“No,” Yan Qinghong shook his head, “the master only made a guess before. That’s because a person is born with his talents, and his Qi is also born with, but a person’s sense of killing is usually acquired later in life. When the master first met Leng Ya, he thought that Leng Ya was not so experienced in all areas and he acted quite naïve. Although he hated his father, there was no way Leng Ya wanted to kill him. However, his sense of killing was so prevalent that it had surpassed his strength, which made the master so confused. Then, out of an occasion, the master heard about the story of bloody pupils, and he had been paying attention to that ever since. The master’s scope of knowledge is really impressive, and no one knows better than he does…the usually arrogant Leng Ya was beaten by Yan Zheng, who wanted to get rid of him altogether by throwing him off Luochen Cliff. Then, Leng Ya, whose anger and sense of killing was triggered by this insult, reappeared with these bloody pupils!”


“This should be one of the reasons why the master does not let us intervene in any way. Although Leng Ya is strong, he has no advantages in positive confrontation. At this Magic Martial Arts conference, he might as well attract people who wanted to get rid of his power…all these had long been expected by the master. The master had said that his sense of killing and talents would make him a horrifying murderer one day. And I think he’s right.” Yan Tianwei continued.


“A person who can be recognized by the master will never be a simple one.” Yan Gongluo exclaimed, and looked at Chu Jingtian with admiration, then turned his eyes back to Leng Ya. The sense of killing was so imminent that it could make any strong person shiver. He only realized today that even a human being could be this scary, he believed strongly that this sense of killing alone would be enough to kill lives.


The bloody pupils slowly opened, making dozens of hearts began to violently beat. Even the clouds started to turn chaotic, and gradually, they have become a sly devil’s face…


The aim of those bloody pupils was fixed on one person, making this senior from the Northern Emperor sect’s heart and eyes twitch and shrink, just like being eaten alive by a demon.


“Young master, this person…”


“We’ll see.”


“Are we going to watch senior being…”


“You mean, our senior will die in his hands?” Yan Ximing asked deeply.


“That’s true…according to the tale, once the bloody pupils are opened, someone has to die. If it’s not him, then it’s someone else. The senior is now in a critical injury, and that person…master, from his sense of killing, you should know how horrifying he is by now! He is completely different now, even if the senior has fully recovered, he will no longer be able to fight back.”


Yan Ximing’s brows were getting tighter and tighter, and they were locked together. Yan Zheng fought heavily as he wanted to destroy Leng Ya, he’d never have expected that Leng Ya would come back under this state, his shining eyes with a blinding bloody light. If everything happens according to what they’ve said, then Yan Zheng would surely be killed today. If Yan Zheng chose to surrender, the “perfect image” that the Northern Emperor sect has shown all along would undoubtedly be damaged. His father Yan Duanhun and everyone from the sect would object.


“It is really worth coming today. The Tianchen Magic Martial Arts Conference is much more interesting than I thought. Over these years, I’ve always underestimated the masters in the world, and unexpectedly…I was really too short-sighted. I am not sure if father would regret not coming if he knew about it.” Yan Ximing said slowly.


“Young master, that’s not the case. Even I have rarely seen someone like the man named Leng Ya and the descendant of the Sword God. If there is another one appearing on the big Tianchen continent, it would be a long time after. The young master, don’t worry about it too much.”


Yan Ximing didn’t speak any further, he had always believed that among the young generation, except Shui Wuque from the Southern Emperor sect, no one was even similar. And today, the appearance of Chu Jingtian and Leng Ya together were entirely shocking to him. In the almost condensed air, he slowly uttered these words, “do not move!”


The surrounding world became horrifyingly cold and quiet. It was even difficult to speak. Yan Zheng slowly got up from the ground, and he had unbearable pain all over his body. He hoarsely said, “I wanted to take away your life, and now, you just want to do the same to me…unexpectedly, I have just called and awakened the legendary bloody pupils. Seven hundred years ago, the same bloody pupils even hurt the leader of the Northern Emperor sect. If I have the honor to be killed by the bloody pupils, I’ll have no regrets in my life!”


His words meant that even if he had to sacrifice his life, he wouldn’t choose to run away from Leng Ya. The dignity of the Northern Emperor sect was more important than his own life. One can see how sensitive this pair of devil pupils are to the smell of death. However, he had never expected to encounter such an incident on the martial arts conference.




Without warning, Leng Ya’s right hand slammed up, and the Broken Wind blade drew a line like a meteor across the sky. A scream rang in the ear and pierced into people’s heart, giving everyone a sense of horror.


The right hand of Leng Ya, originally let down, raised in the air again. From the position where he started to raise it, they seemed to have spotted a slightly invisible line, as if…the space was cut open and a crack was formed.


“It’s so strong…no wonder they’re the bloody pupils!” Yan Tianwei shouted in his low voice, and his face showed horror.


“Indeed. It’s incredibly fast his time!” Yan Gongluo said.


“No, it’s not fast…Yan Zheng, he’s already dead.” Yan Qinghong said in a cold voice that had stunned Yan Gongluo. What’s the terrible result created from the sword of Leng Ya? In the martial arts conference, only him, Yan Qingping, Yan Tianwei, Yan Duancang would know clearly about what had just happened. For the others, they would at most be shocked by the speed of the sword and the tearing force of Leng Ya, and they would never know that…

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