I am already very lenient that I didn’t kill him on the spot!”


Lin Kuang sat on the floor, helpless. He’s right, it’s a plot, but so what? This is different from murder and burglary. He actually acted like he’d cheated on the Emperor, with the Empress…even a normal man wouldn’t be able to accept, let alone the Emperor. If he made Lin Xiao go, who would still respect him?


It’s the end of Lin Xiao. The only way to do is to kill him secretly. And the incident wouldn’t end there. After he died, he would continue to be someone to be blamed on. After one night, the Lin Family got all the insults from the world.


The one behind the plot didn’t think of lying to anyone, as he knew perfectly that everyone would know it’s a plot, yet an unsolvable one.


A person quietly approached, and before he came in, there was no report from the little eunuch. The man was dressed in a weird, one-of-a-kind bodyguard style, wearing an oversized guard hat on his head, his head slightly lowered, and the hat covered the face. After entering, he saw Lin sitting helplessly on the ground in great despair. He quickly said, “please forgive me for coming late. I am not sure what you want me to do?”


Lin Kuang, with his face turning greyish, struggled to stand up and kneed beside that man, he shook his arm vigorously, “Yun’er, please beg the Emperor…your brother has been trapped, and he can’t die…please…”


Again, he kneed in front of the Emperor again and begged, “my Emperor, you see how loyal our family has been. Yun’er has never been home for the Emperor. Please forgive Xiao’er. I am using my head to guarantee that he will never appear in front of the Emperor…”


The person raised his head and lowered it again. He said, “please, my Emperor, forgive my brother. It’s a plot. Even if he’s got the guts to, he won’t…”


The person behind must be Ye Wuchen!


Ye Wuyun, formerly the second son of Lin’s family who “had already died”, was Lin Xiao’s younger brother and Lin Yu’s elder brother. To implement the “big” plan of Long Yin, the loyal Lin Kuang, who was loyal to the emperor, secretly took him away when he was just born, and replaced it with a dead baby. Therefore, Lin’s family, except Lin Kuang, all thought that the second son became a stillbirth. For his “big” plan, Long Yin did not dare to make any mistakes. He did not dare to use unreliable people. Instead, he used the son of Lin family.


He would have succeeded if Ye Wuchen didn’t appear.


Ye Wuyun was the son of Lin family. In the world, except Long Yin, Lin Kuang, Ye Wuyun, no one else knew. Wait…maybe Black Bear knew no as well. Long Yin had no secrets in front of Black Bear, neither did Lin Kuang and Ye Wuyun. Every time, when Ye Wuyun came, Long Yin would find an excuse to make the other three leave.


“You all, shut up!” Long Yin shouted. Ye Wuyun and Lin Kuang immediately shut up. Asking the Emperor to forgive someone who did this was like slapping him on his face.


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