Heavenly Star – Chapter 266 – The Opportunity Of Ye Wuyun


“Yes! I want to tell you…actually, there is something that I don’t understand.”


“Please say.”


Yue Handong looked up, and he seemed increasingly serious. He sounded very firm, “three years, for three years, I’ve been enduring this. We have been launching small-scale attacks to Tianlong Country’s borders, yet no big achievements have been made. According to our ability, and if Kuishui doesn’t intervene us, we should be able to crush Tianlong Country within a short time. My Emperor, you told me that the Southern Emperor Sect interfered suddenly, and we gave them a warning that they can’t step foot on Tianlong Country’s soil in three years. I do not doubt a bit their power, and I won’t object. Now that three years have passed, why my Emperor is still hesitating? I suppose you should be more anxious than I am?”


It had become extremely quiet. The two people stood there, without a single motion. The time seemed to have paused.


“The Evil Sect…” While Yue Handong was waiting, Feng Lie finally uttered these words.


Yue Yudong suddenly became louder, “my Emperor! Although the Evil Sect is strong, it can’t be compared with a ten thousand-soldier army. For the past year, they always appeared when we least expected them. They’re an army of small size, so why should we be afraid of them? My Emperor, you’ve always been the most decisive one in my mind. What is stopping you?”


What is stopping him?


He dared not say what’s stopping him. He didn’t even want to think about it.


“You won’t understand…you don’t understand something that you’ve never gone through. Just leave.” He didn’t get angry in the face of Yue Handong’s words. Instead, he sounded more helpless.


Yue Handong became increasingly worried with Feng Lie’s helplessness. He could just do what’s been told, “I will leave now.”


They did not find out that up in the Sky – perhaps a hundred or even a thousand meters away, there’s a silver shadow quietly standing. Through the silver mask, you could see his sharp eyes looking downward straightly, aiming at Feng Lie and Yue Handong. Even with such a long distance, this person could perfectly hear every word of their conversation.


When Yue Handong left, the face behind the silver mask revealed a light smile, forming an arc. Afterward, he turned back and disappeared into the clouds.


“Cold Cliff, well done. You’ve done a good job.” Ye Wuchen sat on his wheelchair comfortably, and half closed his eyes. He was wearing a big smile. He said to himself sarcastically, “Lin Xiao, you can only blame Long Yin. If he didn’t appoint the marriage between you and Feng’er, I could have done this to your father instead of you.”


What a big scandal. Everyone knew now that Lin Xiu “messed around” with her nephew, Lin Xiao. And this was just the beginning of a nightmare. If one decides to follow Long Yin, they need to have the consciousness of being destroyed.


Facing the compliments of Ye Wuchen, Cold Cliff didn’t react. However, he did find it impressive now that everyone in the city knew about the scandal. He had no idea how Ye Wuchen achieved doing this. With only one morning, a huge mess was created in the city. It was even more difficult than sneaking into the Palace.


“I’ve already placed Auntie Leng’s corpse into a coffin. Later, I will find a way to escort you to Tianfeng City. You haven’t slept the whole night, and you’ve got something big to do today. Go and take some rest first.” Ye Wuchen smiled.


Cold Cliff nodded and left.


At this time, it was already noon. Ye Wuchen had just got up not long ago, and what he had ordered Cold Cliff was already accomplished. After Cold Cliff left, Ye Wuchen yawned and enjoyed his sunbathing in front of the yard. With his eyes half-closed, he was checking out the door from time to time.


Without waiting for too long, the door was opened. Ye Wuyun who had finished his “purchasing” jumped off from the carriage and ordered the servants to move the newly bought things. Ye Wuyun saw the yard of Ye Wuchen immediately and saw him enjoying the sunlight. Then, he quickly went back to his room.


Ye Wuchen opened his eyes and sneered. He said casually, “Xue’er, you know what one does if he is outraged?”


“If I am outraged…” Ningxue tried to think of the few times which she got furious and told Ye Wuchen, “well…I would want to hit someone.”


There’s no need to ask Tongxin what she’d do. For sure, she’d kill some people if she’s angry.


