Just when Ye Wuchen was about to leave, the door behind him was kicked open, and a girl dressed in pink stormed out and rushed toward Ye Wuchen. She was hitting Ye Wuchen with her fist, “damn you…why are you even here? Why did you even come back? I hate you…why didn’t you die?”


While she was hitting Ye Wuchen, her tears kept dripping on Ye Wuchen’s knees.


Ye Wuchen let her beat him as much as she wished. When he raised his head, he was staring at her face full of tears. He hadn’t seen her for three years, and she used to be as old as Tongxin. She even used to call Tongxin her ‘little sister’. Now, she was already sixteen years old, and she had become a lovely little lady. Feifeng still had the same bright, cute yet sad face as three years before.


Ye Wuchen stretched his arm and held her. Long Feng’er went stiff and let out all her tears in his arms.


The maid slowly left and smiled out of comfort. For these years, she had witnessed how miserable Princess Feifeng had felt. Back then, Ye Wuchen had stolen her heart. When he disappeared, Princess Feifeng asked her every day whether he had come back. She didn’t expect to receive his death news. And when she did, she instantly passed out.


As the maid of the Princess of Phoenix, she can feel her heartache. Princess Feifeng should be loved and resentful to him.


Ningxue and Xinxin both took a small step and looked at them. Long Feng’er was like a crying baby in his arms.


When she became tired, Ye Wuchen touched her face and said gently, “Feng’er, you’ve grown up.”


When hearing him calling her ‘Feng’er’ and not ‘Princess’, she felt so thrilled and happy that she wanted to cry even more. She sniffed and said again, “it seems that you haven’t changed…”


She suddenly realized that she sounded too gentle, and she started hitting him again, “what is your purpose now? Wouldn’t it be better if you just forget about me? I am not important to you anyway…”


Ye Wuchen held her tightly again, and she could no longer hit him, “because you’re my Feng’er, my future wife.”


Long Feng’er body softened, and she was full of joy. However, she was struggling and wanted to get away from his hug, “you’re lying…that day, I heard that you’re back. And you’ve got no idea how happy I was. I even changed to my most beautiful outfit, and I was waiting for you to see me. I waited for a day, then another, then another…and still you didn’t come. Obviously, you’ve forgotten about me, and I’m not important for you. I hate you to the guts…”


Ye Wuchen felt very guilty, and he whispered, “Feng’er, it’s my bad. I shouldn’t have waited this long to see you. Whatever you ask for, I shall promise you.”


Long Feng’er started to quiet down and raised her head, “you have to marry me.”


Ye Wuchen smiled out of surprise, “even if you’re unwilling, I will undoubtedly do so. As I said, you’re my future wife. You’re mine forever, and nobody will take you away from me.”


“Alright then!” Long Feng’er nodded hardly, finally bursting into laughter, while her face was still full of tears. She tried to look at the face of Ye Wuchen more seriously, which hadn’t changed much for the past three years, and she said slowly, “my father told me that I was going to marry to someone with his family name as Lin. No matter how hard I tried to object, he wouldn’t let me. I even invited that Lin man come over here once and I put a trick on him. He hasn’t come here ever since. Haha.”


When thinking about his first time being in Feifeng Palace, and having to go through all the tricks that she’d set, Ye Wuchen couldn’t help but laugh.


“About your body…is it true that it’s not going to get better? They’ve all said that your body has become useless and you can’t even walk.” Long Feng’er said worriedly.


“Then, will you abandon me?” Ye Wuchen smiled.


“Well…” Long Feng’er shook her head, “there’s no way I will do that. Here, let me try pushing this chair. Oh?”


Long Feng’er was putting all her attention on Ye Wuchen, and she only saw Ningxue and Tongxin now. She looked at Tongxin with surprise, “are you…little sister?”


She looked at Ningxue and Tongxin and found out that they hadn’t changed a bit. Ye Wuchen answered on behalf of Tongxin, “yes, that’s her. She doesn’t eat much, so she hasn’t grown much either.”


“Really? It’s like she’s never changed.” Still very surprised, Long Feng’er tried to change the subject, “let me push you inside. Today, you are not going to leave. You are going to stay with me. Come, my two sisters, I have a lot of delicious food here. You’re going to love them.”


Given the small sizes of Tongxin and Ningxue, Long Feng’er sounded like she was talking to little kids when she called them ‘my two sisters’.

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