Heavenly Star – Chapter 269 – The Wrong Place and Time


Ye Wuyun said in a panic, “it’s all my fault. I’ve deeply hurt the Ye Family. But like I said, which was true also, that I had to obey the Emperor’s order. You’ve both been treating me like your birth son. I will never lie to you. If I ever do…”


“Wait, wait, don’t make any oath now. If there is a thunder coming now, my house might be destroyed. Don’t tell us any more about how good we’ve been to you. You should be ashamed of yourself, look at the way you ‘thanked’ your family.” Ye Wuchen said coldly.


“My parents passed away a long time ago…”


“Oh? Yesterday, I saw Lin Zhan, the one who is still quite useless at his mid-age. Don’t tell me that it’s his phantom.” Ye Wuchen was full of sarcasm.


Ye Wuyun and Ye Wei’s face changed at the same time. Wang Wenshu also opened her eyes wide and couldn’t believe her ears.


“You…you’re talking nonsense.”


Ye Wuchen had attacked directly the central spot of Ye Wuyun, who was now unable to finish a complete sentence. For a long time, this has been an ongoing secret. If this were revealed, the whole plan of Long Yin would go into vain, and that would be the end of the Lin family as well. The whole of Tianlong Country would abandon them.


Looking at the facial expression of Ye Wuyun, Ye Wei knew instantly what Ye Wuyun was saying was true. Ye Wei trembled because of the shock.


“That year, the second son of Lin Family became breathless after he’s born for an hour. The whole of the Lin family thought that he’s a stillbirth. And that’s what everyone else thought as well. Even his birth parents didn’t suspect a little. Then, the baby that was born was exchanged with another dead baby, and it was impossible to tell the differences between the two babies, it was quite easy to fool everyone. The person behind this whole plot was Lin Kuang! To control the Ye family with Long Yin, he gave away his newly born grandchild, and that was Ye Wuyun, no, he should be Lin Yun instead! Also, the real master of the Lin family isn’t Lin Kuang, but Long Yin. Thanks to his control and manipulation, Lin Xiu became the Empress, and Lin Yan became the head of the Royal Academy. The appearance of the Lin family was to control my Ye family. Therefore, it’s not difficult to understand why our quarrels occurred from time to time. It’s all because Long Yin wanted to hinder the development of my family.”


Ye Wuyun sat on the ground helplessly, and there was no more soul in his eyes. Long Yin thought that his perfect plan would go well, without being discovered by anyone. After all, Ye Wuchen understood what he was going after, and he found out a long time ago. Since three years ago, Long Yin had become a joke in Ye Wuchen’s eyes. His pride, righteousness, love to his people had become ridiculous and hilarious since three years ago.


“Oh… haha…very well said! Long Yin, and Lin family. What an amazing calculation! Imagine how much you’ve thought through just to destroy my family!” Ye Wei laughed hysterically. It was a painful laugh full of resentment and rage.


Wang Wenshu went forward to support him, and she tried to comfort him, “dear, don’t act like this. There is no point to suffering for Long Yin. Why don’t we let Chen’er take care of the rest?”


Ye Wei stopped laughing. He grabbed his wife’s hand and stared at Lin Yun, “Chen’er, take care of the rest. I am sure you know what to do with him. I am tired, really tired.”


He walked outside weakly. Just when he arrived at the door, he turned back, “Chen’er, I’ve told you to do whatever you plan to. Your family will not make you any less free.”


Ye Wuchen nodded heavily and kept watching them leave. Then, he looked at Lin Yun again. It’s not yet the time to kill him. From now on, he’s going to be a temporary tool of Ye Wuchen. This person was born to be a tool for all his life.


“Long Yin, as an Emperor, I must say that you’re pretty clever. But it’s also your misfortune to have come into my ways. You won’t get what you want. In the opposite, I will make sure that you will suffer a lot for the rest of your life!”


Three years ago, he thought that it wasn’t true, that Shui Mengchan wished to get married to Long Yin, and Southern Emperor Sect wanted to infiltrate their influence inside the Palace. Apparently, they were very successful, and Long Yin didn’t even realize this. It turned out that the few people Long Yin had trusted were not his people.


