Heavenly Star – Chapter 276 – The End of Lin Xiao


“Hey, if you want to escape, you’ve got to beat me first! All of you, stop moving!” Wu Shang yelled loudly. He discarded his weapon, got off the horse, and hit Lin Xiao’s shoulder with his fist.


Lin Xiao dared not fight Wu Shang face to face, he repeatedly evaded several blows, and avoided looking in his eyes. Then, he screamed, concentrated all his strength on his hands and pushed Wu Shang’s body. Wu Shang sneered and responded with his hands as well. When the two pairs of hands met each other, Wu Shang retreated and discovered that Lin Xiao was making use of the force to jump backward, aiming at the horse.


At this moment, an arrow was shot among the guards, and stabbed directly through Lin Xiao’s heart from the back. Lin Xiao, who was still focusing on his force, had completely lost all his strength right now. Wu Shang saw that an arrow was shot through Lin Xiao’s heart, and he didn’t even know where this arrow came from.


Lin Xiao’s body fell on the horse, and his eyes turned wide and terrified. After a short while, he immediately collapsed and lost all his breath.


Feeling frightened, Wu Shang, hurriedly stepped forward, placed a hand near Lin Xiao’s nose to test his breath, he got furious, stood up and shouted, “who shot this arrow?!”


All of their gazes were concentrated at the back of the guards, as those were the best twenty shooters. They looked at each other, implying that it wasn’t themselves. The Emperor had emphasized to catch Lin Xiao alive, who dared to make this error?

Again, Wu Shang looked at the all the guards with caution, and after glancing at Lin Xiao’s dead body and the arrow, he commanded, “bring his corpse along, and we’ll be back to the Palace. I will investigate!”


“Master, there is a parcel.”


“Bring it too!”




After opening Lin Xiao’s parcel, his attention was caught by the unopened letter in it. He thought for a while and said, “back to the city!”


After completing the mission, the guards started turning back. When they were gone far away, the middle-aged man, who had already run far away, stood out from behind a tall mound and looked at the guards with a sneer. With disdain, he said to himself, “there’s no way you can marry the lord’s woman.”


And there was suddenly a wooden bow on his hand.


On his hand, there was a wooden longbow that did not know where it came from.


Now in the Ye family.


On a warm day, Ye Wuchen was half lying on his wheelchair. He closed his eyes and was enjoying the warmth of the sun. Tongxin was with him the whole time, and Ningxue was giving him a massage. After a while, Ye Wuchen slowly opened his eyes and murmured, “I am guessing that Lin Xiao is dead now. I could be friends with him, yet he’s born in the wrong place.”


“The best part of it all is not to kill an enemy, but to watch two friends turning into enemies and kill each other. I am not sure how long the Lin family can last…” Ye Wuchen was contented with everything.


Ye Wuchen was indeed someone who can bring tremendous changes to the world without having to engage in any parts of the plot himself.


Wu Shang hastily entered the royal study room, only to find that the Emperor, Lin Zhan, and Lin Kuang were there too. They looked uneasy, and Wu Shang glanced at Lin Zhan and Lin Kuang with pity, before greeting, “I am here to see the Emperor.”


Long Yin frowned, “why did you come back so soon? How was it?”


Wu Shang answered, “we’ve been blessed. A group of thugs stopped Lin Xiao on the road; that’s why we could find him so quickly.”


“You found him?” Long Yin turned around excitedly and shouted, “so, where is he now?”


The hearts of Lin Zhan and Lin Kuang were beating frantically. If only they had a choice, they’d rather be punished by the Emperor for Lin Xiao, instead of having him found already. Wu Shang lowered his head and tried to explain slowly, “My Emperor, I am an incompetent one. When I was about to catch him alive, one of my men shot him…to death. I’ve brought his body back. Please give your command to punish me.”


“What…what did you just say…Xiao’er, he’s dead?” Lin Zhan and Lin Kuang were devastated. They rushed forward to Wu Shang and shouted in horror.


“Yes…my Emperor wanted me to catch him alive, and I didn’t…” Wu Shang said shamefully.


“Xiao’er…” Lin Kuang screamed with sorrow, then completely lost his voice. His body trembled slightly, and tears started falling from his eyes. He turned powerless. He already expected this ending, but when it turned to reality, he still couldn’t avoid the pain. Lin Zhan hurriedly supported him and said while he trembled, “who…who shot the damn arrow and killed him? I am going to tear him into pieces!!!”


Long Yin looked at them coldly, “he deserves death anyway. I am going to investigate what happened today.”


“My Emperor.” Lin shouted madly, “you can witness how loyal I have been to the country. The Heaven and the Earth can be the judge, and we will never do anything to betray the Emperor. Please think again. This is clearly a plot, designed against us!”


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