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Chapter 290 The God of Illusion’s Son


The appearance of these individuals from the Northern Emperor sect meant that the Tianchen Magic Force meeting was about to officially start. A very subtle transformation occurred in the atmosphere. Although Yan Ximing was the young master of the Northern Emperor sect, very few knew of him. Among the incredibly strong champions, the only ones who recognized him were Yan Tianwei’s crew. Even Yan Ximing himself didn’t think that anyone here would know his name or identity. His reason for appearing here, of course, was to see the champions in this land. Usually neither the Southern or Northern Emperors’ sects would attend the Magic Force Meeting. At most there would be a few members there to watch. It wasn’t clear whether they were trying to stay out of worldly conflicts, or…that they simply held all of that in disdain.


This Magic Force Meeting that occurred once every twenty-five years boasted no fancy stages, no flowery opening statements. To true champions, these were all excess. The oldest among the four elders, clearly the leader, walked ahead under the gaze of all those present. He stopped in the center, his hands behind his back. His eyes glowed with an aura of power as he glanced over everyone. In a resounding voice, he spoke. “Heroes from throughout the land, I am Yan Zheng: The Northern Emperor sect’s captain of discipline. I won’t waste time on talking. Forgive my humble display. I am here to admire the strength of heroes of all stripes.”


Saying this, he raised both hands slowly, both of them glowing with a faint red light.


Only the Southern or Northern Emperor’s sects could hope to serve as judges for this Magic Force Meeting where all the champions throughout the land gathered, as only they could hope to hold an advantage over the rest. Other than serving as witnesses, they also opened up the tournament, initiating the tournament of competitions between the strongest of the strong.


Yan Zheng, the elder of discipline of the Northern Emperor’s sect. Judging from their clothes, the other three elders traveling with him were also elders of discipline. Yan Zheng must be the strongest among them.


No one present had ever heard of Yan Zheng’s name, or seen him in person before. But no one dared to underestimate him. Any man who could become a discipline elder among the Northern Emperor sect must be incredibly powerful.


Very few on the Heavenly Star Continent could reach a godly level of power. Among the four countries, the amount of people who achieved that level would never average above ten people–of course, these numbers were only publicly recognized champions. Most didn’t recognize the strong among Northern and Southern Emperor’s sects. If they were added up, they would come up to a higher number than all four countries added together.


Yan Zheng, this man who no one had heard of, was emanating enough aura in this moment for everyone to tell that he had achieved an astonishing level of power. Even a conservative estimate would put him in the middle of the godly class.


In the previous Tianchen Magic Force Meeting, the individual sent out by the Southern Emperor sect was also a man no one had ever heard of. He was in his fifties, and possessed abilities that ranked high on the spirit level, close to godly levels. Now that the Northern Emperor sect had sent a godly level champion just to announce the beginning of the competition, all the assorted fighters felt a touch of shock and dejectedness.


Chu Jingtian wanted to jump up without hesitation, but seeing that Yan Tianwei and Yan Qinghong alongside the others were all still, Leng Ya silent like an ice sculpture, he felt the confidence in his heart fade and he shrunk back.


In the silence, a man appeared in front of Yan Zheng suddenly, facing him. He hadn’t opened his mouth yet before Yan Zheng managed to speak. “Born of Kui Shui Country, son of the God of Illusions Wu Qiaocui, Wu Sansi! A man whose name rings through the Southwest of Kui Shui, intimidating all.”


The man’s eyes narrowed. “It seems like the Northern Emperor sect was just as impressive as I had heard.”


Not many had heard of the name Wu Sansi before. But the title “Son of the God of Illusions Wu Qiaocui” made everyone’s gaze change. Even those who were looking tired beforehand started to observe him closely. The man was in his forties, slightly skinnier than average. Nothing about his appearance was remarkable: he was the type of man who would be forgotten among a crowd. Everyone took the time to remember his name and his face.


“Wasn’t he the guy who was talking with us just now? God of Illusions Wu Qiaocui? Is that impressive?” Gongruo poked Ya Duancang.


Chu Jingtian’s mouth dropped wide. “H-he’s that God of Illusion’s son?” he muttered to himself.


“Oh? You’ve heard of him?” Yan Duancang asked with interest.


Chu Jintian shook his head. “No, but I’ve heard of the God of Illusions Wu Qiaocui. When I was very young, my grandfather mentioned him frequently. He said he was the most difficult opponent that he had ever encountered. Not only was he incredibly nimble, his unpredictable illusions were the most fearful thing about him. When my grandfather fought him twenty-five years ago, he could produce thirty-six indistinguishable clones. Now he must be even more frightful. Since this man is his son, he must be just as strong as the God of Illusions twenty-five years ago.”