To a certain extent, they would slowly let the influence of Long Yin subside, so that the new Emperor can come to place. It’s quite logical, the daughter of the Southern Emperor Sect would never wish to get married to someone as old as her father.


However, after three years, Long Yin was still alive, and Tianlong Palace was still quiet and peaceful. The reality was quite different from what he’d thought. He started to wonder what the plan of Southern Emperor Sect was.


And if the Princess of the Sect got married to Long Yin, what would be the outcome?


And not so long ago, Ye Wuchen discovered something shocking.


No matter what the Southern Emperor Sect was going after, he decided to kill Long Yin. However, because of Long Zhengyang and Long Feng’er, he wouldn’t kill Long Yin yet, at least not by himself. All in all, Long Yin was their birth father. The only way might be to let somebody else kill him.


Ye Wuyun, aka Lin Yun, was now secretly detained by Ye Wuchen. The people from Lin family thought that Ye Wuyun went to the southern side of Tianlong Country with his servant, Ye Wu, in order to expand the business of Ye family. Long Yin didn’t realize anything weird. In general, he didn’t contact Lin Yun often, as each contact meant a risk. They would think that it’s completely normal to be in no touch for three months.


In the afternoon, as instructed by Ye Wuchen, Cold Cliff and Chu Jingtian went to his room. Cold Cliff was wearing a costume made for funerals, and his face was stiff. Chu Jingtian also wore a headscarf made for funerals. Ye Wuchen looked up to the sky and said, “it’s about time. Place Auntie Leng’s body here. I will escort you to Tianfeng City.”


Without a word, Cold Cliff left. Chu Jingtian couldn’t help but ask, “hey, bro Wuchen, can you really send us so far away? What method will you use? Even my Grandpa can only walk nine thousand miles a day. Bro Wuchen, tell me quickly.”


“You’re going to find out soon.” Ye Wuchen replied with a mysterious smile. Without an answer, Chu Jingtian stopped asking.


After a while, Cold Cliff walked in with the coffin on his shoulder. Then, he placed the coffin on the ground carefully. Ye Wuchen handed him a piece of hard paper and said, “now, turn around and close your eyes. Open them again after ten seconds. Then, hand this paper to the first person you see, and he’ll take you where you need to be.”


Cold Cliff and Chu Jingtian were stunned for a while. Then, they followed the instructions. Soon enough, they felt their bodies becoming lighter, and they opened their eyes almost at the same time.


They found themselves no longer in Ye Wuchen’s room, but a wooden house of average size. Although there was nothing much inside, it was neat. It was apparently a house of a peasant’s family. Leng Si’s coffin was on the right side of Cold Cliff.


Another wooden door inside was open. An old man carrying his walking stick came outside. He had a white beard. When he saw Cold Cliff and Chu Jingtian, he was so surprised that he kept his eyes wide open.


“Who…who are you? Cough…” Before finishing, the old man started coughing. His old body was like crumbling, the wrinkles on his face were crumpled together.


Chu Jingtian and Cold Cliff looked at each other. Just a few seconds, they transmigrated to another space.


“Old man, who is it?” It’s the voice of an old lady.


Without speaking, Cold Cliff went forward. He handed the piece of paper to the old man. After blinking his eyes, he stretched his trembling hand to take the paper, then opened it slowly, “is it from our daughter…”


The old man looked surprised soon after he opened the letter. After reading it carefully, he took away the note carefully. Suddenly, he threw away his walking stick, and he sat straightly, so that he could talk appropriately to Cold Cliff. He also became much fresher than just now, “I see, you’re Master’s friends. Come here, have a seat.”


Cold Cliff nodded and walked in. Being unable to believe what was happening, Chu Jingtian looked around and followed. He hurriedly asked, “what is this place?”


“It’s the south side of Tianfeng City. I knew that it’s Master’s idea to send you here. Please rest for a while. After it gets dark, you’ll get what you want.”


The old man seemed to be more than eighty years old, yet he still sounded powerful. He had a pair of bright eyes. The old lady also looked at them happily.


Cold Cliff nodded. Chu Jingtian was stunned. Just now, he was asking in what ways Ye Wuchen was planning to send them to Tianfeng City. And now, after closing their eyes, they’d got here.




It’s just like a dream.

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