Heavenly Star – Chapter 294 – Blood Kills the Devil Pupils


It was as if Chu Jingtian had heard the most beautiful voice on earth, he hurriedly turned around and stopped thinking of anything else. Those shadows of swords disappeared suddenly without a trace as well, there was a blue arc emitted from the Cangming arc and retreated back into the scabbard behind him.


Chu Jing quickly ran to the edge of the cliff, and when he just approached, a black figure rushed in front of his eyes, turning over his body, and landed behind him. It was…Leng Ya who fell into the Luochen Lake after being injured by Yan Zheng!


The appearance of Leng Ya had condensed the whole atmosphere, even the wind seemed colder. His eyes which were filled with suspense suddenly turned into extreme horror.


Chu Jingtian didn’t have the mood to detect the sudden change of the atmosphere. He turned around and ran to Leng Ya. Then, he almost jumped out of excitement, “Ice face, it turned out to be you. And you’re fine! That’s great! I thought…I thought…oh! What happened to your eyes? Your eyes!”


It seemed that Chu Jingtian was stunned by the eyes of Leng Ya, he noticed the eerie change of the atmosphere. He was the one who’s the closest to Leng Ya, and he felt a sudden surge of coldness, making him want to retreat and get farther away.


Leng Ya was soaked all over, his hair, mouth, and chest were stained with blood that was not washed away in the water. And his eyes…those could no longer be described as eyes. At least, they were not a pair of human eyes, but those of a beast…wait, a beast wouldn’t even have horrible eyes like that…they would rather believe that those eyes belong to a demon.


There were no pupils, no white parts, only redness in the whole area, the two bloody pupils emitted a red light like a devil…and a disgustingly bloody smell.


“…you…what happened to your eyes…” Chu Jingtian knew that his teeth were trembling, even he was shivering when he uttered every word.


“Give that to me…” Leng Ya was expressionless, and his bloody eyes were staring at the stunned Yan Zheng, the broken wind blade held by his right hand was continuously releasing a flashing green light, drops of ice-cold water ran along the blade to the tip, then to the ground.


“Ah…alright.” Chu Jingtian almost nodded subconsciously and quickly stepped back in suspicion. He knew the nature of Leng Ya, from his tone, no one would reject his order. The current state of Leng Ya also gave him an extra layer of pressure.


“Blood kills the devil pupil!” In the faint wind, finally, someone shouted a name that swayed in their hearts with a low voice and affirmed the terrible assumption in their hearts.


The pair of eyes… the name that gives people goosebumps…a bloody disaster has already become inevitable. If it’s not him, it would be somebody else.


Chu Jingtian returned to Yan Tianwei, and they haven’t recovered from the shock. When they heard the voice next to their ears, he murmured to himself, “blood kills the devil pupils? What’s that?”


“Blood Kills the Devil Pupils is the name of eyes of a demon. As early as three thousand years ago, this pair of eyes created a murderous madman whom no one dared not touch. Seven hundred years ago, there was another Blood Kills the Devil Pupils, also someone covered in blood all over his body.” When looking at the figure of Leng Ya, Yan Qinghong frowned and said.


“Well…Is it possible that even Ice Face has…no, his eyes are not like that, they didn’t use to look like that.” Chu Jingtian shook his head since he couldn’t believe it at all, he was full of complex emotions.


“These Bloody Pupils only appear when a person’s murderousness expands to a certain extent. Usually, this person looks just like an ordinary one, but since he possesses a pair of bloody pupils, he would release a sense of murder that’s several times more than an ordinary person. Ordinary people don’t like the blood that much, and have a natural resistance to killing, but one who has a pair of bloody pupils is born to kill. Even after their first time of killing, they don’t have any discomfort or fear afterward. He’d be granted the best moment to kill once his bloody pupils are stimulated. And such a strong sense of killing can only fade away after he kills someone. Then, his eyes will resume to normal…whenever the bloody pupils appear, that’s his strongest moment, whoever stands his way will get killed!”


Chu Jingtian, “!!!”


Yan Qinghong glanced inadvertently upward and whispered, “the master is really knowledgeable. His eyes have really turned into bloody pupils.”


“Master? Did brother Ye already know?”


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