Heavenly Star – Chapter 285 – Dignity Stepped Over


Yue Siqi’s body was rolled up in the wind, flew up through the big hole in the Palace, and continued to fly up to ten meters on top. Then, she was held by a person tightly. This person was with black hair, a silver face and silver outfit. This unique costume also represented his unique identity. He was floating in the air, just like a saint falling from Heaven. The guards who jumped up to the top were terrified because of the identity of this person, and also because he could float and walk in the air. It’s assumed that only someone with God-level power could do the same.


Not only that Yue Siqi was horrified and shocked, but she had also absorbed a lot of wind. She was gasping heavily and looking extremely pale. When she was more awake, she was stunned to see herself up in the air. Out of instinct, she was going to scream out loud. Suddenly, a terrible voice said to her, “if you don’t want me to strip off all your clothes then throw you down, shut up for now.”


This kind of threat scared her even more than taking away her life. All she could do was to obey and not move. She was full of tears, but she dared not scream nor cry. As a teenager girl who’s used to staying at home all the time, what kind of evil people had she met in her life? She could never imagine herself encountering such a terrible incident on the day of her marriage.


The officials, who were scared of death, all were so scared that they kept breathing when hearing the name of the Evil Emperor, they kept retrieving to avoid being seen by the Evil Emperor. The guards who were blocking the way now were trembling as well. As the Evil Emperor was up in the air, there was no way for them to attack nor defend. Also, if the Evil Emperor were right in front of them, they wouldn’t be sure if they would have the courage to go forward and attack him. Everyone knew that the Evil Emperor was fully capable of killing someone and leaving no full corpse. Their footsteps went stiff, and the only thing they could do was to step backward.


It was such a huge irony. Looking at the Evil Emperor like the God descending from Heaven, Feng Ling knew for sure that once again, his wedding would be jeopardized.


In the air, the loud and low voice of the Evil Emperor, “your…daughter…is such a fine lady, I’m taking her…”


Such a statement made Yue Handong extremely furious. Also, it brought Feng Ling an incomparable insult. Three years ago, since his wedding was destroyed, he had heard enough hurtful words from people around him. Today, his bride was taken away by the Evil Emperor under everyone’s eyes, he even said, “I’m taking her”, which man would be able to bear with such insult? Since he’s the Prince of the Big Wind Country, he would undoubtedly become a joke if he let the Evil Emperor take away Yue Siqi in public.


With such an insult, Feng Lie pressed down his fear, he raised his head and frowned, “the Evil Emperor, our family has never offended the evil sect, but over the past year, your sect has attacked our army over and over. What kind of hostility is there between us?!”


“Hostility? Why do we even need that? You have a fine woman, and it’s rare that I’m in love with one. I’m going to take her to warm up my bed. It’s a great idea, don’t you agree…?” The Evil Emperor said in a low voice, and each word sounded deep.


Feng Ling trembled all over. Facing such a logic of a thief, what was there to say? The Evil Emperor’s meaning was clear. He didn’t need any reason to grab away Yue Siqi. The only reason was that he liked her. And he didn’t have to care about the rest…it also means that he didn’t even care who Feng Ling was, and where he was.


However, he indeed was qualified to be this arrogant, because it was the Evil Emperor!


“Evil Emperor! If you dare to move my daughter…I will cut your corpse into pieces!” Yue Handong was so furious that he gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. He almost broke his hands. But the Evil Emperor was in the air, even if he rushed forward, it’d be useless. He could only stare at them while roaring.


“Your daughter? Since I like her, you should take it as a blessing of your family. It’d be so much better than marrying to this useless Prince.” The Evil Emperor said coldly, the voice that didn’t contain any emotions had insulted Feng Ling to the extreme.


Feng Ling felt that something in his chest was going to burst open, it gave him the strongest urge to kill somebody.


A rush of footsteps quickly approached, and the bow-and-arrow guards who got the urgent order immediately rushed there in the fastest speed. The shot their arrows in unison to the Evil Emperor.


Feng Ling who almost exploded out of anger seemed to have found a way to vent, and he shouted, “what are you still hesitating about? Shoot him, shoot him quickly!”


