Heavenly Star – Chapter 282 – Living Hell


He seemed to have seen the strange look of Feng Lie. Feng Ling looked up and saw the pale look of Feng Lie.  Perhaps, from half a year ago or maybe longer, he found that his father seemed to be getting thinner and thinner, his eye sockets were deeper, and he had more and more grey hair. However, he was still less than fifty, and he’s in a somewhat comfortable state. It was impossible that he would get old so quickly. The ministers all thought that he’d been worrying about the planning of major events, and they had all been reminding him to take care of himself, yet he only gave a vague response. Since Feng Ling saw Feng Lie every day, he saw that there were too many abnormalities in him. For example, he would get sluggish suddenly, or sweat for no reason.


“Father, you must take care of yourself. Do you want to call a doctor to check your body thoroughly?” Feng Ling was indeed worried.


Unexpectedly, Feng Lie was very offended, “I am going to rest now. Let me out!”


Feng Ling’s heart slammed, quickly retreated, and he became even more uneasy.


At night, Feng Lie wrapped himself tightly, and it was not winter. It was even a bit stuffy.  Feng Lie was still shivering inside the heavy blankets. Since half a year ago, he hadn’t been able to sleep through the night. He would wake up all of a sudden because of nightmares, and he would wake up many times a night. He always wet his pillow as he was often in a panic.


It was not until midnight that he finally fell asleep.


Dida, Dida…


When he was half-conscious, he seemed to have heard the sound of water dripping. And after getting some consciousness back, he started to feel water dripping on his face. He also thought that he’s chewing something in his mouth; it was both hard and soft at the same time. Gradually, he opened his eyes.


There was a strong salty taste in his mouth. His gaze was fixed on a face…no, that’s not a face, that’s a head, a head that’s almost sticking to his face! The head was hanging high, with hair all over the face, the mouth was wide open, and the eyes looked hollow, the blood was slowly dripping from his eyes, onto Feng Lie’s face, nose and mouth…




Feng Lie screamed like a ghost. He got off from his bed quickly. When he fell, the thing in his mouth also dropped, it was a bloody hand.


Feng Lie looked horrified and pale. He was lying on the ground and vomiting. The surrounding environment was quiet, as this was his bedroom. However, even after he screamed, nobody came to assist him. Just when his heart was almost torn off out of fear, he heard some mild footsteps. It was a black shadow swaying and approaching him, looking at how pathetic he was.


Feng Lie was trembling all over, he subconsciously moved backward, leaning against the bed and pointed at the shadow in front of him, “you…you…devil…”


The man in front of him was with a silver mask. He was dressed in silver. Even his gloves and boots were all in pure silver. His eyes were quietly staring at Feng Lie, like looking at a corpse.


It was the Evil Emperor.


“Devil? You’re right, who’s in front of you is a devil.” The Evil Emperor hadn’t moved, his voice sounded like sandpaper rubbing against each other; it was such an ugly voice that it’d make one flinch. “But for many others, who’s behind you is the real devil. To practice a kind of evil power, he dug out the eyes of more than 30 boys and girls. That’s why I did the same to him, and I cut his hand off also.”


“It’s not my fault. It’s not my fault…” When he thought of the scene he saw after waking up, he continued trembling. Then, he rushed toward the Evil Emperor and kneeled, “please…please let me go, don’t find me anymore…please let me go…”


God knows how much torture one has to go through to let an ambitious Emperor of Big Wind Country kneel in front of someone. The Evil Emperor looked at Feng Lie and didn’t react. Although he was behaving like this, the Evil Emperor started to admire him. After half a year, he still hadn’t gone insane.


Half a year ago, the Evil Emperor appeared, his nightmare began. He could be described to be the only person who knew how horrifying the Evil Emperor was. Even the way he’d look was enough to make Feng Lie fall to the ground…he’d always appear without a sign, nor an alert. He’d appear just like air. Feng Lie felt like he’d seen a ghost, he stepped back and almost fell to the ground.


