Heavenly Star – Chapter 267 – He Got Carried Away


After lunch, Ye Wei took several people out in a hurry. After Ningxue and Tongxin sent Ye Wuchen back to his bedroom, they lingered for a while, then followed Wang Wenshu excitedly to the streets. Ye Wuyun smiled and saw them out. He only let the guards close the door when they were far away. If ever they came back, they’d certainly make a noise.


It’s quiet everywhere, and everyone in the Ye Family was working hard. Ye Wuyun made a tour back to his bedroom, before heading toward the yard of Ye Wuchen.


After stepping into the yard, the maid of Ye Wuchen, Xiao Lu took a tea tray and reached behind him. When she said Ye Wuyun, she greeted hurriedly, “Young Master.”


“Oh, it’s Xiao Lu. I have something to discuss with bro Wuchen. Why don’t you give us some space? Here, I’ll take this to him.” Ye Wuyun said warmly. In Ye family, everyone knew that Ye Wuyun was nice and friendly, and he treated everyone his own siblings. He was a well-respected person in the family.


“Ah…okay.” Xiao Lu was a little surprised. Then, she handed the tea tray over to the hands of Ye Wuyun. Everyone knew that he didn’t have a good relationship with Ye Wuchen. She wondered if the two finally reconciled.


“Oh, by the way, Xiao Lu…” Ye Wuyun stopped her, looked at the yard and asked, “how is the yard so quiet at this hour? Where has everybody gone?”


“To the Young Master, Ye Qi and Ye Ba have followed the Master. And about the two friends of little young master…the mother of Mr. Leng just died. In the morning, the coffin was gotten ready, so he’s out now to look for the rest. Master Xiao also followed him. Miss Ningxue and Miss Tongxin have followed Madam out. And the little master is now taking a rest.”


“Oh, I see.” Ye Wuyun nodded.


“Your maid will now leave.” Xiao Lu bowed and left slowly.


Ye Wuyun almost burst into laughter. He said in a low voice, “well, I think even the God wants you to die today…”


Ye Wuyun opened the teacup and took out a small bottle hidden in his arms. He scattered a little white powder into the cup. He smiled and walked toward Ye Wuchen’s bedroom.


When Ye Wuyun just opened the door, Ye Wuchen opened his eyes. He glanced at him and turned his head. He said lazily, “who let you in? Get out.”


Ye Wuyun did not get angry. Instead, he smiled, “we’re both from the Ye Family. Why does bro Wuchen always act aggressively in front of me? If I have ever done anything wrong, just tell me. I will rectify. Harmony is essential in the family.”


Ye Wuchen sneered, “brother? How could you say that you’re my brother? Get out! Three years ago, I told you already that you’re someone picked up by my grandfather. You are by no means one of us. Don’t you have any shame? Get out!”


Ye Wuyun was apparently offended. He took the tea tray out and put a cup of tea on top of his table. He tried to explain patiently, “bro Wuchen, since you hate me so much, I will not show up in front of you anymore. Here, Xiao Lu has prepared some tea, why don’t you drink it? This can also be a form of my apology to you.”


Ye Wuchen looked at him coldly. He tried hard to stand up, took a long breath and sneered. He took the tea and just when he was about to drink it, the look on his face changed, and he threw the steaming hot tea onto the face of Ye Wuyun, “I don’t think the taste is the same. Ye Wuyun, what did you add in this thing? Now, get out!”


Ye Wuyun was initially quite excited. Now that his face was all with the tea, he instantly became a thousand times more furious. He let his guard down and took out a silver sword, pointing to Ye Wuchen, “Ye Wuchen, I wasn’t planning to see blood…but you forced me to!”


Ye Wuchen took a few steps back, and he showed a sign of fear. He couldn’t help but tremble a bit, then he tried to stay calm, “Ye Wuyun, what did you intend to do?”


“I intend to kill you!” After having caught Ye Wuchen off-guard, Ye Wuyun felt incredibly excited, especially when he thought about the incident three years ago and that’s been continuously insulted.


“So, that’s it. I made no mistakes by blaming you. If I die, my sister will inherit the Ye family. It will by no means go to your hands.” He continued, “I’d rather you forget about it and get out. I can pretend as nothing has happened. Otherwise, everyone will know that it’s you, since you’re the only that has stepped foot in my room this afternoon.”


