“I want you to kill Ye Wuchen in the shortest time… Remember, I said the shortest time! Even if this will be exposed, let him die!!” The hatred in Long Yin’s heart almost burst out from his body, “it’d be the best today…let him die today. If you kill him, I will reward you!”


Long Yin’s deep voice scared Lin Kuang and Ye Wuyun. Lin Kuang’s voice was shaking, “Emperor…all this…all this was done by him?”


“Ye Wuchen is useless now. Killing him should be easy. However, beware of the girl in black next to him. You must do it while she’s away. I don’t care how you do it, but you must kill him and tear him apart!”


Ye Wuyun’s whole body was trembling when he heard it, and he didn’t dare to ask any further. He lowered his head, “yes, I will kill him within the shortest time.”


“Yes…let him die, I will let him die…” Suddenly, Lin Kuang seemed to understand it much more. No wonder he dared to offend the Emperor like that in front of everyone. Although he became disabled, he had an influential person with him, who could bring Lin Xiao to the Palace entirely unnoticed, giving the biggest insult to Lin family and destroy the rest of the life of their daughter. He’s never hated someone like this much.


“Don’t be away for too long. Do it now. And do it quick. No one is going to doubt your identity since you have been with the Ye family for a long time. Even if you fail, you can tell people that you want their wealth and you want to be an heir. I will protect you if that happens. So just do it.”


Long Yin waved his hand, and he still felt shaky because of the anger. To get rid of the insult, killing Ye Wuchen was the only solution.


Ye Wuyun got up hurriedly, he lowered his hat and left.


“Go to see him for the last time. Black Bear. Also, bring him to see Lin Xiao, he’s on the lowest floor.” Long Yin said so lightly.


Black Bear scratched his head and grabbed Lin Kuang, “I will bring you…why don’t you walk in front of me?” After entering the Palace for a year, he had learned some manners.


Lin Kuang stood up and walked out like a robot. He seemed to have gotten ten years older.


At the same time, something else was happening in Tianfeng City.


“My Emperor, you called me so early. How can I help you with?” Yue Handong asked respectfully. Although he’s in the Palace, he still had this captivating charisma. Who’s standing in front of him Feng Lie, looking pale and sick.


“I’ve heard that Siqi’s eighteen years old now. She hasn’t been married yet. Do you have anything in your mind?” Feng Lie asked.


Yue Handong was stunned, and he replied honestly, “my Emperor. She’s not yet appointed to anyone. It’s my fault…”


“Well, okay then.” Feng Lie interrupted him and sounded worried, “the Prince is 25 this year. He should have a concubine now. There have also been rumors about him in the Palace. I must do something now.”


Yue Handong suddenly looked up and was shocked, “my Emperor, what do you mean?”


“Haha…I’ve heard about your daughter for a long time. I think the Prince is perfectly fine with you. What do you think, General Yue?” Feng Lie laughed.


Yue Handong was delighted, and he bowed, “thank you, my Emperor. If my little daughter can be married to the Feng family, she will be the most blessed person in the world. I thank the Emperor with all my heart!”


“As long as General Yue agrees, I am all fine with it. Later, I will explain the details with the Prince.” Feng Lie explained slowly. Feng Lie had become quite different. He was no longer as strict as three years ago. He seemed much weaker, as if he’d just recovered from an illness.


“Yes, alright.” General Yue replied. It was the best news for him. As he had only one daughter, if she could be married to the Prince, her status, and that of her family would reach the top. How could he not be excited?


After a moment of silence, he got no more questions from Feng Lie. He raised his head, glanced at Feng Lie, he was about to speak but stopped again.


“What is the matter, General Yue? What do you want to ask me?” Feng Lie said.


“You…have to take care of yourself.” Yue Handong finally said what he’d wanted to say.


As expected, Feng Lie didn’t nod. Instead, he became even paler. He lowered his voice, “General Yue…I’ve told you long ago that I’m fine! And don’t ask me to take care of myself anymore!”


“Yes…yes…it’s my fault.” Yue Handong replied. He sighed, it’s undeniable that Feng Lie had undergone some changes. Only he knew what they were.


“If there is nothing else, then leave. I will announce tomorrow to the public about the marriage arrangement. I shall let you take care of the rest.” Feng Lie waved his hand. Although he was talking about the marriage with the Prince, he didn’t seem excited at all. He seemed to be surrounded by some shadow.

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