He wasn’t sure whether there was anyone else in the world who’s more miserable.


“Mr, let’s go.” The two figures dressed in black supported him. The vulgar smell on Lin Xiao made them frown.


“No…I am not going anywhere. If I do, then I prove myself guilty.” Although he had no idea who these two people were, he was sure that the only people who could risk their lives rescuing him was his family.


“Master, you have to leave. The Emperor knows that you’ve been set up, but he can’t kill you. You will die for nothing. Master, if you don’t think for yourself, then think of the Senior. He has been loyal all his life, why should he take such a big risk and let us rescue you? Have you ever thought that, since the second master can no longer walk, and the doctor in the Palace already confirmed that he would forever be impotent? Master, if you die, there will be no one to inherit the Lin family! Just come with us. Go somewhere else, change your name, and start a family, so that the Lin family can have descendants.” From the voice, one could tell that the man was a middle-aged one.


Lin Xiao’s lifeless eyes finally became brighter. He nodded hard. If he ever escaped, there was no way he would return to Tianlong City. Everyone would scold and insult him until the day he died. And if he didn’t escape, the result would be the same – leaving a bad name after dying.

The two men dressed in black nodded at the same time, while one of them supported the arm of Lin Xiao, “be quick, the Senior has prepared everything for you in the north. Once you are out, just head all the way to the north side.”


When the man in black finished, he quickly brought Lin Xiao to leave. Before they did, another man dressed in black looked at the guard bleeding and sitting on the ground, and he revealed a smile that’s hard to notice.


When the three left, they went much faster than before, and they weren’t as careful. When they stepped outside the basement, they suddenly heard someone screaming, “there’s an assassin! Someone sneaked in the basement!”


Another patrolling guard noticed the guard’s body. The two men dressed in black didn’t panic; they took Lin Xiao to fly up to the rooftop. When they left, a bunch of people brought their weapons and stormed in the basement.


At this time, the sky was already bright, and it was getting closer to dawn. They took Lin Xiao and headed to the north. They only focused on speed, as if they didn’t care to be discovered. With lightning speed, Lin Xiao was overwhelmed; he was wondering who was so capable in the Lin family to take him away from the basement.


When they left the Palace, a riot appeared inside. Without stopping, they continued heading north. After crossing through the northern gate, they escorted Lin Xiao almost 10km away from the north side of the city. There was a strong horse tied next to a tree.


The two men let go of Lin Xiao and handed him the whip, “Master, they should have discovered by now, and must be heading toward us. You ought to act quick, get on the horse. We shall wait here. If they show up, we will stall them. So don’t worry, just go.”


While the man dressed in black was talking, he unwrapped a parcel that had been hung on the waist of Lin Xiao, “here, there’s enough money. It should be enough for your whole life. Also, there are some clothes, dried food, and your personal stuff. There’s also a letter from the senior. I would suggest you limit the times you stop on the road so that you don’t get noticed. When you settle down in the north, avoid getting yourself exposed too, as you never know whether there are people who know you. When you grow up, and when nobody can recognize you, our senior will send someone to take you back. Take care for now!”


Lin Xiao took the parcel and hesitated, “may I ask who you are?”


The two men dressed in black smiled at each other, one of them laughed, “since small, we have been following our senior. We have never made ourselves known. However, we have watched you grow up. Master, you’re someone with wisdom, you must understand fully that you have to be powerful enough to protect your family. Even the Emperor does not know our existence, otherwise, how could we rescue you? Just wait for the day you’re grown up, and we’ll again come back to act as your right hand.”


Lin Xiao started to understand better. He nodded, turned around and got on the horse. He said with gratitude, “I can’t thank you enough. Lin Xiao will leave now. Please tell my father and my grandfather, as the eldest son of the Lin family, even though I’m in a poor state now, it won’t last, and I won’t let my family bear a bad name. Goodbye for now!”


Lin Xiao didn’t stay any longer. With the parcel, he waved the whip and left.


The two men dressed in black were watching him leave, until they couldn’t hear the hooves anymore. Together, they took off their masks, and it turned out that they were a couple at their forties or fifties. After taking off the cover, they also took off their black clothes. Without discarding them, they folded the clothes casually and stuffed them in a black bag.


After finishing everything, the couple looked at each other and smiled mystically. At this moment, if the couple would be in town, some people might mumble after seeing them, “Oh, aren’t they the parents of Black Bear, the young guy who’s always with the Emperor? Usually, they look quite silly. How is it possible that they’re looking so bright today?”


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