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Chapter 288 God’s Way Tower


“Heh heh, this is just a legend, no one really knows if it’s true or not. Rumor says that this tower existed in this lake during the earliest days of humanity to prevent anyone from disrupting the balance of power on the Heavenly Star Continent, and also gave the dominating powers of this continent a chance to rise above the stars and go to the continent of gods. According to legend, anyone who can climb to the top of the tower and defeat the person there will be allowed to access the continent of gods.” Yan Qinghong explained slowly.


Chu Jingtian and Leng Ya were moved by listening to this incredible legend. “Has anyone tried?” Chu Jingtian asked.


“Of course. Since the olden days, countless individuals have risen to the peak of power on this continent. But I’ve never heard of anyone succeeding. So whether or not one can head to the heavenly realm, there’s no basis of fact. But other than the gods, who could construct such a tower? I don’t think that part of the legend is false.”




“Never.” Yan Qinghong responded.


“Not even my grandfather?”


“Hahaha…” Yan Qinghong shook his head with a laugh. “Seven hundred years ago, a champion who seemed strong as the gods attempted to climb up the God’s Way Tower three times so he could access the continent of gods and obtain a legendary breakthrough. But each of the three times he failed. The final time, he climbed for seven days and nights with remarkable fortitude and strength, but never saw the peak of the tower. Finally he fell from exhaustion. Although he survived, he was drained of all his powers and became crippled. Soon thereafter he died, full of regret.”


“S-s-even days, seven nights?!” Chu Jingtian was so shocked his jaw almost fell off, his eyes even wider than a cow’s. He turned his gaze to Leng Ya standing next to him, stuttering. “Did you hear that, seven days seven nights!”


How much could a champion with godlike powers climb in seven days and seven nights? It must be a staggering number. Yet still he failed to even see the top. So how tall must this tower be…more frighteningly, such a tall tower with such a thin body somehow still managed to stay standing after so many years, never falling or wavering.


It was impossible that humans could have achieved something like that.


Leng Ya snorted. Only an ignorant idiot like this could have never heard the legend of the God’s Way Tower.


“Haha, so what if you reach the top of the tower? What is there to do in the continent of gods? The strength those champions obtained is the creme of the crop here, allowing them to do whatever they want and live however they like without anyone interfering. But if they go to the continent of the gods, they’ll only be average there. Only real idiots who have bought into all that crap about martial arts and magic would want to go there.”


“You’re so right! Dad, you’re exactly right. But if big brother Master went to the continent of gods, I would go too.”


“Ah, you little brat. Just give me a break in front of so many people.”


Two voice, one hearty and free-spirited, one airy and melodic, rang out behind them, as well as several footsteps. Yan Qinghong and Yan Qingping had sensed their presence long ago, and watched them approach with smiles on their faces. Chug Jintian and Leng Ya turned around at the same time. Now it was five people, three men and two women. The three men were one old, one middle-aged, one young, while the two women were middle-aged and young respectively.


The man walking in the very front was dressed very simply. He looked to be in his sixties, and wore a kind smile. Behind him a middle-aged woman followed in clothes of rough fabric. She looked like she came straight out of the countryside, and the weathered looks on their faces made them look like a farmer couple who labored in the fields day after day. The young man and woman walking next to them were a lot more eye-catching. The man was in his twenties and wore a sharp black outfit from head to toe. His eyes were bright with intensity, with a powerful aura. The woman walking next to him was beautiful, with bright teeth and pretty eyes, and looked to be no more than fifteen or sixteen. Yet she was the tallest out of all of them. She was willowy but not too thin, wearing a decorative light yellow dress that hung to her ankles, hiding legs that were clearly long, slender, and graceful.


“Tianwei, seems like we were all a bit early getting here.” Yan Qinghong said to the old man.


“Heh heh. You should view that as a positive. At least we can observe every other attendee, without missing a single one.” The old man responded with a smile.


“Absolutely.” Yan Qinghong nodded.


“So you’re Master’s friends? Hey, hey! What are you looking at! I’m big brother Master’s woman. Even if you’re his friends, I’ll dig your eyeballs out!” The young girl who Chu Jingtian was staring at put her hands on her hips, and threatened him in her pretty voice.


Only then did Chu Jingtian look down, speaking with embarrassment. “You’re so tall, little girl. It’s the first time I’ve seen a girl as tall as me…Oh, right, are you talking about Brother Ye?”


“Hmph! Exactly! I’m big brother master’s woman. Other than him, no one is allowed to stare at me like that!” Yan Gongruo said, her lips curled.


