Heavenly Star – Chapter 273 – Breaking Into The Prison


Three years ago, when he left for the south side, Long Feng’er was embroidering this cloth for Ye Wuchen. He clearly remembered this, and just when he brought this up again, it took her a long time before taking it out. She was no longer as innocent as before, and she realized how undone this “work” was. However, since this was the first piece that she’s ever made for him, she had been cherishing it all along, and she never wanted to wrinkle it.


There were two little figures were embroidered on the cloth…Long Feng’er tried to explain to Ye Wuchen with much embarrassment. Those were two people holding hands. He held it dearly in his hands. For him, it didn’t matter whether it was good work; it represented the purest feelings that Long Feng’er had for him.


Just when he was about to walk out from the Palace, he saw Long Zhengyang, who looked gloomy. He was first shocked to see Ye Wuchen, then, he began to look more delighted, and went up to say, “brother Ye, it’s been such a long time. I heard that you came back a few days ago, yet I haven’t had the chance to visit you. About your body…is it really like what they said?”


Ye Wuchen smiled lightly. He didn’t really know what to say, “brother Long, how have you been all these years?”


Long Zhengyang smiled bitterly, “well, I’m ok. Back then, you were able to fight Big Wind…” then he shook his head, “you’ll never know how much I want to have your power.”


“Everyone has his own destiny and path to follow. No matter what choice you make, I will support you. If I were you, I wouldn’t even hesitate.” Ye Wuchen smiled and said.


Long Zhengyang had a confused look on his face and sighed, “it’s true that I am not half as good as you are, I would accept anything if I could, even if that meant I’d live for ten years less. I’ve always known that I shouldn’t have been born in the Palace.”


“If it’s your dream, why does it matter? If you haven’t been through several ups and downs in your life, then imagine, how regretful you’ll feel when you die? Your life belongs to yourself. Anyway, it’s getting late, and I must leave.” Ye Wuchen hurriedly nodded and left the Palace.


Long Zhengyang watched him left and kept repeating to himself what Ye Wuchen had said. Finally, he took a long sigh and left too.


Their conversation was so mysterious. Although the guards surrounding them had been listening to every word, they had no idea what the two were talking about.


On the way back home, Ye Wuchen sighed, “well, he’s right. He’ not a Palace material, and he’s not suitable to be a Prince, or the Emperor, he might not even have real friends. But…Xue’er, we owe him a big favor. And I don’t want to owe anybody. I want to give him the life he wants.”


“Brother, you didn’t see Shuirou sister today. Wouldn’t she worry to death?” Ningxue reminded.


“Yes, we’re going there now. And we’ll have dinner there.”


“That’s great. I really like Shuirou sister’s food.” Ningxue clapped her hands excitedly.


There was no moon that night, and it was very windy — a perfect night for an assassination.




Two guards were falling asleep outside the prison of the basement. Suddenly, with two slight noises, someone cut open their necks. Their eyeballs popped out, and they fell on their ground. Two figures dressed in black, with a black mask, appeared in the dark and supported the guards, avoiding making a sound.


In the Sky, there were no stars. It was completely dark. It was already at dawn, the shortest time at night, and the darkest hour also. In the basement, there was a dim light. This is the place where people having committed serious crimes are locked. It was heavily guarded. Iron gates were closed in every cell. However, these two figures dressed in black somehow managed to sneak in, kill two people and open a door without anybody noticing.


All of a sudden, they managed to snatch the key from a guard to open an iron gate. They slowly got in, and under the dim light, they hurried downstairs like phantoms.


In the basement, many guards were hiding in the dark, and they were guards having strong power. Among them, many even had god-level powers. Still, they were assassinated by the two figures. They didn’t have the time to react, let alone trying to defend themselves. All fell to the ground without a sound.


Those two figures entered the prison in the basement, as quickly as they entered home. Finally, they saw their target at the last level.


The once handsome, stylish Lin Xiao was lying on the damp, smelly floor, with unwashed hair all over his face. The floor was with all with hay and dirty mud. His glamorous outfit had long been crumbled with dirt and mud.


Lin Xiao was being held in solitary confinement. Apparently, Long Yin did not want anyone to know that he’s being caught. In the dark, a stone was shot through, like a sharp knife, it cut through the guard’s throat. With a sound uttered out of pain, the guard fell.


After hearing the sound, Lin Xiao slowly looked up, and he saw the two black figures taking the key from the guard and opened the iron gate. Within three days, he had aged for ten years. Beard grew all over his face. His eyes were all swollen. He had been set up in such a brutal way. Not only that he had to die, but all his reputation was also gone to vain, and he’d be abandoned by the people forever. Even though people knew it was planted, no one could help him. What’s more miserable is that he still had no idea who did this to him, why and how this happened.


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