Heavenly Star – Chapter 268 – Despair and Redemption


Ye Wuyun weirdly moved his body and climbed to the foot of Ye Wei. He pleaded, “my Godfather…”




Ye Wei suddenly kicked Ye Wuyun on his face, with all his rage and resentment. This was a severe kick, since Ye Wuyun rolled a few times on the ground. He painfully coughed. When he saw that he had split out some blood, he looked at it with horror. After rolling his eyes, he passed out.


Wang Wenshu was a soft-hearted woman, not only she didn’t feel sympathetic, she looked at Ye Wuyun resentfully, then she threw herself into Ye Wei’s arms and cried loudly, “we…what have we done wrong? Why did he treat us like that? Why did he do this to Chen’er?”


Ye Wei looked up at the sky and closed his eyes in pain. He wanted to tell himself that all this was fake. At the very beginning, Ye Nu picked up Ye Wuyun who was almost starving to death, he even took a stab for him, then became their godson…they hadn’t realized that all these were fake, it was all a plot. Everyone in the Ye Family had always been loyal. And now they got ‘thanked’ this way. Instantly, he felt like losing all his hope.


Indeed, what had the Ye Family done wrong? Long Yin placed someone to hurt them 20 years ago. Who could tell him why?


If they hadn’t been blessed by God over and over again, the Ye Family would have been destroyed, and might have been owned by someone else by now.


“Father, have you all understood? This is what I’ve been trying to tell you.” Ye Wuchen said to Ye Wei.


It was the second day after Ye Wuchen returned home. He had already done a few big things. He certainly acted quick. He had discovered the plot of Long Yin and the real identity of Ye Wuyun since three years ago, but he had never told his family the real story, he only gave a few hints. After coming home, he had let go of his worries, since he could perfectly back himself up.


“About this morning…you ordered someone to do it. Didn’t you?” Ye Wei lowered his eyes. They were full of pain.

“Yes. I was acting aggressively to Long Yin, so that he’d realize quickly that it was me. Then, he’d be desperate to kill me, and he could only do it through Ye Wuyun. Ye Wuyun went out this morning to see Long Yin. And therefore, I gave him a precious opportunity.” Ye Wuyun slowly explained, and looked at Ye Wuyun coldly, “he had been used as a tool for so long. Once he’s got a chance, he wouldn’t wait to show off all he’s got.”


“Well, if you’ve known since long ago, why didn’t you tell us?” Ye Wei was still depressed.


Ye Wuchen shook his head, “I couldn’t. Even if I did, would you believe me back then?”


Ye Wei became silent.


“Right. You wouldn’t believe me. You would at most become doubtful. Also, father, you’re a person with a lot of wisdom. Haven’t you had a single doubt all these years?” Ye Wuchen asked.


“It’s not that I had never doubted, but I never dared to doubt.”


“Right, you didn’t dare to. So, unless he said it himself, or subconsciously, you’d all find a way to tell yourselves that it isn’t true. It’s indeed too much to believe, especially when we have been loyal people for generations. It’s too harsh to believe that someone has done this to us.”


“Chen’er…my poor son, no wonder your body was always so weak. It was mother’s fault. If only I could pay more attention, you would have much less to suffer. And…you almost got killed. It’s all my fault.” Wang Wenshu went near to Ye Wuchen’s bed, held him tightly and cried. The love and care that she’d given all these years to Ye Wuyun enabled someone to stab behind their back. Even her son almost got killed (and he already did), she couldn’t help but regret and resent.


“Chen’er, and why did you choose to do this on a day when your Grandpa is not here? Don’t you want him to find out as well?” Ye Wei asked slowly.


“I can’t let Grandpa know.” Ye Wuchen gently shook his head, and sighed, “father, Grandpa is not the same. He was born in chaotic times, and spent most of his life on battlefields. Grandpa didn’t hesitate much before accepting to marry sister off. For Grandpa, his loyalty to the Emperor is all he can hold on to, and he will hold on to that until his last day. So, if he finds out about this, how will he react? He’s not the kind of person who accepts cruel facts easily, then moves on. When he finds out that all this is a plot, he’d realize that all his life-long loyalty is for nothing, and he will be in his melancholic thoughts throughout the rest of his life.”


Ye Wei: “…”


“So, we can’t tell Grandpa. We should let this be a secret forever. When we get rid of Ye Wuyun, just tell Grandpa that he’s trying to harm me for the family’s wealth, and that would be enough. We should let Grandpa spend the rest of his life in peace.” Ye Wuchen smiled lightly and went on, “and I’ve always known how strong my father is.”


Ye Wei found himself unable to smile back. Even the strongest person didn’t know how to react in front of such a big irony.


“I can see that Long Yin was controlling himself yesterday. And today, such a rumor was spread in lightning speed. She did all these, am I right?” Ye Wei looked at Tongxin and asked. It was her who made them fly into the air and arrive back at the front door of Ye family. She also created a light-black barrier behind the folding screen to block the sound.


The Ye Wei couple only realized how powerful Tongxin was, and they felt incredibly dramatic.


Ye Wuchen nodded gently. At this time, Ye Wei, who had always been a loyal person, had always called him ‘the Emperor’, but now he just called him ‘Long Yin”. Anyone could see how cold his attitude had become toward the Emperor. Although he tried to control the Ye Family by placing someone, he got betrayal in return.


“Chen’er, you’re such an intelligent person. I can see that even Black Bear won’t be able to compete with her. Since three years ago, I have failed to understand you completely. We’re like people from two different worlds. Chen’er, I am pleased about how much you can do. You’re much more thoughtful than anyone else. I am so proud of you.”


For a father, what more can he ask for, if his son can surpass him?


“Whatever you want to do, Chen’er, just do it. Your family will never interfere with you, or stop you. And if you need my help, just tell me. Although I’ve been played half of my life, I still have some capabilities.” Ye Wei held his fist tightly, and he went on coldly, “I will hunt down whoever betrayed me.”


He didn’t ask who Tongxin was, or where she came from. He didn’t ask either what Ye Wuchen had done over the years, or what his plan would be. He knew that when he was ready, he would tell them. And they’d rather not force him to say anything. They just wanted to support him.


“Thank you, father.” Ye Wuchen said so lightly.


Ye Wei stared at Ye Wuyun and said tiredly, “I am tired, do whatever you want about him.”


“Father, wait a minute.” Ye Wuchen shouted at him and said, “there is one thing that you need to know.”


“Tongxin, wake him up.” Ye Wuchen looked at Ye Wuyun. After Tongxin nodded, there was a black light flashing across her eyes. Ye Wuyun suddenly woke up like he just had an electric shock. Then, he opened his eyes wide and gasped.


After seeing him get up, Ye Wei breathed a long sigh and looked at Ye Wuyun furiously. Ye Wuyun just realized that he’d woken up, and what kind of horrible situation he had trapped himself into. He begged again, “godfather…I…”


“Godfather?” Ye Wei sneered, “how dare you still call me your Godfather!”


Ye Wuyun struggled to get up from the ground. He kneeled in front of Ye Wei, “it’s all my fault…but I am the one that has been forced to do all this. I have no parents, the Emperor saved my life and forced me to do this. Although I’m unwilling, I need to pay back for what he has given to me all these years. And since long ago, I have treated my Godfather and all the others like my family. I treat you as my birth father…I am begging you to please reconsider your options, and forgive me. We can be better than father and son…”


Clap, clap, clap!


Ye Wuchen started clapping. He said coldly, “Ye Wuyun, you’ve impressed me. You’ve got some acting skills. Needless to say, you might be able to influence people emotionally. If you go on, my father might really reconsider killing you.”

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