Yue Handong heard it and yelled, “stop! Everyone, stop taking your actions without thinking!” Then, he turned and said hurriedly, “Prince, my daughter is still in his hands. We can’t act impulsively!”


“Hehehe…” The Evil Emperor held the waist of Yue Siqi tightly, and started stroking her face…although he’s wearing silver gloves, he could still feel the smoothness of her skin. He smiled with satisfaction.


“The Prince of the Big Wind Country… I’m delighted with this woman. I’m taking her now. Next time, when you hold a wedding again, let me know, and I’ll try her for myself first…”


Afterward, there was again another wind, and the Evil Emperor took Yue Siqi and fled like a silver arrow. In the blink of an eye, they’d disappeared, as if they had entered the clouds.


“Siqi!!” Yue Handong screamed in panic. The Evil Emperor left too quickly. He didn’t even have time to react, let alone to try to stop him. He could only watch the Evil Emperor taking her away. Everyone was stunned. Since the moment he appeared, no one had been able to stop him, not even the high-level guards. They were just like a joke in his eyes.


Unless there’s someone who could fly, otherwise, who would be able to stop him? It’s not unusual that no one has ever seen his face, and no one knew who he really was, and so no one could catch him.


“Chase him! What are you waiting here for? Be quick!”


It was the first time for those court guards to see such a terrible expression on the face of the Prince, they dared not reject his order. They were trying to rush over. However, the Evil Emperor had disappeared in the sky, where could they go? All they could do was to obey his order and pretended to go outside and check.


The marriage of the Prince was utterly ruined. Three years ago, when Ye Wuchen destroyed his marriage, it was like slapping him on the face. But this time, the Evil Emperor made it even worse, it’s like using his feet to step on his face. The former happened because Ye Wuchen wanted to rescue his sister, but this time, the Evil Emperor did so, merely because he wanted to take the girl away. And he did so very rudely. As for the Prince…he could do nothing but to watch all this happen.


The uncomfortable feeling made him want to explode even more. In the extreme resentment and humiliation, he began to see only darkness in his eyes. Also, all the noises became more blurred. Finally, he spurted some blood and fell.


A group of people tried to pull him up while in panic, and they began to feel pity and sorrow for the Prince. Any man would find it impossible to bear this tremendous insult…But, he could only blame the Evil Emperor, the one who’s powerful as God, demonic and with a ghostly mystery.


The last sentence of the Evil Emperor was equivalent to a massive sap. With this sentence, who would still dare to marry his daughter to the Prince? Even if someone was willing, would the Prince still have the courage to organize a wedding? He might face another insult after all. Unless he got married to the ugliest person ever…and to have a secret marriage? However, it’s impossible to keep a secret from the Evil Emperor. Whoever wanted a secret just had to pay.


“Take him…to rest.” In an embarrassing and oppressive atmosphere, Feng Lie waved his hand helplessly. After he spoke, people discovered that he hadn’t spoken a word since the Evil Emperor appeared.


Yue Handong had cold sweat all over his body. He gritted his teeth, “I’ll order people to block the Tianfeng City and search for the Evil Emperor, we have to rescue Siqi…”


Feng Lie waved his hand and said seriously, “just bear with it and don’t go. Let me tell you, he can offend us whenever he wants, but we can’t do the same, he’s an extremely horrible figure…” Seeing how shocked Yue Handong was, he explained, “if the Evil Emperor really admires your daughter, it might actually be a good thing…”


When Yue Handong listened to the words of Feng Lie, he almost couldn’t believe his ears. He couldn’t believe that those words came from his mouth. He screamed in fear, “Emperor! How could we just let this be…I can mobilize hundreds of thousands of men and horses. Why should we be afraid of the Evil Emperor?”


“Hundreds of thousands? Hahaha…” Feng Lie laughed miserably, “for someone like the Evil Emperor. Do you think it will be a problem for him to kill you even when you’re protected by your soldiers?”


Yue Handong was first stunned, then he went completely pale.


“He named himself as the Evil Emperor. And indeed, although he doesn’t have a royal robe like us, he’s the real Emperor in front of everyone. That’s because he can easily decide our life and death; the evil sect that’s under his control can destroy our thousand-soldier army without a trace. He can also completely kill a family of magical martial arts within one night. He can even get any information out of unknown ways…”


Yue Handong, “…”

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