Lin Zhan had cold sweat all over his body, and his heart kept beating, he asked in a panic, “father…is this incident really as serious as you thought? Is it possible that…”


“Now, let’s go to the Emperor and prove that we’re innocent. And I am not going to hide this fact from you anymore. In fact, the Lin family has belonged to the Emperor…”


Lin Zhan, “…!”


Lin Xiao was fleeing on his horse and he dared not stop for even a second. Before dawn, he was already far away from Tianlong City. After feeling more stabilized, he suddenly felt miserable. How the destiny liked to make jokes with him. In just a few days, he was forced to be put in a mud hole, then he was forced to run away from home. Needless to say, he almost lost his life.


“Me, Lin Xiao, never offends anyone. Why is God treating me like this?” He raised his head and yelled. Ironically, he didn’t feel better. He felt so depressed that he couldn’t breathe.


After having starved in the prison, he opened the parcel that the two people gave him, and he found out his dearly cherished jade, and a few set of clothes that he usually wore, a few bottles of medicine and a huge pile of cash. He also found a letter, and some dried food.


He took some food and started eating frantically. Usually, he disliked this kind of dried and rough food, but now it tasted so much better than the very expensive meals that he used to have. It was his first time to be able to eat without caring about manners.


And it was his last time as well.


While he was fleeing, Lin Xiao’s horse suddenly screamed. He noticed something as well, then, he raised his head and saw that a large row of people was standing in front of him. From the first glance, there were fifty, sixty of them, and they blocked the whole way. Some were holding spears, some were holding sticks, and some were holding branches. Lin Xiao immediately understood that he’s going to be robbed. When one is far away from the city, it’s normal to see thieves.


Although they were numerous, it’s clearly that they weren’t professional. First, they didn’t know how to evenly divide the people. Secondly, the thieves would usually ambush on two different sides. And when there’s any passenger approaching, they could encircle them. If Lin Xiao chose to turn around and flee now, there’s nothing they could do.


Lin Xiao didn’t turn back. And he didn’t fear these thieves. He ran forward and when he got closer, the thieves made strange noises while waving their sticks and spears. The guys looked furious and when they rushed forward, they said something all-so-familiar, “We…planted this tree. We…have the say whether or not to open your way. We are here for money, not for your life. If you’re smart enough, give us all you have!”


Lin Xiao didn’t want to have more troubles. He immediately stopped his horse and casually took out two paper notes, then he smiled, “I understand that sometimes you’d have needs. Here, I will help you a bit, just give way to me.”


After finishing, he was going to move forward. However, the thieves didn’t leave. Instead, they seemed to be all looking at the big guy who must be the leader among them, and waited for him to speak.


The big guy picked up the paper note and opened his eyes wide, “three…it’s three thousand!” Then, he hurriedly picked up another one and shouted again, “it’s again a three-thousand note…so…we have six thousand now! We’re rich, we’re rich!”


The other guys stopped shouting and yelling. Instead, they all rushed toward the big guy and encircled him. They instantly gave way to Lin Xiao, who left with his horse, and he heard the voice behind, “he’s so generous! We can’t let him go…quick! Once we rip him off, we can stop being thieves and we’ll be rich for the rest of our lives! Hurry up!”



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