The first time he appeared was also at night, and it was remarkably silent. He tried his best to calm down, and when he started to shout “there’s an assassin”, he could only hear his voice. None of the eunuchs or maids responded, as if he was left with this silver figure in the whole world. No matter how much he yelled and screamed, the silver figure’s eyes alone were enough to scare him to death. And he started to doubt whether he was just in a nightmare.


At this time, the most terrible thing was not the sword he showed, but the silence. It was the silence of death. Feng Lie’s calmness started to disintegrate.


From then on, Feng Lie was living under the shadow of the Evil Emperor. He could appear at any time, sometimes every few weeks, sometimes every few days. Anyway, whenever he appeared, Feng Lie couldn’t ask for anyone for help, as no one would respond to him. What made him even more scared is that the eunuchs and maids all stood there quietly, none of them was killed, nor even left…as since the very beginning, they’d heard no sound!


The first few times, when the Evil Emperor appeared, he said and did nothing. However, his appearance alone was enough to scare Feng Lie to death. When the Evil Emperor left silently, his hair and clothes were all soaked by his sweat. His heart also couldn’t stop beating crazily after a long time. Back then, rumors about the Evil Emperor had already been spread throughout the Big Wind Country. Initially, he didn’t care about these rumors, until he’d seen the Evil Emperor himself.


Not many places were more secure than the Palace. Even a world-renown person with superpowers wouldn’t dare to break into the Palace. After Ye Wuchen killed Feng Chaoyang, he was exhausted under the siege of the 10,000 soldiers, until he was forced to jump off the Duanhun Cliff. Therefore, unless one possessed higher power than God, he wouldn’t dare to try breaking into the Palace.


However, the Evil Emperor was a terrible exception. And it’s all because he could appear out of the blue. Even when he left, he also did in a way that nobody would notice. As a result, no one could get hold of him, not even with 10,000 soldiers. It would even be a joke if someone said he wanted to catch the Evil Emperor.


Feng Lie had never told anyone that he’d seen the Evil Emperor, as he was sure that by doing so, there could only be one ending. First, he would arouse the fear of everyone. Then they would start doubting whether Feng Lie had merely lost his mind. And he’d naturally lose his reputation among his people in time.


Later, before he went to bed, he would command a large number of guards beside him. Even though his bedroom was always guarded, it couldn’t stop the Evil Emperor from visiting. The guards didn’t notice at all, and all were still standing there quietly. Even though Feng Lie screamed, none of them heard, as if they didn’t see the appearance of the Evil Emperor, nor the panic of Feng Lie. It’s only after the Evil Emperor left, could the guards finally see Feng Lie having fallen to the ground. At that moment, he couldn’t describe his fear in words.


When the Evil Emperor first appeared, he’d always said nothing, making Feng Lie doubt whether he had an illusion. Soon enough, the Evil Emperor made Feng Lie learn how scary he could be. He’d experienced many times of panic, like that night. At first, he tried to calm himself down and stopped himself from screaming and yelling. Then, with all the struggles and threatening, he started to break down. He no longer acted like an Emperor in front of the Evil Emperor. He even started begging in the hope that he’d never reappear. As a result, during these six months, he’s got seriously ill many times, and he was becoming thinner and thinner. What saved him from dying were the rich nutrients that are available in the Palace. The royal doctors only commented that Feng Lie was “overly exhausted”, but none of them dared to say that he’s “overly freaked out”. Even for them, it was nearly impossible that Feng Lie would get so afraid, to the point that he got so seriously ill.


Although Feng Ling had discovered some hints, he’d be stopped by Feng Lie when he started asking about his father’s health. It only made him doubt more.


Under such a long time of torture, if Feng Lie weren’t tough enough, he would have broken down and gone insane. Even so, he could not help begging in front of the Evil Emperor. He now knew what it means by being in a living hell.


“You, you’re my toy. When I’m tired of you, I will naturally let you go.” The Evil Emperor was looking at him, his rough voice uttering these cold words. It was absolutely a disgusting voice.


His toy…


Such a humbleness and shame had somehow awakened Feng Lie’s consciousness to rebel, he retreated and started shouting in fear, “who…who are you… what do I have to do with you…and what do you want from me…”

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