Chapter 287 Fallen Star Cliff


“Then why did you catch me, didn’t you say…” Yue Siqi’s shock was greater than her fear. She was thinking that when she was brought away, the Evil Emperor told her it was because he liked her…but she couldn’t say the second half of that sentence.


“I did it because you almost married someone you shouldn’t have. Hmph, if I hadn’t, you would be a widow for your whole life.” The Evil Emperor said coolly.


Yue Siqi’s pretty eyes went wide, her expression blank.


“You’re just a little girl who doesn’t understand anything. In a way, that’s best. Now that you’re rested up, it’s time to go.”


His feet shifting slightly, the Evil Emperor suddenly stood in front of her as if he had teleported. Before she could react he scooped her up in his arms, speeding away.


Beforehand Yue Siqi was scared out of her wits and had no thought for anything else. Now that she was relaxed, she had more of a mindset to focus on her senses. In her memory, the Evil Emperor was the first one to hold her so close, making her heart beat faster and faster. Biting her lip, she asked nervously, “You said…that you wouldn’t touch me.”


“You mean you want me to let you go?” The Evil Emperor asked, staring straight ahead with a blank face.


Thinking about how he let her go earlier for her to fall down, Yue Siqi’s body quivered and she stopped talking, letting him take her to some unknown place.


At the same time, someplace else.


The dark, damp underground. No matter whether it was night or day there was only dim candlelight. In this situation, Leng Ya didn’t know how long he had been kneeling here. Aside from three meals a day, he had been kneeling the whole time. His heart went from being filled with unimaginable pain, to a current state of peace.


His mother’s death had split him open like a lightning bolt. The hurt in his heart was clearly visible to Ye Wuchen and Chu Jingtian. But now he had finally gotten past himself, just like his mother’s final words…she had passed, without pain, to pursue the wind and sun of another world. He should be happy for her…she lived an unfortunate life, and would be together with him after death. If they were buried in the same room, he should be satisfied, fully happy.


Chu Jingtian accompanied him the whole time, never leaving this place. After staying so many years in that sealed area in the North, he wouldn’t feel bored by this place at all.




Deep, resounding footsteps echoed from above. It was the kindly old man from before. Chu Jingtian opened his eyes from his meditation, addressing him politely, “Grandfather Dacong.”


“Heh heh.” The old man nodded, smiling gently. His gaze rested on Leng Ya and Chu Jingtian a while. “In two more days, the Tianchen Magic Force Meeting will occur. You should prepare. Tomorrow we’ll be heading out.”


“So soon.” Chu Jingtian stood up, rubbing his hands in excitement, like he was already about to jump into the arena and duel with skilled fighters throughout the world. Soon thereafter, he looked more confused. “You say us…do you mean that you’re going too?”


Stroking his beard, the old man nodded. “Yes. I’ve lived for so many years, but have yet to attend any sort of magic force meeting. If I don’t go this time I won’t have a chance to. Not just me, the wife is going too.”


“But…” Chu Jingtian spoke with concern, “Everyone attending the tournament is highly skilled. If you aren’t strong enough to protect yourself, you’ll be in danger there. Grandpa Dacong, you shouldn’t…”


From Yan Qinghong, he didn’t feel any sort of fighter’s aura. At most this was just a rather fit grandpa, one who was older than his own grandpa.


Leng Ya, who had been silent the whole time, stood up. He walked over to Chu Jingtian and held Yan Qinghong’s gaze, almost like he was gazing through his soul.


Of course Yan Qinghong understood what he was getting at. He smiled gently, raising his wrinkled hand, and closed his fingers.


A wave of heat rushed forth. Leng Ya and Chu Jingtian both felt a heavy, suffocating sensation, and couldn’t help but back off. When they both looked up, surprised, the old man chuckled. “Heh heh. Are you reassured now?”


Chu Jingtian’s eyes went wide. Leng Ya was also surprised. Although they weren’t prepared for it…Leng Ya was fine. Chu Jing Tian’s Sword Spirit practice meant that when he was attacked by an outside force he would automatically be protected. Even something like a large rock falling from above wouldn’t be able to hurt him. But the fact that this old man’s simple wave of a hand was enough to push him back was of course enough to surprise him.


“Grandpa Dacong, is Brother Ye really…your master?” Chu Jingtian asked, still surprised and confused.


“Yes. He’s not only our destined master, but also the one to give us new life. He is the only master I will never betray. Even if we were to die for him, none of us would hesitate.” Ye Qinghong said seriously, his smile gone.