“When you’re mad, you can’t reason. And when you can’t reason, you will get even angrier. When your madness reaches a certain extent, you’d naturally do some stupid acts.” He grabbed the hands of Ningxue and Tongxin and whispered, “both of you, don’t get mad often. It’s not good for your body.”


Ningxue and Tongxin nodded. They had no clue why Ye Wuchen suddenly mentioned this.


“Xue’er, Tongxin, do me a favor. Please send me to my father’s.”


At noon, Ye Wuchen, who used to eat in his room or the same room as Ye Shuiyao, came to the restaurant with Ningxue and Tongxin this time. Together with Ye Wei and his wife, and Ye Wuyun, they all ate together. Wang Wenshu was so excited that she couldn’t stop serving food to his son. After filling his bowl, she then served Ningxue and Tongxin, “come on. Both you girls need to eat more. You still need to grow taller.”


She thought that the reason why the two didn’t grow taller was because of malnutrition.


“After you’re back, your Grandpa is in such a great mood that he even decided to visit the tombs of his old friends. If only he knew that you would come to eat with us, he’d be too happy to leave. Come, try this duck.”


Ye Wuyun seemed uneasy with Ye Wuchen. All the others were chatting happily, except him. Although Ye Wei treated Ye Wuyun very well, it was still different than being treated as their biological son.


“Sigh. Lin Xiao, how could he do that with the Empress…”


Ye Wei knocked on his chopsticks and said thoughtfully, “that is a rumor. We still don’t know whether it’s true. And even if it is, we don’t have the right to discuss it.”


Wang Wenshu rolled her eyes and put a large bone into his bowl. She stopped talking. Ye Wuchen smiled mysteriously. When Ye Wuyun saw this, he felt a lot resentment. Since his birth, he had been treated as a tool. He didn’t have a strong bonding with the Lin family. However, he still felt like a member of Lin’s. The meal was delicious, but he thought that it’s all tasteless.


“Chen’er, how come Tongxin and Ningxue have never changed their clothes? I remember that they have been wearing those clothes since three years ago.” Wang Wenshu suddenly raised this doubt. More strangely, they were wearing a black and white dress respectively. The size and cutting of them were the same. And the two dresses seemed pretty well-kept.


Ye Wuchen shook his head helplessly and said, “I can’t go out now. Even if I want to change their clothes, I have to wait until I get better.”


“Why don’t we do it this way, Chen’er?” Wang Wenshu put down her chopsticks and pat on Ningxue’s shoulders lovingly, “I have nothing much to do anyway. After this meal, I’ll take them to choose a few dresses that they like. They can’t always wear the same thing.”


“Well…” Ye Wuchen hesitated. Ye Wuyun looked at him and sneered. He knew why Ye Wuchen was hesitating. As Long Yin said, Tongxin’s black dress was her biggest weapon, and she’d never let go of it. If she changed the dress to something else, God knows if she’d be able to protect Ye Wuchen if anyone dares to touch him.


“Ningxue, Tongxin, do you want new clothes?” Ye Wuchen asked lightly.


“I…do.” Ningxue hesitated before answering, then shook her head and said again, “well, no, I don’t. If I leave, there’ll be no one to take care of brother.”


Ye Wuchen was a bit stunned, then he smiled, “Xue’er, lying is not good. All girls like beautiful clothes. I am free this afternoon anyway, and I only want to get some sleep. Why don’t you send me back to my room and you can go shopping with my mother?”


Ningxue hesitated for a while again, then she replied delightfully, “ok…well, Tongxin sis, are you coming with me?”


Ye Wuchen went silent for a while, then nodded, “go, and don’t forget to come back early.”


Wang Wenshu was quite happy, “these two girls are spoilt by you. Even leaving for a while can become so difficult.” She pushed Ye Wei, “do you want to come along?”


Ye Wei looked serious, “the whole city has been in a mess since this morning. I am going to check who’s the person spreading the rumor, and I’ll try to control it.”


Ye Wuyun suddenly heard his heart beating very fast. This has got to be a great opportunity! If he missed this, when would he have the next one?


He secretly breathed a long sigh of relief. He felt so excited that it’s overwhelming. There was no way he would give up this chance. Something had to be done!

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