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Chapter 289 The Meeting of Magic Force in Tianchen


“Heh, it’s up to you. Hopefully you’ll be able to learn something from all of this. We were all born for our Master, and our training is the tool we use to serve him. That is what you lack. Thinking back to it, my grandfather’s generation was quite far-sighted. They warned us that even if we were trapped in that barrier beneath the abyss, we should never abandon our training, and instead treat it as our top priority. Right now, everything has come together to justify all the wisdom they left us. Girl, since you claim you’re Master’s woman, then you should be putting yourself forward even more than the rest of us. To stand by his side means to protect him with your own two hands instead of waiting for him to protect you. If you do that, you’ll only be a burden to him. So in the future don’t slack on your training. Do you understand?” Yan Tianwei said in a meaningful tone.


In front of Chu Jingtian and Leng Ya, he didn’t hold back what he was saying. If he didn’t trust the people that Ye Wuchen did, it meant that he didn’t trust Ye Wuchen himself. That being said, Chu Jingtian and Leng Ya seemed completely confused by what he was saying.


Once again Yan Gongruo had been disciplined calmly by her grandfather. When it came to lessons about Master, however, she never argued back, instead responding obediently. “I understand, Grandpa…then Grandpa, how is this meeting supposed to start? What are the rules? Is it just like our own annual competition where we draw straws?”


“Of course not, because this isn’t a competition where a single round decides victory or the goal is to win. For the Meeting of Magic Force in Tianchen, the most important thing is really display of power.” Yan Tianwei responded.


“Display?” The young folks present issued the same question.


“Exactly. This competition is intended to show the people throughout this world who the ultimate champions are. Any no-names can make themselves famous by being able to put on a show during this competition. For example, us.” Yan Qinghong responded seriously.


“During the last competition there was no first place, but the world learned of four champions with godly strength. This is also a free competition without rigid rules or elimination. Even if you’re defeated by someone, you can still challenge someone else. If we’re going to talk about rules, I suppose we could lay out some of the most basic ground rules: only one-on-one matches allowed, unless the other person allows for multiple people against one. No matter if your opponent is good or evil or a sworn enemy, even if they’re completely wicked, even if they killed your family and took your wife, on the day of the tournament itself group attacks and revenge-seeking behaviors are not allowed, or you will be listed as a retaliation target by the Southern and Northern Emperor’s offspring. Finally, the fact that weapons have no mercy: whether you live or die in battle is your own fate.”


“Someone is coming.” Yan Qinghong had barely finished when Yan Tianwei’s brow furrowed, his low voice ringing out.


Everyone nodded. Yan Duancang spoke in a low voice, “Fourth, the rest of us are fine out in the open, but you need to cover your face up for now.”


“Understood.” Yan Gongruo responded, covering her face with a white cloth she had already prepared. The only thing visible were her bright, lively eyes.


A pale, fat monk walked over slowly, appearing in their field of vision. He looked to be forty or fifty years old, with a wide chin and abnormally small eyes. In his hand he held a damaged palm fan, and he wore a threadbare monk’s robes. Even though it was fall and the weather was slightly chilly, he wore the robes open, showing his chest. Seeing that there was a crowd of people already there before him, his mouth split open wide in an eerie smile, his gaze sweeping over them one by one, finally landing on Yan Gongruo. His narrowed eyes glowed with an increasingly creepy air.


The more he looked at Yan Gongruo the more she felt goosebumps rising all over her body, then anger surging through her. She was about to stand out and shout at him before Yan Gongluo stopped him. “This man is a frightening perverted monk who appeared in the past decade in Kui Shui Country, named Flowerless Monk. While he’s a monk, he enjoys taking his pleasure from the wives and daughters of others. Although his evil deeds have spread through Kui Shui, no one can do anything about him. Not surprising that he showed up.”


“…Is he strong?” Yan Gongruo suppressed the urge to gouge the monk’s eyes out, moving behind Yan Qiusha to avoid his gaze. Only then did she feel a bit more comfortable.


“Very strong. If he weren’t strong, he wouldn’t be here. There are fewer than three people who can win against him in a fight in Kui Shui Country.” Yan Gongluo said, his gaze dead serious.


“I can’t believe he’s checking me out…I’m going to take his eyes out!” Yan Gongruo’s brows shot up and she all but growled her words.


Although it was a long distance away, that distance was nothing to someone really powerful. Her voice rang in the Flowerless Monk’s ears, and his smile became even more creepy.


Every one of these champions among champions had their own points of pride. The strong were always used to appearing last, so none of them were willing to show up too early. All of that was also within Yan Tianwei and his crew’s speculation.



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