Heavenly Star – Chapter 270 – Keeping Vigil Beside The Coffin


Chu Jingtian punched himself and said in surprise, “the Master that you’re talking about, isn’t he bro Ye? How did he manage to send us here? You must know why, right?”


Cold Cliff pulled his clothes. He was sitting there and saying coldly, “don’t ask something which you’re not supposed to ask. Master will tell us when it’s time.”


Cold Cliff was as shocked as Chu Jingtian. He had experienced transmigration in just seconds. In front of him, these two old people were calling Ye Wuchen their “Master”. This implied to them that Ye Wuchen had a kind of power that’s still unknown to them.


Chu Jingtian mumbled for a while, then he sat down quietly and started asking something insignificant, “Grandpa, and…Grandma, may I know how I should call you?”


“Haha…just call me Da Cong.” Said the old man, who pointed at the old lady, “and you may call her Cong Hua.” (In Chinese, it means ‘chopped green onion’.)


Chu Jingtian refused quickly “no no, no way…you’re Seniors. How is it possible I call you that?”


“You’re both friends of Master, our dear guests. Just feel free.”


“Well…then I’d call you Grandpa Da Cong, and Grandma Cong Hua.” The two old people seemed even older than Chu Jingtian’s grandfather. And their names Da Cong and Cong Hua were really worse than his nickname, Da Niu.


The real name of the old man was Yan Qinghong. The old lady’s name was Yan Qingping after their marriage. They happened to be the most aged people on the bottom of the Duanhun Cliff, and they were even a generation older than Yan Tianwei. Although they looked old, they had overwhelming power. Down below the Duanhun Cliff, the people of the Northern Emperor Sect did not have many wishes. They spent all the time practicing and training. Their power and capacity were much higher than the other ‘Northern Emperor Sect’ that appeared as arrogant and impure. In the sect, the two old people’s power was only lower than that of Yan Tianwei. Also, there has been an ongoing rumor about Yan Tianwei, who had the purest blood of the Northern Emperor Sect, obtained a God-level power. And if Yan Qinghong and Yan Qingping united, even Yan Tianwei had to be cautious.


While they were observing Cold Cliff and Chu Jingtian, they were pretty amazed. They were at a relatively young age to have come to this level. Especially the tough guy who’s wearing a sword. They were sure that these two young people had an extraordinary background.


The time slowly passed. The Sky was becoming darker. Cold Cliff, at this time, was having mixed feelings. The idea of burying his mother next to Feng Chaoyang was initially a tough call, but he was feeling unbelievably calm at the moment. Ye Wuchen successfully reassured him and gave me trust. In just two days, he felt much stronger this way.


Someone opened the wooden door, and the old woman came in, “come, I’ve got everything ready.”


The Sky was filled with grey clouds. There were no stars. Cold Cliff headed West with Chu Jingtian and the old couple. The ground was rough, but he was trying to stay balanced. It’s all for the sake of his poor mother.


After walking for a long time, they reached where they needed to be. Cold Cliff kept his eyes sharp even during the dark, and spotted immediately a massive crowd of people less than 100 meters away.


The old couple didn’t seem to have discovered anything. They kept their footsteps steady. At this moment, Cold Cliff saw a few beams of light coming toward them. Suddenly, the old man took out something from his pocket slowly, a something in dark red flashed in the night, and disappeared almost instantly.


“Grandpa Da Cong, Grandma Cong Hua, is it the graveyard of Feng Chaoyang in front of us? We will be found. Maybe we should get rid of these people first?” Chu Jingtian asked seriously.


Cold Cliff pulled him and shook his head. Yan Qinghong reassured him, “don’t worry, they’re one of us.”


“One of us?” Chu Jingtian was dumbfounded.


Sure enough, when they stepped in, those people carrying spears and in heavy armor didn’t even look at them, they just completely ignored them. Chu Jingtian was surprised, so he went forward to shake the person in front of him, only to find out that his eyes didn’t even roll a bit. Then, he pinched the person’s face and mumbled, “it’s weird…it’s not a statue…”


The guard whose face was pinched was feeling uncomfortable, and had the urge of stabbing Chu Jingtian.


