Heavenly Star – Chapter 284 – Here Comes The Evil Emperor


Zhuge Xiaoyu was lying down, holding her chins with her hands, and there was a map with dense marks in front of her. She was reading it carefully, and her two legs bent upward, swaying back and forth.


The door was pushed open, and a gracefully looking, a middle-aged woman walked in with a bowl of steaming soup. Looking at how focused Zhuge Xiaoyu was, she smiled without making a noise. After putting the bowl on the table, she walked over to sit on the bed. She stroked Xiaoyu’s hair and said lovingly, “look at you, you’re so focused that you’re almost out of your mind.”


Zhuge Xiaoyu turned over and stretched out, lying lazily, “mother, I found that I seem to have fallen in love with being in a battlefield. It makes me so excited whenever I’m analyzing a war situation. Especially when our enemy falls into the trap that I set and are utterly defeated, it’s so much fun, more fun than anything else!”


Mrs. Zhuge smiled helplessly and said softly to her daughter, “but you’re a girl after all, you have to get married one day. Although I do not oppose what you’re doing, you have to get married to a good family in the future, then fulfill the duties of a wife and a mother. Then, I won’t have to worry about you anymore, and I won’t have to fear that my daughter won’t come back to me.”


Zhuge Xiaoyu got up and hugged her mother’s neck. She smiled and said, “don’t worry about it, mother. Every time, I have the protection of my dad, it’s impossible that I won’t come back. Hehe…even though my mother doesn’t let me, my father will object it.”


“Sigh.” Mrs. Zhuge patted her back and said with sympathy, “you wanted to learn about the arrangement of the formation of troops, and that’s to prepare yourself for the master of Ye family. You weren’t sad at all when he was gone three years ago, and now that he’s back, I can see that you aren’t thinking about it at all. It’s been quite some time now, and you haven’t seen him. I don’t know what you’re thinking about anymore.”


Zhuge Xiaoyu pouted and said with a little grievance, “it’s impossible that he’s fond of me. I fear…I fear that everyone has forgotten about me now. And I don’t want to see him, because I don’t want him to dislike him. If he still remembers me, how come he hasn’t visited me for so many days?”


She still remembered clearly the words that Ye Wuchen said to her three years ago. Although it has been so long, this aggressive girl still felt bitter when she recalled what her admirer had last spoken to her. She had never forgotten about those words – even though he had “died.”


Mrs. Zhuge knew clearly how it felt, how is it possible to not understand her daughter? From Xiaoyu’s way of look or the complicated feelings reflected from her voice, it was clear that she hadn’t gotten over Ye Wuchen, she still had feelings to him. It’s only that the defeat from three years ago made it impossible for her to give in. Like what she swore back then – one day, she’d make him propose to her.


“Silly child, if he never finds you, then are you going to do the same?” Mrs. Zhuge could feel her heart ache. She understood it very well, if Ye Wuchen stood in front of Xiaoyu now, her daughter would be so thrilled that she might lose herself.


“I won’t…oh, after I become a big hero like his grandfather, I will find him!” Zhuge Xiaoyu said with a strong will.


When Mrs. Zhuge heard her, her face became a little weird. She whispered, “Yu’er, your father has something that he wants me to tell you.”


“Ah? What is it?” Zhuge Xiaoyu was curious.


“He said that there might be drastic changes in Tianlong Country. It is possible…that all will change because of the man you admire. You have to prepare for this.” Then, Mrs. Zhuge looked at Zhuge Xiaoyu and wondered what her reactions would be. She looked a bit complex now.


Zhuge Xiaoyu has long ceased to be the girl who fools around. In the past three years, she has learned and mastered so many things, and she is well aware of the distribution of the army and political power of Tianlong Country. The only person who could bring these drastic changes to the country…is the Ye family.


The news came too suddenly, and it made Zhuge Xiaoyu stunned for a while.


She joined the army for the approval of Ye Wuchen. The meaning of Mrs. Zhuge’s words was obvious… that is, the Ye family may rebel and would oppose the royal family. This means that if there was such a day, and if she appeared in the army, she may meet Ye Wuchen on the battlefield…


As he stepped into the army…she would surely meet his family in a war…how is she supposed to accept that?



In the Big Wind Country, Tianfeng City.


Today is the day of the wedding of the Big Wind Country’s Prince, Feng Ling. Unlike the rushed wedding that was jeopardized by Ye Wuchen three years ago, this time, the Prince’s marriage had already been announced. There would be countless guests coming from everywhere. The royal family of Big Wind Country had also made several exceptions, and had released all the prisoners that had committed small crimes.


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