Heavenly Star – Chapter 295 – Instant Kill! One Line Sky!


Yan Zheng was keeping the same expression, and he didn’t have the chance to express his fear vocally before he fell slowly…not forward nor backward, but his whole body was separated evenly from his head to his genitals, his left and right parts fell to the ground.


The air was suddenly filled with a strong bloody smell, and people’s pupils enlarged after seeing this scene, they failed to control their shock.


There were several dozens of meters apart between Leng Ya and Yan Zheng…regardless of the distance, even with the strength of Yan Zheng, a normal knife wouldn’t be able to harm him a bit. With Leng Ya’s knife, however, Yan Zheng was cut into two halves even when he was standing so far away. What’s more horrifying is that the Broken Wind Blade was so powerful and acted so quickly that if Yan Zheng didn’t fall, no one would have noticed. It also means that if Leng Ya did this to anyone else, none of them would have enough time to react, let alone to hide.


Chu Jingtian was completely shocked, so was Yan Gongluo, Yan Gongruo, and Yan Ximing…even these high-level masters wouldn’t believe their eyes.


Was this…the horror of the Blood Kills the Devil Pupils? Once they’re open, it also means the awakening of a giant demon.


“One…line…sky…” Looking forward, Leng Ya used his cold voice to slowly utter these three words. After opening his devil pupils for the first time, his skills greatly surpassed all the masters from the Northern Emperor sect, making him the strongest fighter ever.


After Yan Zheng had attempted to kill him, Leng Ya’s heart was then filled with hatred and killed him with one strike, washing away entirely his insult.


Then, the light of the bloody pupils began to dim, gradually losing the color of the blood, and the sense of killing in the air began to fade with the wind and became thin. Leng Ya slowly closed his eyes and fell straight to the ground in the eyes of everyone. The man who forced him to open the devil pupils was dead, and his intention to kill also disappeared. After suffering from a severe injury from Yan Zheng, after jumping off the Luochen Cliff, and after releasing the “One line sky”, his power was totally gone. Now without a purpose, he fell straightly.

“Ice face!”


Chu Jingtian rushed over to help him, he was anxiously shouting and when he finally touched the body of Leng Ya, its coldness shocked him. Leng Ya weakly opened his eyes, which were no longer bloody but completely normal now, they also looked disintegrated.


Although he fell, people perceived him the same way. This is definitely someone that you couldn’t afford to offend, and once his bloody pupils are forced open, it’s like wakening the God of death…he only used his knife once and it was powerful enough to kill a strong master alive. On the Tianchen continent, it was impossible for anyone to do the same – even for the biggest four masters. All these were achieved by a man in his early 20s.


The endless sky was filled with clouds. There were no other colors. For the top-level masters, even a flying insect would be seen clearly. However, no one would expect that a man was quietly floating far in the sky, his calm-looking eyes were looking downward. He was wearing a silver mask, and his outfit seemed to have integrated with the clouds, making him look like standing on the clouds, like the God checking everything on Earth.


“One line sky.” He repeated these words that were said by Leng Ya. There was a slight smile under his silver mask.


Chu Jingtian helped Leng Ya to stand up, and so did Yan Gongluo. He anxiously asked, “how are you feeling?”


“I’m okay.” Leng Ya answered simply. His voice was weak, yet it was cold as usual.


“He has been severely injured by Yan Zheng. Don’t move him too much for now. Someone will help him recover.” Yan Tianwei said.


Chu Jingtian nodded hard. He supported Leng Ya to sit against the stone wall, and asked, “Ice Face, what happened to your eyes? How come they became the devil pupils as Grandpa Dacong said?”


“Because I wanted to kill.” Leng Ya answered coldly. Then, he closed his eyes and there was no more movement.


Everyone’s eyes moved along with Leng Ya, and the incident had attracted their attention. Yan Zheng died, but he did not die in the hands of Chu Jingtian, he died in the hands of Leng Ya. Leng Ya used his knife only once to get rid of Yan Zheng. The three masters from the Northern Emperor sect who came with him felt so painful that their hearts seemed to be pressed by a giant stone. They were the witnesses of the Tianchen Magic Martial Arts conference, and they could never break any rules. However, they had to helplessly witness this unacceptable fact.


