He placed his hands on the strings of the bow, his index, middle and ring fingers stretched the strings at the same time. Then, a huge, condensed airflow was formed in between his fingers. When he relaxed the fingers, everyone heard three loud, overlapping screaming voices.


Three overwhelming airflows rushed toward them. Yan Ximing narrowed his eyes, and realized that his body was sinking downward. All of a sudden, three violent winds whizzed past his head, and what followed were three loud noises. There were now three dark holes in the mountain behind him.


It’s a bow made of branches and silver thread, without arrows…just a bow, and he only had to move it slightly to shoot three strong arrows.


He had turned the Qi into power with his arrows. And he couldn’t believe with what he’d seen. He’s also feeling agitated. The Tianchen Magic Martial Arts conference had just started a while ago, and they already had to face so much mental shock. Soon, they started to realize that the Tianchen continent no longer belonged to them. They all had to give way to the new rising stars…They could control swords like the God, they had the Blood-killing Magic Pupils, and they knew how to turn Qi into arrows…before this day, they were not prepared to bear with so much mental shock.


Yan Gongluo’s hands started moving again, three more arrows were shot. Yan Ximing, who had just bent down, just managed to escape. And he was full of panic. Bows is a commonly used weapon for long-distance shooting, and although there was a long distance to attack, there was an obvious flaw as well – it took time to shoot an arrow as it’s not as flexible as a weapon that one uses close to himself; also, it took time to change arrows. However, there were no such shortcomings with Yan Gongluo’s arrows and bow, since he took just a second for the whole action. The “Qi” arrow was also formed in just an instant. It’s as if no time was required. He also successfully form several instead of just one.


Different from the “sou sou” sound caused by the friction of the air when an ordinary arrow was shot, the “arrow” shot by Yan Gongluo produced a harsh “squeaky” sound, making people very uncomfortable.


Three arrows were shot in an instant, rubbing crossing the arm of Yan Ximing, cutting his clothes open and forming three long marks.


Again, three other arrows were shot, Yan Ximing, who’d just stabilized himself, had no time to think. He barely avoided the attack. Then, he heard another deafening screaming noise, and his forehead was full of sweat.


The frequency and speed were just too quick that he could do nothing except hiding!


How horrible these arrows are, if they were shot by a God-level player, who else could be his opponent? And how could he achieve all these?


At this time, there were no ways for him to think about anything else. In this world, the only power that could turn Qi into arrows was the Yan Soul…the purest, most accurate power of Yan Soul. The bow and arrows were the most powerful weapon of those with the pure blood of the Northern Emperor Sect. Just like the sword would be the most powerful weapon of those with the pure blood of the Southern Emperor sect.







The situation was undoubtedly overwhelming, Yan Ximing’s figure quickly rushed through the deadly arrows. Although it looked like he could avoid them beautifully every time, he took a lot of efforts and it wasn’t easy for him, as that’s the only thing he could do, just like a prey trying to survive with his last breath. When he put all his attention into hiding, he couldn’t escape from the scenario anymore.






Yan Gongluo’s hands hesitated for a moment when he tried to determine the direction. And, how could Yan Ximing give up this rare opportunity? In a short moment, he rushed forward, a swaying white shadow was formed, rushing toward Yan Gongluo. When he just moved, the hot wave moved in front to him, it was going to drive Yan Gongluo away or destroy his bow. This bow temporarily made with branches had become a deadly and horrifying weapon, he was full of panic.


Yan Ximing suddenly had an opportunity to pause, he immediately started to approach closer while hiding. Yan Gongluo squinted his eyes, not only he didn’t show signs of disappointment or pity, but he twitched his mouth. It’s not certain whether he didn’t care, or he was looking down on Yan Ximing. It seemed as if he hadn’t noticed the waves released by Yan Ximing, and he didn’t pay any attention either. Approaching him, he moved the strings again, this time using four fingers.


Qiu! Qiu! Qiu! Qiu!


The four arrows were no longer merged like the previous ones, but they were scattered. They were shot at the front and rear of Yan Ximing, respectively. When they were in touch with the power of the Yan Soul released by Yan Ximing, they were shot forward as if they were passing through clouds. They were then shot through Yan Ximing’s body, also blocking the four positions of which he could use to hide. On the contrary, the airwave was like an air balloon poked open, it was dispersed quickly after the four Qi arrows were shot through.


It would not be a wise act to use the power of Yan Soul in front of Yan Gongluo, not to mention that Yan Ximing’s level of the Yan Soul Spell was more inferior than that of Yan Gongluo. Even if they had similar levels, he would still lose in front of Yan Gongluo. And this is the main difference between pure and impure blood. When someone with impure blood of Yan Soul was in front of someone with pure blood of Yan Soul, failure would be the only outcome. There were no alternatives other than giving up. Comparatively speaking, if it was someone with a similar level of power with Yan Ximing, and if he was practicing other kinds of martial arts, things might be more difficult for Yan Gongluo then.


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