“Is it?” Not only that Ye Wuyun was not scared, but he also laughed hysterically, “then why did no one in Ye family think that it was me when I tried to kill you four years ago?”


“Four years ago? You…it was you?” Ye Wuchen’s face went pale.


“Right. It was me…I was trying to kill you without leaving a trace. And I can perfectly do the same this time. The only difference is that – you won’t be as lucky as last time. Haha…Ye Wuchen, everyone thinks that you’re so special, even the Emperor is a bit scared of you. But you’re a joke in my eyes, so is everyone in your family. Do you think that I am going for the wealth of Ye family? Listen, someone is indeed trying to do that, but that person isn’t me, it’s the Emperor!”


Ye Wuchen went silent for a long while, then he said with a lot of resentment, “I see…I understand now. You’re someone arranged by the Emperor to destroy my family.”


The thrill of manipulation and revenge had got Ye Wuyun incredibly excited. In order to gain the trust of Ye family, he had been working extra hard. Then, when Ye Wuchen returned home, he started to insult Ye Wuyun. He even felt that killing him would be too easy. It might be a good idea to keep him alive and torture him from time to time, so that he could enjoy the look of fear and despair on Ye Wuchen’s face. He wanted Ye Wuchen to know how stupid he had always been, “haha…the Emperor said that you might have found out what his intentions are. Even so…then what? Your little tricks are like kids’ games in his eyes. You will never realize that the Emperor has been planning this for twenty years. Do you think you’re really smart enough to know all his plans? And about me, I arrived in your family more than ten years ago, and killing you wasn’t part of the plan. Even though the Emperor poisoned your mother, she still insisted on giving birth to you. But you know, that medicine wasn’t completely useless. After you, no more children were born in your family. There will be no more people to inherit anything in Ye family. Hahaha!”


He took a knife and placed it on Ye Wuchen’s neck. He smiled slyly. He felt that he had never been so thrilled in his life. He could finally control a person. That’s even a person who kept insulting him. And that felt great, “don’t worry. After you die, the Emperor won’t kill your father, nor your grandfather. He still needs them to give their lives in the war. They’ve got great values for the Emperor. When there’s no one left in your family, the Emperor will think of a way to turn me into the King in this house. At that time, I will be the owner of this family, and I will also own your sister…”




Someone kicked the folding screen on the right to the ground. Four people were standing behind the folding screen. Ye Wuyun turned back quickly and met the scary face of Ye Wei. He felt instantly cold.


“Yun’er…you, you…” Wang Wenshu leaned against Ye Wei’s body. She could barely stand still under this shock. She pointed to Ye Wuyun. Her lips were trembling, and she couldn’t say a complete sentence.


Ye Wuyun was dumbfounded and couldn’t gather his thoughts. Apparently, he had just seen Ye Wei going out with his men, and Wang Wenshu taking Ningxue and Tongxin out as well. Now, they reappeared after such a short time. He thought whether he’s in his own nightmare.


He slashed his knife and wanted to catch Ye Wuchen, but just when he started to move his hand, a black light flashed in front of him. Without having the time to see clearly what it was, his dagger flew out, and his body was also smashed out. When he got to the ground, the black light appeared in his eyes again. All of his power was taken away by this eerie light. He sat helplessly on the ground. He opened his eyes wide and could not stand up no matter how he tried.


Ye Wuchen did not let Tongxin kill him. Otherwise, all she needed to do was to move her finger.


Ye Wuchen made a sarcastic sneer, “well, you’re as stupid as I thought. When a stupid person gets his opportunity, he will get so desperate and lose all his cool. He naturally wouldn’t be able to wait to show all his skills. You’ve done very well, especially the part which you wanted to tell my parents the most.”


Ye Wuchen turned and looked at Ye Wei, only to see that his face was horrifyingly pale. Every part of his body was trembling. His fist tightened, and he was staring firmly at Ye Wuyun. It was a complicated feeling in his eyes. Ye Wuchen believed that Ye Wei could take this bow, unlike Ye Nu.


At this moment, Ye Wuyun was like being pushed to hell from heaven. Even if he was a fool, he knew clearly that he’d been set up. And just as he had planned, he told everything honestly. He had ambushed in the Ye family for more than ten years, and he had tried twice to kill the only son of the Ye family. Now that everything became crystal clear, his ending became predictable.

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