For the previous editions of the Tianchen Magic Martial Arts conference, people from the Southern or the Northern Emperor sects, who acted as witnesses, had never been killed. That’s because no one dared to offend the two sects. This time, Yan Zheng’s brutality and the two “geniuses” that participated had totally broken this rule.


The three masters made noises with their fists, and they could no longer keep their cool. How could they bear with this insult? Yan Ximing dared not look at the corpse of Yan Zheng, which was cut open into two, and didn’t order anyone to take it away…this time, the Northern Emperor only let four masters from his sect to stay there.


“Those few people, do you know their background?” Yan Ximing glanced at Yan Tianwei and the others who accompanied Chu Jingtian and Leng Ya. He couldn’t help but have doubts…these few unknown people, together with Chu Jingtian and Leng Ya who were unfamous…how is it possible that they had such overwhelming power?


The three masters shook their heads at the same time, implying that they didn’t have any information regarding these people. Yan Ximing frowned more tightly.


After Yan Zheng died, the Northern Emperor had also completely lost face. Also, after Leng Ya retreated, there was no one else to be challenged. Yan Ximing slightly breathed, “remember those people…this conference is really unexpectedly interesting. I had never thought that me, the Northern Emperor, would be the first one to take this heavy blow. I will save the face that I’ve lost!”


After he finished, he used his feet to point to the ground and his body instantly flew up. He turned around elegantly in the air, like leaves that flew along with the wind. He casually looked at the surrounding environment, his clothes were in snow white and they were light, he was also wearing a light smile, looking relaxed. People were impressed to see such an elegant and gentle person.


Yan Zheng’s separated corpse was lying not far from Yan Ximing. Yan Ximing didn’t look at it further, he just said plainly, “Master Yan Zheng passed away, unfortunately. Although we’re sad, he really took a heavy blow against Leng Ya before. It’s karma, we have nothing to comment about that, and we won’t have any hatred. I’m Yan Ximing from the Northern Emperor sect, and I know that there’re many masters in the world, we just knew too little before. I can’t wait to learn from all you masters.”


Not many people knew about Yan Ximing, nor had they seen his face. Naturally, not many of them knew that he was the young master of the sect. He was acting really humble and many people began to admire him, yet no one looked down on him because of his humility. He turned around and glanced at Chu Jingtian’s position, he said with a smile, “little brother, I know how difficult it is to control a sword, yet I’ve rarely seen anyone who can control a sword as well as you do. I’m not sure if I could learn from you.”


Chu Jingtian wanted to answer, but Yan Gongluo immediately rushed forward and laughed at Yan Ximing, “Yan Ximing? Hey…I had high expectations on the Northern Emperor sect, but my expectations have totally been overrated. Even the biggest master was not the opponent of my brother Chu, and for you…well, first, show me if you’re qualified enough to fight with brother Chu!”


When he finished, his body flew up and landed not far away from Yan Ximing. He laughed at Yan Ximing coldly and revealed his arrogance.


Chu Jingtian won over Yan Zheng, who was eventually killed by Leng Ya. They were relying on their real power. Although it made the Northern Emperor sect lose face, they had nothing to argue against it. Yan Gongluo, however, just wanted to insult the sect. The three masters’ facial expressions changed, and Yan Ximing’s face instantly looked dark as well. How could someone be so arrogant to the Northern Emperor sect? They either have to be ignorant or looking for death!


“I think you’re overrated.” Yan Ximing squinted his eyes and said coldly.


“Well, let’s try and we’ll know.” Yan Gongluo replied with a cold smile, his hands slowly raised.

“Please let us know your name first.”


“Xie Gongluo!” Yan Gongluo’s another cold reply.


Xie? Is there someone with the last name as “Xie” on the Tianchen continent? Everyone was confused, and they were paying attention to the two people. Another two young people! One of them is from the Northern Emperor sect, although young, he’s destined to be different. People wouldn’t find it unacceptable even if he has already reached sky-level skills. But, as for this “Xie Gongluo” who dared to act so arrogantly in front of the Northern Emperor sect, he must have overwhelming skills as well then?


They came together, three old people, two middle-aged men, and four youngsters. Among them, one of them was a descendant of the God of Sword, who had unbelievable skills in swordsmanship, and he also made people anticipate the birth of the future God of Sword. Another one is Leng Ya, who showed them sky-level power and opened his devil pupils…so, does it mean that the other young people in this group would again bring them a shocking performance?


The answer was then shown to them beautifully.

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