Heavenly Star – Chapter 277 – The Visit of Mengchan At Night


Lin Zhan and Lin Kuang opened their eyes widely at the same time, and they almost collapsed. Lin Zhan’s face got paler and paler, and he sat on the floor helplessly. He knew no matter how he explained. He would never be able to explain it well to the Emperor. He even began to doubt whether it was really him who had done it.


“Impossible…It’s impossible…” Lin whispered, and said bitterly, “Zhan’er, how come…how come you did this kind of thing?!”


Even Lin Kuang started to think that Lin Zhan actually did it.


“Lin Zhan, what more could you explain?” Long Yin was furious.


Lin Zhan screamed, his eyes were dull, and he could not utter a word. What else could he say? There were so many pieces of evidence proving against him. Even if he stood there and explained the whole day, it would be useless.


“Come! Drag Lin Zhan down to the prison of the basement. I will give my command!”


Lin Kuang suddenly fell in front of Long Yin and started begging, “my Emperor…my son was too desperate to save Lin Xiao, that’s why he committed such a mistake. Please forgive him…please! I’ve just lost Xiao’er. I cannot afford to lose my son…please consider our loyalty all along and make an exception…”


“What? Too desperate to save his son? Do you think I really want to kill Lin Xiao? As you can see, Lin Zhan wanted to betray me again and again, and he’s making so many lies. How could you let me…ok, I won’t kill him, but as to what to do with him, I still have to reconsider.”


Since Ye Wuchen returned to Tianlong City, and within three days, such a big disaster happened in the Lin family. Lin Kuang wanted to break down in tears, but there were no more tears. He just had to ask himself what he’d done in his past life.


It was already late at night.


Ye Wuchen still hadn’t fallen asleep. He was sitting on his bed and half closing his eyes. On his right side, Ningxue was covered with a thin layer of quilt, and she was wearing a cute white pajama. She was sound asleep. On his left side, Tongxin was holding Ye Wuchen’s legs, as sound asleep as Ningxue. She was mouthwatering and making his pants wet.


In the dark, someone suddenly opened the tightly closed door. A vague figure came in. Tongxin instantly opened her eyes.


“Tongxin, let her be.” Ye Wuchen said, and he was looking at the figure approaching them.


“It seems that you knew that I would be coming.”


As the figure got closer, a moving fragrance also came along. The sound was soft and sweet, like a warm, smoothening breeze. In the dark, one could still tell that it’s a beautiful lady wearing a thin, light blue dress. She was also wearing a veil. Although Ye Wuchen could not see her face, she gave an ethereal spirit, like Yan Zimeng back then, only that she appeared much more elegant and mature. Also, with the veil, she seemed more mysterious, and she made people more eager to see her face.


Ye Wuchen stretched out three fingers of his and said slowly, “as far as I understand, the longest time you can endure is three days, or you wouldn’t be Shui Mengchan.”


Shui Mengchan, “…”


“We have only met each other twice. And I’ve never veiled my face these three years. How can you explain your extent of understanding me?” Shui Mengchan said slowly too.


“Because, you are a woman. Although you’re Shui Mengchan, you’re also a woman, and I know a lot about women’s patience. For you, the maximum time is three days.” Ye Wuchen said jokingly. He put his hands behind his head and said, “what have you come here for? Is it because I’m too lonely and you want to give me some company?”


Shui Mengchan didn’t get angry. She glanced at Tongxin and Ningxue who slept beside Ye Wuchen and said, “there are two ladies with you, what made you say that you’re lonely?”


Ye Wuchen laughed happily, “they’re my shadow. And they’re still very young, still incapable of doing any adult acts. And you, you’re different. You’ve caught the attention of the Emperor, and you’re the Princess of the Southern Emperor Sect, you must be a special one. I would really like to spend one night with you. Are you willing?”


Shui Mengchan felt something filling up her chest. Then she presumed to be normal, “since you knew that I would be coming, you must know what I’m here for too.”


After hearing this, Ye Wuchen’s smile suddenly disappeared. And he looked more serious, “Shui Mengchan, you’re here to ask me about the sword, right?”



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