Heavenly Star – Chapter 274 –  Escape


“Emperor! There is bad news! There are assassins who sneaked in the basement. And I just had a look…it turned out that Mr. Lin was rescued and taken away.” Long Yin’s personal eunuch screamed in panic. There were not many people knowing where Lin Xiao was held, and he was one of them.


The Sky had not turned totally bright. At this time, Long Yin already walked out from his bedroom for the morning meeting. When he heard of the news, he was furious, and he yelled, “Black Bear, come with me to the basement!”


Long Yin hated Ye Wuchen to the guts. And he had the same extent of hatred toward Lin Xiao. If he didn’t have to care for the feelings of the Lin’s, he would have torn Lin Xiao into pieces long time ago. Now, all his controlled rage was stirred up now that he knew about the prison escape.


Long Yin’s face went all black. He hurried to the basement with Black Bear following him. The guards didn’t dare to breathe when they saw the Emperor’s face. They bowed at the fastest speed then quickly retrieved. When reaching the lowest level, Long Yin saw that the prison gate was opened, and Lin Xiao was no longer there. The guard, who had been killed, was still lying on the ground with his blood.


“This is ridiculous!” Long Yin trembled with fear.


Black Bear checked the surrounding environment and he had a doubt. He walked up to the guard who seemed to be dead and asked, “Emperor, he’s still alive, it seems.”


Black Bear’s hands placed on the person’s chest and there was a red light shining in his palm, which then disappeared. He started to pat on the person’s face, “hey, brother, wake up, hey…”


Long Yin frowned and went over. Just when he did, the guard opened his eyes and coughed hard.


“He’s alive, he really is.” Black Bear was happy to find out and he was about to carry him, “Emperor, let us send him to the Royal doctor. It’s possible to still save him.”


“Put him down.” Long Yin shouted and his face went dark.


“Alright.” Black Bear answered and put the guard down.


Long Yin stood there and asked in a deep voice, “I am going to ask you. Who saved Lin Xiao?”


Although the man resumed his consciousness, he still sounded weak. He coughed hard for some more and replied weakly, “yes…Lin…Master Lin…”


Long Yin’s face was as dark as charcoal. Before coming, he thought about this possibility. The only person who would risk their lives rescuing him must be from the Lin family. Other than the Lin family, there was no one else in his mind. The guard who had been ‘killed’ and now survived would never lie to him.


“Well done, Lin family, I underestimated you!” Long Yin gritted his teeth. He had always had doubts on the Lin family, yet he refused to believe that they still had the guts to do such an act under his control. This is certainly a crime that will get the person’s nine generations killed. Also, this had to be someone with unknown powers. So, when did this person appear in the Lin family? It looked like he had been missing something important all along!


Feeling completely betrayed, Long Yin gritted harder and harder. Thinking about how many times of humiliation Ye Wuchen gave him, and how he had been played, he was almost losing his mind.


“Emperor, I think he has something to say.” Black Bear tried to remind him.


The guard was opening and closing his mouth with much difficulty. And finally, he uttered, “them…the north…”


Something strange flashed in Black Bear’s eyes. He slowly removed his hand on the guard. In an instant, the guard stopped breathing. His head turned away and there was no more sign of life.


“Oh. He died anyway. Emperor, what did he say? The North? What does it mean?” Black Bear raised with misery, and asked.


Long Yin didn’t say anything. He stormed out and when he went back to the Palace, he gave an order, “send someone to the North to catch Lin Xiao. I want him alive. I want to see how the Lin family reacts!”


At this time, the Lin family, who did not know what had happened, was drowned in their misery. According to the instructions of the Emperor, that day would be the execution day of Lin Xiao. Lin Kuang and Lin Zhan didn’t attend that morning’s meeting. For the previous two days, they had been begging the Emperor to forgive Lin Xiao. They knew what kind of mistake Lin Xiao had made, and the Emperor had surprisingly spared the whole Lin family, they should already be grateful. And they had nothing else to ask for.


When the Sky turned brighter, the Lin family received a shocking news – that is, Lin Xiao, who had been kept secretly in the basement, was taken away and no one knew where he went.


When Lin Zhan heard about this, and before he got excited, he looked at his father, Lin Kuang’s face which went pale, and he asked, “father, did you send someone to rescue Xiao’er?”


Lin Kuang looked miserable when he heard the question, “even you think that it’s me. The Emperor and everyone else thought immediately that it’s me!”


Lin Zhan was shocked and he almost yelled, “father, what you mean is…”


“To kill someone and to break into the prison is the biggest crime ever. Even if I wanted to rescue Xiao’er, I would never do something as reckless as this. In the others’ eyes, the only party who would commit such a crime would only be someone from the Lin family. Moreover, as every Emperor is suspicious, it’s the most difficult task to rescue him under the basement. I think that person must have god-level powers. And now, of course the Emperor suspects us the most!” Lin Kuang sighed heavily, “someone else rescued Xiao’er. His purpose is not to rescue him, that’s only part of the plot. You know, it was the beginning, the day when he was set up. His main purpose is not Xiao’er but our whole family! And we still don’t know who designed this plot and why!”


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