Someone opened the door of the tomb. Inside, there were candles. Yan Qinghong followed them downstairs and introduced, “after Feng Chaoyang died, Feng Lie, the Emperor of Big Wind Country then built this giant tomb, and he comes every year. As you all know, the Master killed Feng Chaoyang. Just about ten months ago, when Master came, he expressed his regret by saying that he’d killed his friend’s father. As a result, the Master spent half a year in turning all people here as ‘his people’. Master also told us that the son of Feng Chaoyang is very filial, and he’d built this tomb so that his son could visit his father often. Although it’s Master who had killed Feng Chaoyang, he wanted to build this tomb to make it up for his son.”


Cold Cliff was shivering all over, his chest was filled with warm air, and his eyes became red in a second. At this moment, his last defense for Ye Wuchen disappeared.


The road to the cemetery was very long. It was very damp inside. After walking for a long while, the old man’s footsteps finally stopped. He looked at Cold Cliff and sighed, “I really didn’t expect that your mother…” He pointed to the coffin made with jade, “that’s where Feng Chaoyang is resting in peace. Take your time and stay as long as you want. No one will bother you. And someone will send you meals every day. When the Tianchen Magic Martial Arts Contest starts, you will be notified.”


Cold Cliff looked at the jade coffin quietly, and approached to it slowly. He carefully placed his mother’s coffin beside it, and kneeled.


Yan Qinghong turned around and looked at Chu Jingtian. He smiled warmly, “spend some time with the old man.”


Chu Jingtian touched his head and said with embarrassment, “I am going to accompany Cold Face and deliver him some food.”


Yan Qinghong was a bit stunned. He laughed and went out.


Chu Jingtian walked over and kneeled beside Cold Cliff, who asked, “why didn’t you leave?”


“Well, we’re friends. Your parents are my uncle and aunt. It’s my duty also to be here. I will practice over there after a while.” Chu Jingtian answered.


Cold Cliff looked at him for some more time and gazed at the two coffins together, until he gradually lost focus.


Mother, what a great thing it is to have you buried next to father. Although your son is not a useless person, I cannot do anything to reward you. I only hope that you can reincarnate and marry to someone who truly loves you, so that you won’t suffer any more in your next life…even though it’s an ordinary family, it’d be good enough.


Feng Chaoyang, you passed away, and you should have no regrets left. When you were alive, everyone praised you as the God of War. But after you passed away, there was only my mother who wanted to follow you. I think you’re blessed to have my mother as your wife.


Cold Cliff was having all these thoughts in his head. And he was there like a statue.


After one whole day, the scandal about Lin Xiu and Lin Xiao together didn’t stop being spread in Tianlong City. Even the beggars in the city were discussing it. Not only in Tianlong City, but the scandal was also spread to the surrounding towns. It only subsided a bit in the evening, when notices were put in all the streets warning that anyone who spread the rumor would be killed. However, people still kept discussing it secretly. People started being judgmental and criticized the influence of the act, saying how shameful the Empress should have felt, or someone from a specific family had done a disgraceful thing, etc.


Long Yin, who generally had a good temper, had smashed many things after what’d happened. He knew he wanted Ye Wuchen dead, yet his rationale told him that it’s Ye Wuchen who could kill him, and the other way round. The worst thing is, there’s not even any evidence proving that Ye Wuchen was the one creating the whole plot. He could only let his temper out on Lin Xiao. Although he had allowed him to live for one more day, for the face of Lin family, he had to die, and he would be executed the next day secretly. However, Long Yin had to spare Lin Xiu. If she were also killed, then the whole world would realize instantly that this ‘scandal’ was for real. And the Palace would become a joke.


The next morning, the atmosphere in Tianlong Hall was weird. Usually, the officials waiting for the Emperor were noisy and chatty, but they appeared to be extraordinarily quiet this day. They looked around and found out that Lin Kuang hadn’t arrived. Lin Zhan had been there since a long time ago, and he looked uneasy. He tried to come up with things to say, and it made him look even more embarrassed. After what had happened to his sister and son, it took some courage for him to see all these people.


What’s even weirder was that Ye Wei hadn’t arrived yet, and he was never late.


Long Hao came late. He sat down in front of the main hall. His face looked as majestic as ever, and one couldn’t spot anything weird. After the salutations, everyone sat down, and they all lowered their heads slightly. No one dared to make a sound. Such an insulting incident was unacceptable enough for a normal man, let alone for the Emperor. They would very well imagine how Long Yin was feeling at this moment. And they could only try their best to look as natural as possible.


Long Yin gazed over everyone and found out the seat of Ye Wei was empty. He frowned, “does anyone of you have anything to say?”


There was a loud voice outside the hall, “Wuchen has something to say.”

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