Heavenly Star – Chapter 271 – Humiliation


The face of Long Yin instantly changed. In the hall, everyone was looking for the source of the voice. Everyone looked at this young man who killed the God of War three years ago, and who could kill 10,000 soldiers on his own. After the legend that he’d created, he jumped off from the Duanhun Cliff, and came back again as a legend. Although it was said that he couldn’t reclaim his power for his whole life, no one perceived him as an ordinary person.


On his wheelchair, Ye Wuchen was pushed inside the hall by the two girls. He was wearing a light smile. When he reached the middle part of the hall, he waved his hand and asked to stop, then he looked straightly at Long Yin, “Wuchen is ill, and I can’t bow. Please forgive me.”


Although he said “please forgive me”, there’s zero sense of respectfulness in his tone. He also slowly raised his head, like he was half awake. All the officials were stunned to see him looking so disrespectful.


Long Yin glanced at the silent Tongxin. He almost burst out from his anger, and he shouted, “say what you want to say.”


Ye Wuchen leaned forward, and he lowered his eyes. Suddenly, he yawned in front of everyone. They were shocked to see his attitude. Even Long Yin’s face slightly twisted. After a while, Ye Wuchen resumed, “Wuchen is coming here on behalf of my father. He’s been sick, and so he cannot come to today’s meeting. Please forgive him.”


The fellow officials secretly thought that Ye Wuchen didn’t have to come personally to deliver such a message. He could have sat at home and sent a messenger.


Even the stupidest person realized that Ye Wuchen was having another plan other than “sending this message on behalf of his father”. His way of arrogance and apathy was also done deliberately. There had to be a hidden agenda.


Expectedly, Long Yin lost it. He frowned and yelled, “I’ve already known. You may leave now. This is the Tianlong Hall, and the next time if you’ve got anything to say, you’d better not come unannounced. Leave now!”


Ye Wuchen stayed, and he smiled, “don’t get angry yet. There is another thing that I want to say, and I’ll leave after I do.”


“What something else?” Long Yin sneered.


Ye Wuchen seemed to smile, “Wuchen has heard that the Empress and the oldest son of Lin family, Lin Xiao are having an affair. May I know if this is true?”


This was a bomb. And everyone almost fainted after he said this. In front of the Emperor, in front of everyone else, Ye Wuchen tore apart the wound of Long Yin openly, just like giving him a few slaps in public.


Long Yin and Lin Zhan’s faces instantly turned pale, yet Wuchen was still laughing, “if the Emperor doesn’t object, it means this incident is for real. Well…how shocking, it must feel bad to be cheated on, am I right?”


Whether they were old officials that had decades of experience in the Palace, or the new officials that had just started their work for a few days, all had to make sure they heard it. Long Yin went furious, he stood up and yelled loudly, “how dare you!”


Ye Wuchen had no fear at all, he went on, “oh? What have I said wrong? Why is the Emperor so angry?”


“How dare you!” The atmosphere became delicate. Lin Zhan also stepped forward to shout at Ye Wuchen.


“How dare I? I am daring, huh? Master Lin, you’ve sent a son that cheated on the Emperor, yet you still dared to stand in front of the Emperor. I am not as daring as you are.” Ye Wuchen had no single hint of fear.


Lin Zhan was shivering out of anger. He almost burst out, “you…you…it’s all nonsense! My Xiao’er has always been gentle and kind since he was little. And he’s never done anything offensive to anyone. As a son of Ye family, how is it possible that you believe in such rumor? And you even dared to act so arrogantly in front of the Emperor. Do you really think that after killing Feng Chaoyang, you can do whatever you want, and you don’t even have to respect the Emperor anymore?”


“Master Lin, don’t be so nervous. This will hurt your body. If you think that this is just a scandal, and how come Lin Xiao isn’t here these days to claim it? If he appears in one piece, then the scandal will disappear itself, won’t it?” Ye Wuchen was saying it when smiling and playing with Ningxue’s hands.


“Xiao’er…hey! Xiao’er went out yesterday, and he should be back in a few days.” Lin Zhan replied in a panic. Needless to say, no one would find this argument convincing.