Chu Jingtian’s eyes went even wider. “Then is Grandma Conghua just as powerful as you?”


“Heh heh, even if she isn’t as good as me, there’s not much of a difference between us. We have nothing else much to live for, so we spent all our lives training. It’s enough to protect ourselves, so you won’t have to worry about us old ones.” Ye Qinghong said calmly.


Chu Jingtian felt that he couldn’t breathe very well…that handwave was far more than just self-defense!


“Do you think Brother Ye will attend the tournament in two days?” he asked, still dumbfounded.


“The master’s plans…heh heh, you’ll learn that in two days.” Yan Qinghong smiled mysteriously. “The two of you better do your best to prepare. If you need anything, let me know. I’ll contact you when the time is here.” He gave them a nod before stepping out once more.


Staring at his receding silhouette, Chu Jingtian seemed like he was in a daze for quite a while.


“My grandfather once told me that if you want to hide your aura in front of someone perfectly, you have to be a whole level higher than them. I tried it that day and didn’t feel anything, did they…this is incredible.”


Leng Ya was silent.


“Hey, cold-face, what kind of amazing character do you think Brother Ye is, for such strong people to…to…hey! We should address him as master!” Chu Jingtian said, prodding Leng Ya.


Still expressionless, Leng Ya retreated to the corner and sat down. Soon enough his aura was completely gone.


Chu Jingtian knew it was harder to force him to talk than to force a fart, so he sat next to him. Soon enough his heart and soul were one, and all of his disparate thoughts had been pushed out of his mind. No matter if it were fighting or magic, you couldn’t abandon the training of the heart and aura.


Two days later, was the day of the Tian Chen Magic Force Meeting.


“This is the place where the meeting is happening?” Chu Jingtian gazed around, asking with surprise.


It was a cliff face of a thousand foot drop. Underneath the cliff were tumbling waves of seawater…no, it was lakewater. Gazing out, the sky and water extended out for eternity, with no sight of an end. At a great distance on the surface of the water, a long, thin pillar rose into the heavens, too high to see the top. Behind them was a large empty space at the top of the cliff, an uneven, muddy ground.


“Yes. This is the core of the Heavenly Star Continent. It’s called Fallen Star Cliff. What we’re looking at is the largest lake in the Heavenly Star Continent, Fallen Star Lake. Neither this land nor this lake belong to any singular nation.” Yan Qinghong said, looking straight ahead.


“Then why is no one here?” Chu Jingtian glanced around. The whole way walking up, they hadn’t seen anyone.


“Heh heh. Although this tournament is only hosted once every twenty-five years, only a few dozen people usually have the courage to attend. It’s only deserted right now because we arrived early.” Yan Qinghong said with a chuckle. Next to him was Grandma Conghua, also smiling–Yan Qingping.


“I see.” Chu Jingtian surveyed the location once again, frowning. “But this is such a steep cliff. If there’s excessive force during the tournament, won’t this place collapse?”


“Hahahaha.” Yan Qinghong laughed out loud. “The first time I came here, I thought the same thing. But the reason this is the setting for the tournament is not only because it’s the center of the continent. More importantly, the soil here is as hard as steel. It’s not so easy to destroy it.”


“Oh? Let me try.” Chu Jingtian was quite intrigued. Leaping back, he slammed his fist down onto the ground.


If he were striking normal rock with that fist, it would shatter into pieces. But his punch only brought a light sound of cracking. Chu Jingtian lifted his aching fist in awe. Only a tiny dent had been made in the ground.


“Wow! It really is hard, almost like metal.” Chu Jingtian exclaimed, then muttered, “Or maybe it is actually metal?”


“Legend says that because the soil here is close to God’s Way Tower, it’s protected by the gods. That’s why it’s so hard. You’re quite impressive already to be able to affect the shape of the soil.” Yan Qingping said with a smile. Her old wrinkled skin looked like bark.


“God’s Way Tower? Is that it?” Chu Jingtian pointed out the incredibly tall pillar in the middle of the lake…because it was so far, all they could see was the skinny shape of a pillar.


Yan Qinghong nodded. “Yes. It’s exactly in the center of the Heavenly Star Continent. Do you know where it gets its name?”


“Um, why?”


“Because of the legends that it’s the only opening from this continent into the realm of gods,” Yan Qinghong said with a serious expression.


“The continent of gods? I’ve heard about it from my grandpa. It’s a completely different world. To the people of the Heavenly Star Continent, the people there are true gods. Any of them would be as strong as my grandfather, and some of them are even stronger. Is that really the way to the continent of gods?” Chu Jingtian asked in disbelief.



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