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Heavenly Star – Chapter 286 – Siqi


“I have known since a long time ago, that although there only has been a year since the Evil Emperor appeared, the power that I possess is incomparable of his. Only the Northern Emperor and Southern Emperor Sects, with tens of thousands of years in history, could fight against the Evil Sect. We’re as little as ants in front of the Evil Emperor. To struggle is like an ant trying to overturn a car. Let’s not waste our energy for now.”


Yue Handong looked at the pale face of Feng Lie in horror, as if he only started to know him today. He didn’t understand, how is it possible for an Emperor with great ambitions and courage to say something like this? It’s hopeless…as he didn’t even have the will to rebel.


He wouldn’t have realized what measures the Evil Emperor has taken over these six months to turn this strong Emperor into a scared bird!


Yue Handong did not refute, he said with a trembling voice, “Emperor, even if we can live with this insult, my daughter is still in the hands of the Evil Emperor. I have only one daughter. How can I not worry…?”


“Don’t worry. The Evil Emperor only kills bad people and his enemies. He won’t hurt your daughter.” The exhausted Feng Lie walked out weakly afterward.


Yue Handong held his fists tight, even if the Evil Emperor wouldn’t hurt her…for an unmarried girl, her reputation is more important than anything else. Also, for Yue Siqi’s character, she would undoubtedly ask for death if she’s insulted, how could he not worry?!


The atmosphere of Tianfeng City had obviously become tense. A large number of city guards and forbidden troops have been dispatched and shuttled around the city. Anyone would know that something must have happened. However, if people looked at the situation more carefully, they would find out that these people seemed to be absent-minded…because the blockage or searching of the city was just work in vain, they knew that catching the Evil Emperor was a mission impossible.


But Yue Handong was very desperate to save his daughter. Even though he knew that there was almost zero chance, how could he stand by and do nothing?


On the other hand, on the day of the marriage, the fact that the Evil Emperor kidnapped the bride on the spot was also spread through the whole Big Wind Country in lightning speed. Whether it was the Prince, or the entire royal palace, their dignity had been brutally stepped over by the Evil Emperor.


Feng Lie was standing quietly in his study room, worried. He was already aware that he wasn’t the only target of the Evil Emperor. He had been thinking hard what he had done to offend this demonic figure. He wasn’t afraid of thousands of soldiers, nor the Sky Dragon, the Cang-Lan alliance, but there’s no way for him not to fear the Evil Emperor. He’s like the worst nightmare on earth, and he kept lingering in his mind.


There were some weak footsteps behind him, Feng Lie didn’t even turn his head, he said, “you’re awake.”


“Father, I am fine.” Feng Ling’s face looked a little pale, as blood was rushing toward his face previously because of the anger, he had calmed down a lot by now. “Father, do you know about something?” Feng Ling asked. After he woke up, he remembered clearly how pale Feng Lie looked at that time. It indicated an extreme fear. Also, he hadn’t said a thing from the beginning to the end.


“The Evil Emperor is someone that we can’t afford to offend…you know what I mean?” Feng Lie asked.


Feng Ling suddenly looked up, and he was confused, “father, since I was little, I haven’t seen you fear anyone. Although this Evil Emperor seems to know about everything, how is it possible for us, as the royal family, fear him?”


“…there are some matters that you will never understand if you haven’t gone through them. You’re right, I wasn’t afraid of anyone. But I don’t even want to act against this Evil Emperor, do you understand?” Feng Lie’s reply had a profound meaning.


Feng Ling, “…!”


“It seems that you and the daughter of the Yue family are not meant together. Let’s retreat first. Never try to trace the whereabouts of the Evil Emperor or to annihilate the evil sect. Otherwise, I will stop you personally.” Feng Lie was facing behind him and said without expression.


Feng Ling gritted his teeth and said furiously, “father, this isn’t you…how can you live with this insult?”


Feng Lie was silent, and he didn’t reply.


“I will leave now.” Feng Ling bowed and left with complex emotions.


Feng Lie turned, his trembling eyes were full of struggle and resentment, he used the lowest voice to murmur, “I…how can I live with this insult…but I’m now facing an unbeatable enemy. For the Feng family, I just have to endure this. What I’m waiting for is a chance, a moment…”




Flying in the sky – this is something that ordinary people will never experience in his life. But the overly scared Yue Siqi could not enjoy this fantastic feeling. Her heart was like her body – hanging in the air. Her face kept looking pale.


