Heavenly Star – Chapter 278 – Sentenced To Death


Shui Mengchan could not agree to the condition proposed by Ye Wuchen, at least not now. Since she was little, she had prepared to give everything to the Southern Emperor Sect, and there was no way she would give away herself so easily to Ye Wuchen. He was too cunning, and she was not willing to comply. And maybe he was setting a trap for her, a trap that she would have no turning back.


Initially, she went to the bedroom of Ye Wuchen alone, and she didn’t expect Ye Wuchen was actually waiting for her. In the beginning, she was in a passive situation, and she was naturally going according to his flow. It’s like he had anticipated every word she was going to say, and for each sentence coming from his mouth, there was no way she could fight back. In the end, although she showed a bit of threatening, she was made only more hesitant afterward.


“Wait” Ye Wuchen called and stopped her, “you’re quite sincere to come here all alone, and I can’t make you come for nothing. Well, I am going to tell you a secret. How’s that? Something big about the Southern Emperor Sect!” Ye Wuchen obviously sounded harsher and more serious.


Shui Mengchan stopped, she turned around and looked at him.


“I’ve heard that the current Sect leader is your father, Shui Yuntian. Some time ago, I’ve heard of an interesting rumor…wait, I’m not going to tell you about it just yet. Let me ask you, have you ever doubted whether he’s your biological father?” Ye Wuchen was looking forward to her reaction.


Like what he’d expected, Shui Mengchan tightened her eyes and asked anxiously, “what do you mean?”


It was an expected reaction. Ye Wuchen tried to stretch his body that had turned stiff from sitting for too long, then he said casually, “I wasn’t quite sure before. But your reaction told me that you’d thought about it. Let me guess again. You have a brother called Shui Wuque. He’s about the same age as mine. If my assumption is correct, when the Southern Emperor wanted to conquer the world, he didn’t share the same views, did he? And that’s why when you arrived at Tianlong City, he was in somewhere else.”


Shui Mengchan, “!!!”


“You don’t have to answer. Your expression has already told me what the answer is. You can rest assured that I have not spied on you, nor did I see it with my own eyes, I was just using my common sense to make this assumption. And now…I will tell you what the rumor is.” Ye Wuchen paused, before he continued, “I’ve heard someone say that, the Southern Emperor Sect and Northern Emperor Sect were given birth by the ancient God, Southern and Northern Emperor, they have the pure blood of the Southern and Northern Emperor, and that’s why they have such incredible powers. And for anyone who has this pure blood, there can only be one male in that generation, and that person will become the sect leader of Northern Emperor Sect, or the Southern Emperor Sect. That is because…anyone who has this pure blood flowing inside him will never do anything to betray his family, and he’ll be the most loyal person ever. So, your brother is not someone who betrays his father, and he firmly insists on what’s been taught by his ascendants. But your father had done the opposite…so, if he’s your birth father, how could he become the sect leader? Have you ever doubted whether he’s your father after all? If he’s not your father, then who is? Could he be…”


Ye Wuchen stopped. At this time, he could hear Shui Mengchan gasping heavily.


“From whom have you heard of this rumor?!” Shui Mengchan could no longer control herself. If she didn’t hear the conversation between her father and her uncle accidentally, she would ignore what Ye Wuchen was saying. But now, every word of his made her tremble


“I don’t want to tell you this. However, before you fulfill your promise, I might not do more than telling you where the sword is. Of course, you might as well think that all I’m trying to do is to destroy your relationship. You can think whatever you want.” Ye Wuchen smiled, he was still admiring her chest, it’s a comforting scene for him.


Shui Mengchan tried to calm herself down, she looked at Ye Wuchen for a while, then said, “it looks like what they’ve been saying is true, that you like to frighten people. I will find you when the timing is right.”


She turned around and shut the door quietly.


Ye Wuchen closed his eyes and murmured to himself, “for more than 20 years, she has been quietly paying for someone who had killed her father. Is there a more pathetic woman than her?” He bowed his head and held Ningxue tightly, “it’s late, go to sleep. Otherwise, you will only wake up tomorrow at noon.”


