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291 Leng Ya vs. Yan Zheng


The seven figures attacked Yan Zheng at the same time. Six of them vanished immediately, leaving only the one attacking from the front. His right fist sunk hard into Yan Zheng’s chest…and oddly enough, Yan Zheng’s body only leaned back slightly, while Wu Sansi’s fist looked like it was being sucked into Yan Zheng’s torso, frozen still.




After a moment, Yan Zheng’s brows furrowed furiously, emitting a shout that was like a shock of thunder. The red glow around him seemed to find its release, zooming to the place he had been struck by Wu Sansi’s fist. It looked like Wu Sansi had been struck by heavy hammers. Moaning in pain, he flew out in the opposite direction. He didn’t recover until his body had almost landed. With a twist, his feet landed on the ground steadily, although his face was still filled with a visible red aura.


“‘Thousand Illusionary Bodies’ is impossible to predict and difficult to defend against. But you are still not as strong as me, and you distribute your strength when you divide into different bodies. With my fire magic, I not only use my hands to release my power, I can do it from every single part of my body. You could say that it’s the perfect counter to your powers. I’d warn you against using these pretty little tricks if you’re hoping to win against me. If you want to win, use your real strength.” Yan Zheng spoke coolly, like an elder educating his student.


Wu Sansi was breathing heavily. The impact just now had damaged his internal organs already. He didn’t need Yan Zheng’s explanation to know exactly what had happened when he was struck just now. That fist had struck hard at Yan Zheng’s torso. When he was creating illusionary bodies, Yan Zheng was already accumulating his own strength. By the time he hit him, that power retaliated against him in a single instant…just as he had said, his power didn’t just release through his limbs, but through every single part of his body.


After a moment’s pause, Wu Sansi letting out a small sigh, he darted forward again. This time he followed Yan Zheng’s advice, no longer using ‘Thousand Illusionary Bodies’, instead charging forward and approaching with nothing but his raw power.


Wu Sansi was most definitely strong, perhaps in the earlier stages of the godly level, but still couldn’t compare to Yan Zheng. His illusionary bodies were most useful when trying to end the fight in a single hit like an assassin, and he wasn’t much for hand-to-hand combat. That, and he had already suffered a sizeable blow. After a few moves, he was beginning to slow down. Although he was still incredibly nimble, Yan Zheng’s intense energy release still forced him to stall, putting him at a disadvantage. Finally, he stepped back with a long sigh after dodging a blow from Yan Zheng. “My skills do not match up to yours. Even if I keep battling, there’s no possible outcome for me but a loss.”


Withdrawing his hands, Yan Zheng spoke coldly. “There’s a saying among those who train in magical forces: speed is enough to break down any move. I believe this is utter nonsense. Before absolute power, all of that is nothing but parlor tricks. If you really put your full strength forward today, you would be able to best me.”


Wu Sansi frowned. “You’re wrong. I only have my own lack of skill to blame. I can’t agree that natural talent and technique won’t match up to raw power…”




Blowing past like a gust of wind, a skinny silhouette stood in front of Wu Sansi. There was a moment’s shock on his face as he thought to himself…incredible, such speed.


A thin, wan face with a stiff expression, cold eyes. Medium height and slightly thin. Standing there was Leng Ya, who had suddenly charged out of the audience. He pointed the Windbreaker Blade at Yan Zheng.


Leng Ya’s appearance drew everyone’s gaze. All eyes fixed on this man, who couldn’t be much older than twenty, but who carried an intense killing intent and will to battle. He had been overlooked by most of them beforehand, but right now the formless aura surrounding him moved even the champions at the peak of Heavenly Star Continent.


Yan Zheng glanced him over, his gaze finally landing on the Windbreaker Blade in his hand. He began to take note of everything about this man. His expression shifted slightly, and he nodded. “I didn’t think I would see a genius talent who will dominate the world so early. Seems this trip today has been fruitful after all.”


Leng Ya had earned such high words of praise from a discipline elder of the Northern Emperor sect, but no one present could say that he was overstating anything. After all, even judging from his aura everyone could tell–this young man who was in no more than his second decade of life had already attained a godly level of power!


It wasn’t unheard of for people of his age to reach that level. Those were all characters who, in the future decades of their lives, had the power to affect the comings and goings of the world. In the past century, only one man was known to have reached that level in his twenties…the Battle God, Feng Zhaoyang.


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