If the guard who was dying in prison hadn’t said anything, perhaps Long Yin would still be less suspicious to the Lin family. Now, they indeed found Lin Xiao in the North, which further proved what’d been said by the guard. His last few words were like a permanent curse to the Lin family, and there’s no way to get rid of it.


Wu Shang went forward and said, “my Emperor, we found that Lin Xiao was carrying this. Please check.”


Long Yin took over the opened parcel and checked it through a few times. The more he looked, the gloomier he looked. There were Lin Xiao’s clothes, white jade, and these things were placed in the Lin family’s when he was jailed. In the end, he picked up the envelope, looked at Lin Zhan and Lin Kuang, before tearing it open.


“Xiao’er, father knows that you’ve been set up by a plot, and I’m unable to rescue you. What I could do was to hire two masters to get you out. I hope that when you get to the North, you can change your name and disappear into the crowd. Never come back home, at least for the next twenty years. Your second brother is done. If you die, there will be no one left in our family. I hope that you can take care of yourself far away. Remember, you can give up anything, but never give up your life.


Now, there is one thing that I must tell you. Your grandfather secretly told me that the Emperor developed our family to counterbalance the power of the Ye Family. You can assume that we’re all puppets of the Emperor. Only the Emperor and your Grandpa know about this. I never told Grandpa about rescuing you, as for someone loyal like him, he would strongly oppose. You can see how the Emperor rewards us for our loyalty over the generations, he knows clearly that it’s a plot, but he’ll do anything to uproot us. I am regretful, but I can’t do anything to turn this back. Xiao’er, when the Emperor passes away, remember never to become a loyal official. Look at how the Ye Family and our family have ended up with. Never forget what father told you.


Your father cannot do more than this. I wish you well.”


Long Yin’s hands were trembling with the letter. He looked at Lin Zhan furiously and swept everything off his desk. Among all the files, he quickly found one that was handed to him by Lin Zhan earlier. After rereading it, and comparing it with the letter, he was sure that the same person wrote both.


“Good. Lin Zhan, well done.” Long Yin’s lips were shivering. Under extreme rage, he found it a bit difficult to breathe.


“Em…Emperor, what’s wrong?” Lin Zhan was scared from this sentence, and he asked in fear.


“Wu Shang, you may leave now. And you will not have to account for Lin Xiao’s death!” Long Yin was gasping.


Knowing for sure that something was wrong, Wu Shang left quickly. Long Yin promptly turned around and said in a low voice to Lin Kuang, “Lin Kuang…have you already told your son, Lin Zhan, about the relationship between the Lin family and me?!”


Lin Kuang was dumbfounded, and he started to stutter. He was clueless as to why the Emperor would find out so soon, while he had just told Lin Zhan about the “rescue” that morning.


Lin Kuang’s reaction made Long Yin’s last doubt vanish. He sneered, “very well…you’re all geniuses! Look at what your son has done!”


Long Yin threw that letter in front of Lin Kuang, who hurriedly picked it up and read it seriously. Slowly, his hands began to tremble quickly and vigorously. His son clearly wrote this.


“Well…this…” Lin Kuang felt like fainting. Not only did the letter prove that Lin Zhan rescued Lin Xiao, but it also showed disrespect and anger to the Emperor. It also implied betrayal.


“Lin Zhan! What else do you need to say?!” Long Yin yelled at Lin Zhan.


Lin Zhan finished reading the letter. His hands went cold, and he kneeled on the floor and yelled, “Emperor…I didn’t write it…I really didn’t write this letter. Someone planted this to me!”


“How dare you still try to explain!” Long Yin was almost yelling on top of his lungs, “over and over again, you’ve claimed that it’s a plot. Well, let me ask you, aside from us, who else would know? When Lin Kuang told you this, who else was there? Why don’t you tell me that the God, or a ghost had set you up?”


“But…Emperor, my father only told me this after Xiao’er was rescued…” When Lin Zhan was explaining halfway, he paused, and he suddenly felt horrified. Apparently, this letter had been handed to Lin Xiao before he escaped…did a ghost give it to him? Or someone who was as capable as a prophet?


Long Hao sneered, “say…say what you have to say. I have all the time in the world to listen to you what funny reasons you can still think of. Lin Zhan, I’ve always underestimated you after all.”


“Emperor…I really didn’t write this…” Lin Zhan almost burst into tears.


“Good, then I am going to give you another proof! Someone, come here!”


Two guards dressed in yellow walked in. Long Yin yelled, “hurry up. Verify the finances of the Lin family, see if there has been a transfer of a big sum of money recently. I need a reply within an hour!”


“We’ll do!”


On the letter, it’s said that Lin Zhan had hired a master for the rescue. Of course, Long Yin knew how much it’d cost. He still remembered how much he had to spend to hire Tao Baibai.


Within less than ten minutes, the guards rushed back, “My Emperor, there has been six million less in the Lin Family’s bank since yesterday morning. Other than that, there are no big differences.”


Long Yin nodded and asked the guards to leave. He continued, “that’s six million. What a big sum of money…do you care to explain where has this amount of money gone?”

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