Heavenly Star – Chapter 283 – The Emperor of the Big Wind Country On the Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown


The face of the Evil Emperor was covered, and even though Feng Lie couldn’t see his facial expression, he could still feel him sneer, “I will only kill bad people and those who treat me as his enemy. I will let those I hate to suffer…and make them wish for death…”


His cold voice was like a knife, stepping into Feng Lie’s heart one by one. In front of the Evil Emperor, he had never stopped trembling. Even when nothing happened, he would immediately tremble all over only by thinking about the Evil Emperor or hearing his name. He would never be able to erase the shadow the Evil Emperor left in his mind.


As the Emperor of the Big Wind Country, many people died indirectly because of him, and he couldn’t think of which particular incident had attracted this ultimate demon. Now, after what the Evil Emperor told him, he had at least understood that all these didn’t happen for no reason. He seemed to have found a little hope, and he begged humbly, “I…I have made a lot of mistakes these years…and it’s all my fault. I deserve to die…please…please forgive me…whatever you want, I will give to you…”


“Since you know that you deserve to die, then why are you still here?”


Feng Lie’s eyes became sluggish. For him, death would be a relief now. However… “I…I can’t die…I am the Emperor, and I’m begging for your mercy…whatever you request from me, wealth or power, even my concubines, I will give them to you…”


For him, there were many things more important than his life, such as his ambitions, his entire Feng Family. If he were forced to die like this, his goals would become a joke. Also, he could fully predict that a disaster would fall onto his son Feng Ling after he died, and Feng Ling would also become insane just like him, that would be the end of the Feng family. As a result, he would endure the pain and torture instead of going crazy. To get rid of this nightmare, he didn’t hesitate to beg and plead in front of the Evil Emperor.


“You’ll give me anything? Hahahaha…” The Evil Emperor burst into laughter, and his raucous laughter sounded like smashed glass, it was such a horrible noise that it made people suffocate. He replied in a low voice, “good, after wasting so much time on you, you finally gave me the answer I’ve wanted. Good…”


Feng Lie felt miserable. He asked while trembling, “you…what do you want…as long as you don’t appear anymore, I’ll do anything you ask me to.”


“No matter how fun a game is, I’ll get tired of it one day. If you obey me, I’ll no longer appear. But, don’t worry, I won’t kill you, nor will I take your throne. The thing that I’m going to ask you to do. I’m sure you’ll say yes.” The Evil Emperor’s eyes became darker when he said so. When he’s tired of his toy, he will choose to turn him into a tool instead of destroying him.


“You…what do you want me to do exactly?” Feng Lie hoped desperately that the Evil Emperor could disappear the next second and never appear again.


“Very good…I admire the way you look now. Remember what you’ve promised me today. Otherwise…”


Suddenly, there was a cold wind behind Feng Lie. The wind flew into his collar, and it was bitterly cold. He couldn’t help but tremble even more. After a long while, he didn’t hear anything anymore. When he looked up, there was no one else. The Evil Emperor had gone. It was like his whole body’s power had been taken away; his cold sweat made him look like he’s just had a shower. He leaned on the bedpost and gasped with his mouth wide open. The Evil Emperor did not say what he wanted Feng Lie to do, which meant that he’d let him do anything, anytime. As an Emperor, he had become someone’s puppet, and the person who’s controlling him is a devil that he couldn’t fight. In front of the Evil Emperor, he’s just an inferior, weak person, and it’s like he’s ready to be played and crushed anytime. Unfortunately, Feng Chaoyang had passed away, and there’s no way for him to look for someone as loyal as him to protect the Emperor.


When the Evil Emperor left, Feng Lie was still shivering all over like an ice cave. He shrank and whispered to himself with a low voice, “endure…endure…someone will be able to fight him one day. One day…everything will be returned to me…”


The news of Ye Wuchen’s return arrived in the Tianchen continent like a fairy tale; what came along was the news that he’s become disabled. After Ye Wuchen went home for a week, this news had spread through the whole continent. While people were feeling surprised, they also felt pitiful to what happened to him. They felt deeply sorry that such a fabulous teenager had become basically useless.


