Heavenly Star – Chapter 297 – Total Victory


Yan Ximing, in front of such heavy airflow, felt like his chest was almost sunken. In the blink of an eye, he had already made a choice – he tilted his body to the right side, avoiding the other three arrows, he stretched both his hands, ready to face the other Qi arrow…




That was a strange sound, it’s like a heavy piece of iron being thrown on top of the leather. When his fists hit the arrow, Yan Ximing hurriedly retreated for a few steps. His fists kept trembling, almost getting numb. Only he knew that when he touched the arrow, his hands had completely lost their senses.


Initially, he dared not underestimate the screaming sound of that Qi arrow and the energy it brought, now that he had a real taste of it, he realized how powerful it was. He felt even heavier in his heart. There was no way for him to understand how such a Qi arrow can get this strong.


Remote, rapid, strong and brutal…once he got farther, he could already secure his position. He only had to move his fingers lightly to manipulate the prey in front of him. This is a level that Yan Ximing could never reach with his power of Yan Soul.


When he was thinking quickly, Yan Gongluo’s fingertips were moving again this time pointing to Yan Ximing’s heart, again another powerful Qi arrow…along with the wind, it arrived quickly in front of Yan Ximing. Yan Ximing no longer dared to confront it directly. He turned and avoided it…




Just when Yan Ximing’s feet started moving, his middle finger moved after the index, the bowstrings vibrated, and there’s another Qi arrow. It landed right after where Yan Ximing turned over.


They were Two Linked Stars!


Unlike other Two Linked Stars that were shot by ordinary bows and arrows, these two Qi arrows were shot very timely, and very accurately, ordinary bows and arrows could seldom achieve this. When Yan Ximing felt the second airflow that was split open, his feet were just about to touch the ground. He couldn’t escape.


To resist it directly seemed to be his only solution. There wasn’t enough time for him to stabilize himself, nor could he summon the power of the Yan Soul. He could only rush forward with all his strength.






With the bow as the carrier, he instantly turned his Qi into arrows. The Two Linked Stars were more powerful and deadly than those shot by ordinary bows and arrows. Also, it was much easier for him.


Just when Yan Ximing made a move of resistance, the third and fourth arrow was shot.


They were Four Linked Stars! Those were extraordinary skills that an ordinary bow and arrow could never achieve, even a God-level player would find it impossible to dodge! At this moment, it was already impossible for Yan Ximing to retreat his power of resistance even if he wanted to.


When the third Qi arrow was shot, the three seniors of the Northern Emperor sect were all stunned. Out of extreme fear, they almost scream uncontrollably. They wanted to take down the third and the fourth arrows, or to block them with their bodies, but their speed was, of course, incomparable than the strongest arrow of the Yan Soul.




The second Qi arrow shot through Yan Ximing’s body. With a deafening sound, his power that was concentrated in a hurry was dispersed instantly. There was a rapid, sharp pain in his heart, like being stabbed by a sharp arrow. His body also leaned back at once…just before he fell, the third and fourth Qi arrow shot him relentlessly.


Bu! Bu!


With two noises that sounded at the same time, Yan Ximing’s chest was full of blood, his body was also thrown away with such strong momentum.


The three seniors all flew up and approached in front of Yan Ximing with the highest speed. They tried to stabilize his body, they used their hands to press against his body, trying to minimize his injury.


“We will apologize on behalf of him. You’ve won in this competition!” One of the seniors said, hoping that Yan Gongluo would stop attacking. To save the face of the Northern Emperor sect, they could bear with the death of the oldest senior, but they couldn’t afford the young master to be injured…while, in fact, he had already been injured. Yan Ximing could avoid the first arrow, but the second had dispersed his defense power, the third and fourth arrows shot through two holes in his body, almost making his heart empty. Fortunately, Yan Gongluo might have acted leniently – although Yan Ximing had a serious injury, his most important organs wasn’t hurt. With the help of the three seniors, he had finally stopped bleeding and his wound didn’t become worse.


But it was such a huge defeat. Starting from the start of the competition, this handsome, elegant man from the Northern Emperor sect was beaten furiously and relentlessly. He had lost all his strength. From the beginning to the end, he didn’t even have one single chance to touch the clothes of Yan Gongluo. It was a shameful defeat.

Yan Ximing didn’t have a chance to show off his brown soft sword, which had become a ridiculous decoration. And Yan Gongluo just had to defeat him with a temporarily made wooden bow.


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