“Oh, oh.” It was the first time Chu Jingtian had met such a frightening girl. A long time ago his grandfather had told him not to try and reason with women like these.


“Heh heh. These two must be Brother Chu and Brother Ye. You are Master’s friends, so you are our friends too. My name is Gongluo, and I am two years your elder. If you aren’t against it, call me Third Brother. This is my little sister Gongruo. This is my little sister Gongruo. She’s a little young so she is quite forthright. Please don’t be offended.” The young man with a calm expression, Yan Gongluo, stepped up and spoke to them.


Although Chu Jingtian was often quite odd when it came to speaking or socializing, he liked interacting with people like this who spoke simple words. Immediately he grinned at him, “All right, all right, then I’ll call you Third Brother.” Leng Ya nodded at them as a way of acknowledgement.


“This is my grandfather, just call him Grandpa. These are my parents, you can call them Uncle Gen and Aunt Chunhua. We’re family members with Grandpa Dacong and Grandma Conghua. So in the future you can count on us like family.” Yan Gongluo said with a smile. He already knew Chu Jingtian and Leng Ya’s backgrounds from the past few days of pondering.


“These two are quite the characters, no wonder they’re Master’s friends.” Yan Qiusha giggled like a little woman. It was quite a stark contrast between her appearance as a farmer’s wife and the enchanting, clear ring of her laugh. Yan Duancang, who lived under his wife’s thumb, nodded emphatically in agreement, admiring Leng Ya and Chu Jingtian. Among the North Emperor’s offspring, young people of their age had quite amazing achievements, but they could only do so because they had the blood of the North Emperor and therefore were able to use the Heat Flare summons to draw out enormous strength that no normal person could even dare hope for. The fact that these two men had managed to achieve this level of strength meant that they needed to possess the fortitude for hard work, intelligence, and astonishing natural talent. Although at the moment they were were only showing a quarter of their full potential, if they worked hard at it they would have the strength to shake the heavens.


Chu Jingtian…while he greeted him, these warm faces gave him quite a friendly feeling. In a good mood, he even forgot about the fact that everyone was addressing Ye Wuchen as Master.


“Grandpa Dacong, is big brother Master still not here yet?” Yang Gongruo was already excited and full of anticipation when she arrived. When she spoke, her eyes kept glancing around.


“He never said he would come, and he never said he wouldn’t.” Yan Qinghong smiled mysteriously and said no more than that.


“Ah? How could he not show up! I begged Grandpa for so long to be able to get here, and all I wanted to do was see Master…I haven’t seen him in so long…” Yan Gongruo started to panic, and she spoke with a pitiful look on her face.


“Little Sister, didn’t you just see him a few days ago?” Yan Gongluo said, with a half-smile.


“Hmph! What are you saying? He hasn’t looked for me for three days. And when he came over three days ago he brought another woman with him…ah…a really pretty woman, too. He wanted me and Big Sis to take care of her…ah, he only knows how to pick on me.” Yan Gongruo said, both annoyed and sad.


Yan Qinghong and Yan Qingping glanced at one another with a smile, thinking the same thought. “Ah, how marvelous it is to be young!”


Yan Tianwei laughed out loud. “Little girl, stop messing around. Master has his own plans, and he will appear when he should. Are you really afraid that he’s running away from you?”


“Then…Grandpa, am I allowed to go up and fight this time?” Yan Gongruo could only shift the topic, asking the question with a dripping sweet voice.


Yan Tianwei glanced around. He only spoke in a low voice after confirming that no outsiders were here. “According to Master’s arrangements, this Magic Force meeting is a stage for us to establish our strength. In other words, we need to show what we have, in full force with nothing held back. When people hear our voices, they need to understand that we are as gods…” He paused, glancing over at Chu Jingtian and Leng Ya. The two of them seemed to be thinking. “So even though there are only seven of us here, among that four of us are the strongest. We brought your Third Brother to train him. As for you…you can just watch and amuse yourself. Whether or not you fight, is up to you.”


The intent behind his words was extremely clear–you’re just here for no other reason than to hang out and watch the show.


Unsurprisingly, Gongruo’s lips curled. “Grandpa, you’re not taking me seriously! I might not be as good as Big Bro or Big Sis, but I never slacked off when I was training with Grandma. She said that I’m pretty good too, and I can beat Little Hua and Little E already!”


“Little Hua is quite naturally feeble. Isn’t Little E only eleven?” Yan Gongluo murmured.



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