After Ye Wuchen returned, the Ye family didn’t appear as happy and joyful as people imagined. On the contrary, they had become quieter than before. There was also a rumor saying that General Weilong had been seriously sick for many days as he was too exhausted from fighting on the battlefields. Grandpa Ye was happy, and he looked good all the time. He always went out, sometimes didn’t return home for days.


Compared to the quietness of Ye Family, Lin Family appeared to be even quieter.


It should be the reason for the inconvenience of movement, Ye Wuchen, who used to bring Ningxue out on the streets three years ago, rarely went out after his return. Everyone in the Ye family knew that he spent most of his time on his wooden wheelchair, enjoying the sunlight with his eyes half-closed. Or, he’d spend time at Ye Shuiyao’s and only return home after almost half of the day was gone. In the beginning, he’d pay a visit to Hua family every day, but it later changed – Hua Shuiyao would be the one who went to Ye family’s all the time. Sometimes she’d go in the morning and return in the afternoon. Since Ye Wuchen returned, her skinny face had become brighter. Together with her unique femininity, young boys checked her out all the time on the streets.


Ye Wei was sick in bed, but Long Yin had never visited him. Together with Ye Wuchen’s unusual words in the court a few days ago, the officials all sensed something strange was going on. Every day, people were visiting Ye Wei to “see how he’s doing,” while testing him aside. Ye Wei answered their questions fluently without leaking any details. At the moment, so many dangers and risks were happening outside Tianlong Country. If anything went wrong with the Ye family and the Royal Palace, it would certainly not be favorable news to either of the party. And…if the Ye family wanted to betray…once this thought arose, it was immediately banned. No one was more loyal and diligent than the Ye family! The Ye family would surely be the last one to betray the Emperor!


Assuming that the Ye family wanted to betray…more than half of Tianlong City’s forbidden army was led by the Ye family, and the privately owned army by the family was famous across the whole continent, it was even more powerful than the royal army. Also, the subordinates who followed Grandpa Ye were all over the city’s major cities and gates. It could be said that if they wanted to betray the Emperor, it would bring considerable casualties to the country. Since they’re so powerful, why would they wait until now for the betrayal? And at the most inappropriate timing?


So, what exactly is this hidden mystery?


At this time, what was making the whole Tianchen continent have instigation was the Tianchen Magic Martial Arts Conference which was just around the corner, and many eyes were now concentrated on it. Although this magical martial arts conference was held once in more than 20 years, each time it would become the focus of the whole continent. Twenty-five years ago, the contest gave birth the four most influential people at that time – Chu Cangming, Feng Chaoyang, Wu Qiaocui, Xue’Nu, and they also used their strength to interpret what it meant by having God-level powers. This time, except Feng Chaoyang, the other three people were still alive. No one knew whether the three would be still as good…or someone else would replace them.


The venue of the Tianchen Magic Martial Arts Conference was still the center of Tianchen Continent. Twenty-five years ago, the competition was held by the Southern Emperor Sect. This time it was the Northern Emperor Sect. Only the Southern Emperor Sect and the Northern Emperor Sect were qualified enough to hold this competition. Although all these masters were arrogant, they were still humble enough in front of the two sects.


“Whether it is the God of Sword, or God of War…are they really the strongest in the world? Maybe, maybe not.” Ye Wuchen murmured to himself. He was convinced that there must still be many strong people in many corners of the Tianchen continent. Among them, it might not be impossible for them to overcome these God-level masters. The group of people under the Duanhun Cliff was the group of high-ranking people who preferred staying low profile.


“My brother has said that Tongxin sister is better than anyone else..um, she is even better than Grandpa Chu.” Ningxue said next to him.


“Tongxin is not the same. She is not someone of this world.”  While Ye Wuchen said so, his face revealed a mixed color, and he was grasping the small hands of Ningxue and Tongxin.


“Oh?” Ningxue blinked and looked puzzled.


After being under sunshine for a long time, Ye Wuchen started to get tired. He yawned and stretched his arms, “Xue’er, come to brother’s arms.”

“Okay.” Ningxue laughed and walked forward, throwing her soft body into his arms and leaning her body on his lap. Not long after, she squinted and fell asleep.


“You still like to sleep so much.” Ye Wuchen smiled, while looking a bit worried.


It seemed…that she liked sleeping more and more.


It has become more and more serious during the past year. At the moment, she was asleep for at least fifteen hours a day.


What could be the reason?


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