This time, the one that Feng Ling was going to marry was the only daughter of the General Yue Handong – Yue Siqi. An elegant, quiet, well-educated lady. Anyone who had the luck to be chosen by Feng Lie must be outstanding in both her personality and appearance. Many people in Big Wind Country have heard of her, but most of them haven’t seen her.


Feng Lie appeared in great shape. The slightly pale face was now with a great smile. And General Yue was the same. When he was young, he didn’t spend a lot of time at home, and that’s why he had only one daughter. He started to calm down along with his aging, and he loved his daughter more and more every day. Now that there’s nothing more satisfying for him than seeing his daughter marrying with the Prince, and to become his first woman. Also, ever since the marriage was announced, many people went to greet and send General Yue their blessings. Given his present status, it’s very likely that his daughter would become the Empress of Big Wind Country in the future. It’s safe to assume that he would have a very stable status in the country after the marriage.


In the Palace of United Phoenix, everyone was happily chatting. The officials, city lords and governors from everywhere all became much more relaxed after seeing Emperor Feng Lie in his good shape. There were the sounds of drums and bells. After a small cry from a eunuch, the new couple walked in among the crowd. Prince Feng Ling appeared in his usual elegant gesture and a perfect face. Comparing with three years ago, his confidence face became calmer and more mature.


By his side, a petite woman with a red cloth covering her head, with the support of the others, she entered in soft steps. From her pace, one knew for sure that she’s a feminine and gentle girl. Feng Lie didn’t stop smiling and nodding when he saw them approach. He had always been satisfied with this daughter from the Yue family.


When Feng Lie raised his head, the noise of the crowd immediately subsided. He laughed and said, “Ling’er, over these years, there has always been someone in your heart, and you were always hesitant to get married. Fortunately, I have found someone who could win your heart. That will solve one of my biggest worries. The daughter of General Yue is both beautiful and has a nice character. Finding such a perfect woman is difficult. You have to treat her very well from now on, and you can’t take advantage of her soft and gentle character. Alright?” Then, he laughed again.


There was indeed another meaning in Feng Lie’s words. When he said, “there has always been someone in your heart”, people who were present of course knew who that was. When Feng Lie mentioned about her, not only the people didn’t find it inappropriate, but they came to admire Feng Ling’s long-lasting love to a specific person. The remaining embarrassment left from the last wedding had also disappeared entirely. Also, since Feng Lie had told his son to treat his future wife well, they all appreciated his humbleness.


Sure enough, Yue Handong was excited and said, “those are such big words by the Emperor. The Prince is such a nice gentleman, and he is always kind to everyone. People like him so much, so how could he bully my little daughter? It’s only that I’m afraid my daughter is not as educated as the Prince, and she might not match him well.”


“What kind of words has General Yue said, hahaha…do you doubt my judgment?”


“How dare I.”


“Haha…we as the elderly better save our words. Come on; let’s start. I’ve been looking forward to today for so long.”


A middle-aged eunuch stepped forward and used a high-pitch voice to announce that the wedding ceremony was about to start. It was still the same old speech.


Someone handed Feng Ling a scale bar wrapped in red cloth. When Feng Ling was holding the scale bar, he couldn’t help but think about the drastic change that occurred three years ago after he took the red cloth, and how the marriage was jeopardized. Also, there was a catastrophe waiting for the Feng family.


When he thought of it, he took a soft breath and slowly took the red cloth in front of everyone.




Before the scale bar in his hand touched the red cloth, a chilly wind suddenly blew from the outside. It was a weird surge of wind mixed with an inexplicable coldness. And the Palace of United Phoenix suddenly got much colder. Everyone couldn’t help but start trembling.


Feng Ling subconsciously stopped his movement. Then, an even bigger wind blew in, and everyone started screaming. The red cloth on the head of Yue Siqi was blown down and fell on the ground, a panicking, pale little face was revealed. She had eyebrows arched like the moon, and eyes shaped like stars, with a small mouth…this was such a delicate, fine girl walking out of a painting. While people were impressed by her beauty, they were at the same time worried, since the red cloth fell itself and it was a big sign of misfortune. What about that weird wind…


“Who are you?!” There were several cries outside. This weird wind had alerted a few secret masters, and they all yelled. It was to inform people around and to scare away whoever’s there…


“Heh heh…”


A burst of horrifying laughter in a low voice suddenly came from above, and when hearing this laughter, Feng Lie’s face suddenly changed from looking angry to being extremely pale. There was also a deep fear on his face. He stood up with much difficulty, and his body was trembling vigorously.




There was a sound of an explosion, and the ceiling of the Palace exploded and blasted a large hole, the scattered stones scared away the crowd and people started running away. A violent wind was drawn from the broken hole. It seemed that its target was Yue Siqi who’s already stunned from the terror.






With a scream and Yue Handong’s yelling, Yue Siqi’s body was rolled up by the wind and flew into the air. People subconsciously looked up in her direction. And their jaws were all dropped.


“Evil…the Evil Emperor!”


Once this name was called, a dark, horrifying shadow was carved in their hearts, everyone’s heart started jumping frantically.

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