Although she always stayed at home, she’d already heard of the Evil Emperor more than once, and she dared not struggle even a bit. At this time, they’d already flown out of Tianlong city. The wind kept blowing next to her, but he hadn’t made a sound.


“Where are you going to take me?” She asked nervously.




The Evil Emperor answered in a low voice. His voice was harsh and ugly with the wind, making her want to cover her ears.


“Can…can you let me go? I have never hurt anybody.” Yue Siqi started begging clumsily.


“Do you really want me to let you go?”


The Evil Emperor gave her a surprising reply. And she cautiously replied, “I’ll thank you if you do…”


“There’s no need. If you want me to let you go, I will.”


Yue Siqi did not have time to be happy, the arm that was around her waist suddenly loosened. Her body fell straight down.




Yue Siqi instinctively yelled; she was so scared that her heart almost bumped out. Her hands moved frantically, hoping that she could catch something that could save her. She hopelessly closed her beautiful eyes.


The sound of the wind suddenly changed next to her. A body got close to her, and an arm wrapped tightly around her again, making her falling body rise slowly again. Yue Siqi was like a drowning person catching a raft, her arms and legs were wrapping tightly around the person, and she’d used all her strength.


“Now, do you still want me to let you go?” The Evil Emperor teased her.


Without an answer, the arms that were wrapping him tightly suddenly loosened. The Evil Emperor saw that Yue Siqi closed her eyes and her face went pale, she had fainted out of the extreme fear from falling and being rescued.


“After all, it’s still a little girl, and she can’t afford to be scared.” The Evil Emperor smiled behind his silver mask.




She had a terrible dream. In her dream, she was taken away by the awful Evil Emperor on the day of her marriage. The Evil Emperor could fly, he took her to the sky and threw her down, then…


Suddenly there was an itchy feeling on her face, like something was tickling her. She opened her eyes, and under her blurred vision, she saw a hairy thing touching her nose.


There was a male voice of a stranger. This was a soft voice, and it sent her a weirdly comforting feeling. She saw that everything was silver in front of her. She found herself lying on the dry, soft grass. The man in silver was kneeling beside her, his right hand in silver gloves was holding a dog tail, tickling her delicate nose.


Yue Siqi was stunned for a little while, wondering if she hadn’t woken up from her dreams. And when she finally realized that she’d woken up, she quickly sat up and put her hands on her chest. After making sure that her clothes were still intact, and there was no strange feeling with her body, she was more at ease. It was naturally a girl’s instinct to check her clothes after being taken away by a stranger, and after having passed out.


“You can rest assured. I have no interest in your body. You can be described as a beauty, but still not beautiful enough for my taste.” The Evil Emperor was waving the dog’s tail grass and said slowly.


The words of the Evil Emperor made her fear disappear, and at the same time, she couldn’t help but felt a bit of grievances. It’s natural for any female to get hurt by such straightforwardness. She’s always been praised since she was a child.


“Your voice…” She said without thinking twice. It’s completely different from the previous hoarse and ugly voice. The voice of the Evil Emperor was now much softer than the previous one. Judging from the voice, the Evil Emperor should be at a similar age as hers. She couldn’t believe that the most powerful Evil Emperor happened to be a young man.


Moreover, he was squatting there at this time, playing with the dog’s tail grass in his hand, and he looked so gentle, with not even a slight hint of terror.


“Oh, why? Is my voice that horrifying?” The Evil Emperor looked up and said to her with a smile.


A similar age, a soft voice and gesture, also the way he just looked at her…Yue Siqi suddenly got much less nervous, and much less scared. She smiled reluctantly and shook her head, “you don’t have a horrible voice, and…it’s actually a nice one. You also look young, not as terrifying as they described.”


The Evil Emperor burst into laughter and said quietly, “if you really think so, then I can only say that you’re too naïve. You should be grateful that you aren’t my enemy. Otherwise, I will let you know what fear means. As for my age, did someone tell you that I’m old?”


His voice suddenly became cold again, making her soothed heart start jumping again. Seeing her like that, the Evil Emperor shook his head, “if you aren’t my enemy, then you don’t need to be afraid. I’m not going to touch you, hurt you, nor starve you. I will also make sure that you live comfortably here. You may even…” he twitched his mouth, “you may even feel so comfortable that you won’t want to return home.”

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