Sure enough, Ye Wuchen burst into laughter and sneered, “Oh, that’s a coincidence. Lin Xiao didn’t go out earlier, nor did he go out at night. He chose this particular time to go out. And when you mentioned that he’d back in a few days, how many days exactly did you mean? Do you actually mean that he won’t come back? I’m sure the Emperor knows this answer.”


Lin Zhan found it increasingly unbearable. He kneeled in front of Long Yin and yelled with grief, “My Emperor! I can take any insults. But the son from the Ye Family is insulting you in front of everyone. He’s got the guts to make you lose face. Even though he’s from the Ye Family…you can’t spare him this time! You must keep your dignity. Otherwise, he’ll create more troubles and danger…Emperor, I beg you to drag him out and behead him…well, no! Maybe you should consider taking his skin off!”


Ye Wuchen’s accusations were worth capital punishment.


Long Yin was very close to becoming insane. He slammed his chair and yelled, “someone come!”


Outside the door, there was a sound of footsteps. Two guards having their swords stormed in and were waiting for the Emperor’s instructions behind Ye Wuchen. Everyone became stiff. Zhuge Wuyi was going to stop him, but instantly took his step back after seeing Ye Wuchen’s face.


Without looking behind himself, Ye Wuchen asked plainly, “what are you thinking, my Emperor? Are you thinking to kill me? Haha, then let’s do it! Let my blood spill all over the hall! Everything will be nice and clean! Do you dare or not?”


When he finished, he looked at the Emperor coldly and calmly. Long Yin was having his heart pounding fast, as he was looking at the girl dressed in black beside him. At this time, she was still having her head lowered. This gesture alone made Long Yin flinch. There’s nothing he could do. Even his anger turned into fear.


If he made the order, he knew perfectly that even his blood would be spilled all over the hall, and not Ye Wuchen’s. Ye Wuchen could say whatever he wanted, since he didn’t have to worry about his safety with Tongxin.


In face of such open provocation, every inch of Long Yin’s muscle was twitching. He didn’t know what to say, and he couldn’t object to any of his accusations either. The officials were having all kinds of horrible and wild thoughts. Since the Emperor hadn’t made any order even with such humiliation, it’s clear that he’s afraid of Ye Wuchen. Although he became disabled, he didn’t lose his mind. He must be having a plan. And what could that be? Was that because of the Ye family?


“Ha ha ha ha!” Ye Wuchen burst into laughter and made fun of Lin Zhan, “Master Lin, since I am still alive, I am afraid to have disappointed you. Although your son messed around with your sister, for me, it’s not a bad thing. Three years ago, the Emperor appointed Princess Feifeng to marry me, and now she’s going to marry Lin Xiao. This made me very upset. Now, given the trouble Lin Xiao created, I think it’d be pretty fair if you notice what the Emperor did to me. The other day, you visited me and told me that you ought to pay me back. Obviously, God gave you another opportunity to reconcile, when are you going to change your decision and let Princess Feifeng marry me then?”


Ye Wuchen smiled toward the officials and said politely, “I am sorry to have interrupted. Hopefully, you will visit me soon. I will leave now.”


No one responded. If they did, Long Yin would remember undoubtedly. Without saying bye to Long Yin, or even looking at him, Ye Wuchen left with the help of Ningxue and Tongxin. He concluded, “you must rethink about the marriage.”



Long Hao was trembling all over, his eyes were vicious, he was biting his lips, and he had to endure with much persistence.


The two guards holding their swords were blocking Ye Wuchen’s way, who said, “get out of my way.”


Without having the instructions of the Emperor, the two guards didn’t move. Ye Wuchen yelled again, “get out of my way!” At the same time, a black light flashed in Tongxin’s eyes.


All of a sudden, the two guards fell onto the ground. They didn’t faint. Instead, when they fell, their eyes were all black and wide open, like their souls had left their bodies.


With a smile, Ye Wuchen said without turning his back, “the Emperor, every day, important officials meet in Tianlong hall. It’d be better if you can choose stronger guards. If I were you, I’d be worried to be guarded by such weak bodies. Haha!”


As if he’s in a nightmare, Ye Wuchen left. In the hall, nobody dared to speak. Everyone was looking at Long Yin. And they were all sure that something significant was going to happen.

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