Yan Duancong nodded, then shook his head, muttering. “The God of Illusions is strong enough to wear the title of ‘god’. But there are incredibly strict definitions on what it means to become a god, and not everyone can meet them. Even though this man is the son of the God of Illusions and a master in his own right, he can’t be the second God of Illusions. At least not yet.”


“Oh?” Chu Jingtian was shocked.


“Twenty-five years ago, when the God of Illusions was your current age, he could conjure up thirty-six indistinguishable clones. Let me see whether or not you match up.” Yan Zheng raised his hands, releasing that intense heat of power once more.


Wu Sansi raised his hands. He had never used any sort of weapons in his life. “My father’s talent comes once in a thousand years. I don’t dare compare myself to him, but I won’t embarrass him either…let us start.”


The words had barely been spoken when his body shuddered intensely. His expression froze still.


In that moment, Yan Zheng suddenly shifted his gaze, glancing up to his upper left. His right palm shot out.


His movement in itself was shocking. An intense wave of power concentrated into spinning, formless air, shooting out from his hand.


To an ordinary person trying to train in the Southern Emperor’s water powers and the Northern Emperor’s fire abilities, these would seem like nothing but ordinary skills. Other than a few unique moves, there was nothing special. But if someone in the bloodlines trained with them, they would spark the godliness of their own inheritance. After reaching a certain level in training, the power they accomplish melds with their blood and is incredibly easy to release and control.


In that moment Wu Sansi’s body disappeared like thin air,  appearing in the direction that Yan Zheng had struck. With no way to escape, he could only confront the heat head on. With a thud, Yan Zheng’s body shuddered, Yu Sansi flipping twice through the air lightly before landing on the ground with a solemn expression.


“You needn’t be shocked. I have heard of the God of Illusions’ ‘Afterimage Illusion’, so I was prepared to confront it. If this were my first time dealing with it, I would be at a disadvantage.” Yan Zheng said this expressionlessly.


Afterimage Illusion referred to Wu Sansi’s move of seeming like he hadn’t budged, while actually already being somewhere else, surprising his opponent with an attack. This didn’t occur because one was able to move quickly enough to leave an afterimage behind for so long. In fact, it was more a product of perfectly hidden aura and strength, something like a diversion to take advantage of an unprepared opponent. But if the opponent manages to see through it, it leads to a great deal of fluster for the person using the move.


After trying his hand in this round, Wu Sansi’s expression became far more serious. He took a deep breath, his brows furrowing, his breath stopping. Slowly he stepped forward. With this slow movement, an afterimage appeared behind him.


Another step, and the afterimage became clearer. With a third step, it had taken complete shape–it didn’t look like an image, but another version of him. With another step, another image showed up. Narrowing his eyes, Wu Sansi approached Yan Zheng step after step. Those illusions began to intersect and cross each other, becoming more and more confused, making it increasingly difficult to see which ones were real and which ones weren’t. In the chaos, the seven versions of Wu Sansi that were originally overlapping became distinct, darting toward Yan Zheng.


These weren’t illusions created with a great amount of power. Instead they were illusionary bodies that were incredibly similar to one’s true form, created from some unknown methods. This was the frightening technique of Kui Shui Country’s legendary figure Wu Qiaocui. To this day no one knew how these illusionary beings were formed. Confronting the false versions, most people were shocked first and distracted next, before descending into chaos. Among the four legendary figures, Wu Qiaocui might not be the strongest, but he was no doubt the one the remaining three were least willing to fight.


“So this is the ‘Thousand Illusionary Bodies’ that Grandpa was talking about? They look just like real people, so difficult to tell apart!” Chu Jingtian stared at Wu Sansi, exclaiming to himself. It was just like watching a magic trick. But no matter how hard he thought, he couldn’t figure out how Wu Sansi was making those false versions of himself.


One, two three…seven, seven illusionary bodies! Although it wasn’t comparable to Wu Qiaocui’s thirty-six versions, it was still astonishing. Those who had never seen such a thing before were wide-eyed with shock.


The seven false versions attacked Yan Zheng from all different directions. Yan Zheng could have escaped or retaliated, but if he chose the wrong direction to move, he would be struck hard…Faced with these seven beings, however, he didn’t move at all. Instead he called out, a red glow encasing him. Accompanying the sound of his voice, a frightening aura also spread outwards.


The fire spirit chant didn’t depend on actual fire. Even at its peak, it wouldn’t be able to produce the temperature of burning flames. But when it exploded, the incredible heat spread like a wildfire, immediately able to burn everything in the vicinity.



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