Heavenly Star – Chapter 272 – The Grown-up Long Feng’er


“My Emperor, about this…” Lin Zhan, who was entirely out of the loop of the full picture, tried to see what was going on.


“End of…today!” Long Yin tried very hard to utter these few words and left in a rage. When he did, the officials started to discuss among themselves. Hua Zhentian, who more or less knew what’d happened, walked up front and looked at Ye Wuchen who had already left, “so, this guy is going to make his move.”


As a prominent official of the Tianlong Country, Hua Zhentian had always been loyal to his country. Typically speaking, he should be standing on the side against Ye Wuchen, but Ye Wuchen was his only son-in-law, the man that her daughter was crazily in love with…Hua Zhentian was confused about what to do.


One hand pat on his shoulder, and Hua Zhentian turned his head and saw Zhuge Wuyi, who asked, “brother Hua, you’re his father-in-law, you should know something, right? I wouldn’t be worried if he acted alone, but even General Ye wasn’t here this morning. This made me…” He sighed lightly, “is everything going to change soon?”


Hua Zhentian explained, clearly discontented, “if you have the guts to start something bad, you must have the courage to deal with the consequences. As a team of General Ye and Ye Wei’s best friend, you should not be part of it.”


Hua Zhentian hurried to leave without caring whether his words had been heard.


Zhuge Wuyi dwelled into his own thoughts…what consequences? Well…is it…Suddenly, Zhuge Wuyi thought of one thing, and he immediately started panicking. If the Emperor really had bad intentions to the loyal Ye family, then it was surely an unfortunate consequence. As an outsider and a loyal official, he would be furious as well. No wonder Hua Zhentian told him to stay out of it.


When the Emperor was back to his study room, he almost wanted to rip himself apart out of rage. He grabbed the ink cartridge on his desk and threw it violently on the floor. Black Bear, who had been guarding there, hurriedly went forward to pick it up, and said, “Emperor, who made you so angry? Let me teach him a lesson.”


Long Yin gritted his teeth and almost screamed, “he’s forcing me!”


“Black Bear, come with me!” He said in a deep voice. In Tianlong Hall, Long Yin had to use all his strength to suppress his anger, he wanted badly to cut Ye Wuchen into pieces, but he knew he couldn’t. On the previous day, when he tried to calm himself down, he understood the reason Ye Wuchen was acting carefully. Although Ye Wuyun’s identity had been hard to be found out, there was almost no chance for him to kill Ye Wuchen. Also, Ye Wuyun had been hiding his identity for such a long time. He must be looking for a way to end this. Logically, he would look for the best time to reveal his identity, and he would not just try whenever he could.


As for killing Ye Wuchen, all he had to do was to control the girl dressed in black next to him. However, as advised, even the best men united together with Black Bear, they might still fail.


Therefore, it was necessary for him to see Shui Mengchan; the marriage was going to happen. With the Southern Emperor Sect’s support, who should he be afraid of?


After leaving the Tianlong Hall, Ye Wuchen did not leave the Palace. Instead, he headed to the west of the Palace. He closed his eyes and mumbled to himself, “Long Yin, I might have underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to be able to withdraw your anger. But it’s better that way. If everything ended too soon, it’d be no fun. You gave such a nice gift to the Ye family twenty years ago. And to pay you back, I’ll have to reward you with something bigger.”


“Now, I suppose you’ll look for Shui Mengchan.” Ye Wuchen smiled mystically.


It was the first time for Ningxue to be in the Palace and she was curiously looking around the glamorous architecture and the plants. Also, she was checking out the eunuchs and maids that were dressed in strange costumes. Comparatively, Tongxin was quieter. She rarely looked around much.


Relying on his memory, Ye Wuchen soon arrived in front of Feifeng’s. Like three years ago, her front yard was full of little pink flowers. The original name of this flower is ‘Autumn Red’, and Princess Feifeng loved it a lot. Therefore, the flowers grown in her garden were all called ‘Feifeng Flower’.


“Mr…Mr. Ye.”


In front of him, there was this maid who once appeared back then. She was both excited and shocked to see Ye Wuchen. When she greeted him, her voice was trembling.


“Is the Princess here?” Ye Wuchen asked with a smile.


“Yes…she is…I am going to tell her now. Please wait, Mr. Ye.” The maid was too excited, and she stuttered a bit. She quickly ran inside and shouted, “Princess…Princess…”


After a short while, the maid came outside. She no longer looked excited. Instead, she seemed a bit weird, and she whispered, “Mr. Ye, Princess told me…that she doesn’t want to see you now…and she asked you to leave immediately.”


“Oh?” Ye Wuchen glanced at the door and sighed with disappointment, “well, Ok, I will come again a few days later. Xue’er, let’s leave.”


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