Heavenly Star – Chapter 296 – The Mystery of Northern Emperor, Turning Qi Into Arrows


Yan Ximing’s clothes suddenly bulged, and hot air flow was dispersing from his body, bringing up a surge of chaotic wind, forming a vortex of wind and rushing toward Yan Gongluo at his front. The power of Yan Ximing, naturally, had the characteristics of “inflammation” – it’s burning, violent, powerful, sometimes strong and sometimes gentle, both offensive and defensive. The burning air was approaching Yan Gongluo slowly, and the air became stuffy, space was a bit twisted as well, showing how powerful this silent power was.


After all, the Northern Emperor Sect was the Northern Emperor Sect. Although he was not moving, he could bring such overwhelming changes with only one motion of his hand, there were not many people better than him in this world.




It was another wind, which was different from the quiet wind of Yan Ximing, this surge of wind was cool and rapid, and it brought another wind…then, another amazing scene suddenly appeared, the undulating vortex was blown away by the wind, and the next second, everything had disappeared. Even the heat completely vanished, as if it had never appeared before.


Yan Ximing, who had always appeared as calm, finally realized what had happened. With the experiences of Chu Jingtian, and Leng Ya, he had never attempted to look down on this person because of his young age. That’s why he tested him with ‘Qi’ before attacking…nonetheless, he had never expected that this strength of Yan Soul could be eliminated so easily and so quickly. On top of that, the strength of another party brought him a familiar, yet strange feeling. With such a brief test, he had already become increasingly worried.


However, on the face of Yan Gongluo, there was a brief, sarcastic smile. The Yan Soul Spell…in terms of the purity of the Yan soul, the familiarity to its strength and its control, who else could be more superior than Yan Gongluo in the whole Tianchen continent? Only him with the purest blood of the Northern Emperor!


This “competition” that had lasted for a short while was enough to make the three seniors of the Northern Emperor Sect stunned. Even the top-level masters were shocked…and now they understood that the younger generation would surpass the older ones. Those masters with grey hair suddenly realized that they had indeed grown old. The few young people who were standing in front of them had shown such sharpness. Aside from being stunned, they also felt ashamed. All of a sudden, they thought of retreating and giving way to these new, young talents.




With a slight sound, Yan Ximing had a brown, soft sword in his hands. This soft sword had always been inside his clothes, attached to his waist. People usually couldn’t tell that it’s there. Once it appeared, everyone realized how special it was. As he showed this weapon, which he rarely did, one could tell how much pressure he had felt.


Yan Gongluo slowly extended his hands. There’s no weapon with him. He own hands could have been an extremely powerful weapon, and the fact that he’s got no weapons doesn’t mean that he can’t use them.


“Third Kid, fetch it!” Yan Cangming said with a deep voice. He took a long branch and threw it at Yan Gongluo. After Yan Gongluo took it, he smiled mysteriously.


Yan Ximing’s look became serious. Just when everyone thought he’s going to take the branch as a weapon to attack his opponent, he did something totally out of expectations…he held the branch tightly and he “injected” a very strong power in it, making this crunchy branch hard as steel. Afterward, he took a silver thread from his pockets and tried to bend the branch with it, then tied the thread to its ends.


When all was finished quickly, there was suddenly a rough bow made with a branch and silver thread in his hand. Back then, when they were living under the Duanhun Cliff, and they made their bows with this method, they had long been accustomed to such a way. Such an ordinary bow had become his weapon to fight against Yan Ximing.


Bows were important weapons used by the Northern Emperor back then. The blood of the Northern Emperor could be maximized with the bows. There is one very strict requirement though – to release the strongest power of Yan Soul with the bow, one has to possess the purest blood of the Northern Emperor. For those with impure blood of Northern Emperor, they could also achieve the same, yet they could never understand the power of Yan Soul Spell on the bow entirely. Starting from the split inside the Northern Emperor sect a hundred years ago, the real master of the sect was forced to jump down off the Duanhun Cliff, and no one else has been able to release the greatest power of the Yan Soul. It was then gradually forgotten. And after one hundred years, it was even completely forgotten. At least, although Yan Ximing knew about the bow of the Northern Emperor, he had no idea that the destined weapon for the blood of the Northern Emperor was the bow.


“So, is this your weapon?” Yan Ximing was trying to calm down, and cold lights were flashing in his eyes. With this seemingly childish bow, it symbolized a real sense of irony. With this rage in his mind, he could only sneer.


“It’s not bad.” He slowly lifted the bow in his hand and locked his gaze with somewhere far away. He mumbled in his heart, “today…I’m going to let you fake master of the Northern Emperor know what’s the real force of the Yan Soul!”


He – Yan Gongluo – was the real young master of the Northern Emperor!


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