In the dark, Shui Mengchan heard him sigh. She went stiff and slightly bit her lips. She left without waking up anyone in the Ye family.


When she was gone far away, Ye Wuchen suddenly opened his eyes and smiled mystically. If he wasn’t worried to wake Ningxue and Tongxin, he might as well laugh out loud.


At the same time, at the basement.


Lin Zhan was kept at the same cell as Lin Xiao’s. It was midnight, and he wasn’t feeling asleep at all. He could bear the smell, and he could endure the cold, but he could not take the feeling of despair.


In just a few days, the world seemed to be turned upside down. His eldest son, whom he was always so proud of, was killed, and he would forever bear a bad name. Afterward, he became the victim of a perfectly designed plot, and he even had to doubt whether he had done it himself.


Even his father failed to believe in him. It was clear that the Lin Family had been set up by one person, yet no one knew who he was.


On the wet floor, he even found a few pieces of cloth left by Lin Xiao, when he was feeling extremely hopeless. Lin Zhan was holding them, and he was feeling endlessly hopeless as well. He still couldn’t believe that his son died like this. When he first heard of it, Lin Xiao was already kept in the basement, and he hadn’t even seen his corpse.


It was almost completely dark in the basement, and there was only an oil lamp that emitted some dim light. There was only one guard in this separate cell, and he was sitting there, being sleepy.


At this time, the outer layer of the door was suddenly opened, a majestic body slowly came in, the sleepy guard was immediately awakened, he quickly got up, and after having seen the figure more clearly, he wiped the cold sweat behind his head and said respectfully, “Master Black.”


This strong man, with incredibly thick arms, was Long Yin’s guard, Black Bear. Although he had only stayed with Long Yin for less than a year, everyone knew his name by now. And everyone knew how powerful he was – at the age of sixteen, he already beat down the first fire magician in Tianlong Country. Wherever he went, everyone bowed to him respectfully. And people even started calling him “Master Black”. Although he still looked silly sometimes, no one dared to look down on him.


Black Bear smiled to the guard, who asked carefully, “Master Black, what would you like to command?”


Of course, he came with a plan.


“Did the Emperor let me go?” Lin Zhan stood up and asked. He did not expect that Long Yin would let him go in only one day.


“No, no.” Black Bear quickly denied, his hand reached into his pocket for a long time, before he took out a small, old bottle. Then he went forward, his arm stretched out from the iron bar, “the Emperor let me give you this and asked you to drink it.”


Lin Zhan took it and was immediately shocked, “Heart…heart-sealing powder? Are…are you saying that the Emperor wants me to die?”


Lin Zhan instantly lost all his hope. He initially thought that he sent Black Bear to rescue him, and not bringing the deadly Heart-sealing Powder!


“Oh…yes, that’s what the Emperor meant. He said that if you don’t drink this, I can kill you with my fist, and you can choose which method to die yourself.” Black Bear touched his head and said with embarrassment. Black Bear never lied, and of course, Lin Zhan didn’t doubt that he was lying.


“What else did the Emperor tell you?” Lin Zhan was feeling utterly desperate. He was staring at the little bottle, wordless. He couldn’t believe that the Emperor wanted his death…he had been set up…and even though he wasn’t, it was all to rescue Lin Xiao. Since the Lin family has been so loyal to the Palace, they didn’t deserve death, did they? Also, didn’t the Emperor say that he wouldn’t sentence Lin Zhan to death the previous day?


“Well…about that…” Black Bear paused and continued, “the Emperor woke me up while I was sleeping and that was all he told me. Oh, by the way, he also told me something like ‘if you’re raising an unruly dog, then you might as well poison it to death, so that it won’t bite its owner in the future.’ That’s what he told me. Master Lin, are you the dog that the Emperor was talking about? Why did he say such things about you?” Black Bear was confused.


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