“I see.” She was instantly interrupted by Ye Wuchen, who went straight to the point, “how dare you still come to see me…we made a deal, and the deal was for the Southern Emperor Sect to protect the Ye and Hua Family for three years. But you…as far as I know, you’ve just done your job for two months. So how would you still have the guts to ask me about the sword? Go back. I will have nothing else to do with the Southern Emperor Sect. Stop bothering me.” Ye Wuchen waved his hand and said coldly.


Shui Mengchan went silent for a while and said, “this is indeed the mistake of our Southern Emperor Sect, as we thought you were dead after jumping off the Duanhun Cliff…”


“So, there’s no such need to keeping your promise? I’m not that easy to be killed. And now I’ve known better – the Southern Emperor Sect could determine the death of a person without seeing the corpse. Am I correct to assume that you all are stupid?”


Who dared to say such mean words to the Princess of the Southern Emperor Sect? Shui Mengchan frowned tightly, her voice hardened, “it’s enough. I don’t want to argue with you. Just tell me what you want, if you can help us find the sword, we’ll agree to anything.”


“Haha, so is this a new deal? I assume that you will threaten me if I don’t provide you any conditions today. Oh, then you’ve got me scared. I am going to give it a good thought then.”


In the dark, Ye Wuchen’s eyes began to check her body thoroughly. He started to feel hot, and he was eagerly looking at every part of her. Apparently, she was wrapped by dark clothes, yet in Ye Wuchen’s eyes, she was similar to being naked while standing in front of him.


“You’re indeed the first beauty of Tianlong City. Even we’re in the dark. I am still intrigued to think about how you look like when you’re naked. I’ve come up with this deal, and I’m going to be frank with you. I want you to sleep with me…don’t get angry yet. I’m being serious to you. And that has to be before the marriage with Long Yin, whoever I want to touch has to be a virgin, have you got it?” Ye Wuchen explained, and he kept looking at her face and her perking chest, making her slightly tremble.


“Is this your condition?” Shui Mengchan knew when he was looking at her from top to bottom. Instead of getting angry, she sounded gentle.


“Oh? I think you didn’t hear it clearly, then I will repeat it…”


“No, I will agree to this condition. As long as you help us find the sword of the Southern Emperor, I will do as you wish.” Shui Mengchan said.


Ye Wuchen shook his head and smiled and said, “no, you will do what I told you, before I tell you where the sword is.”


Shui Mengchan was a bit offended, “the Southern Emperor Sect always keeps its promises. We will never lie to you!”


“Hahaha…” Ye Wuchen couldn’t help but laugh. He said sarcastically, “very well said, then who sneaked into the Palace of Tianlong and acted with the Northern Emperor Sect? And who claimed that they would protect my family for three years? I have lost all my trust to the Southern Emperor Sect.”


Shui Mengchan went speechless for a while, then said again, “then what would you do to make me believe that you’ll keep your words?”


“I didn’t force you to.” Ye Wuchen raised his eyebrows and said, “I only did what you told me – to give you a condition, it’s up to you to decide whether to agree or not. If you do, then we’ll sleep for one night. If you don’t, there is the door. Once you walk out, don’t ever bother me in the middle of the night again.”


After a long moment of silence, Shui Mengchan said again, “Ye Wuchen, I am here to talk to you sincerely, can you please not make things difficult for me?”


“Did I make things difficult for you? I think I am the one who will have more to give for this deal.” Ye Wuchen meant it, while he was still looking at Shui Mengchan’s body.


“I don’t want to see myself becoming your enemy.”


“You don’t want to, or you dare not to?” Ye Wuchen smiled casually and said, “let me guess, you dare not to. If I’ve been acting carefully in front of you, you would have to make me promise by taking away my family. However, I have been arrogant all along. This made you think twice before doing anything, as you thought I still haven’t shown you all my weapons, and naturally you wouldn’t dare to do as you wish. You wouldn’t want to offend an enemy like me at this critical moment either. I am quite honored to make the Princess of the Southern Emperor Sect so scared.”


Shui Mengchan, “…”


“Did I just make you hesitate even more?” Ye Wuchen said plainly, while stroking Ningxue’s white hair and helped her pull her quilt.


Shui Mengchan didn’t say anything further. She turned her beautiful eyes, then turned away and left.

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