He waved his hand and threw his bow under his feet. He casually wiped it and smiled sarcastically, “so I’ve seen how powerless the Northern Emperor sect is. I was so looking forward to this interesting competition, but I was so disappointed. I just moved my fingers literally without even warming up. Are all of you just at the same level?”


The three seniors looked more serious. They started to realize that they didn’t have enough people to attend the Tianchen Magic Martial Arts Conference. They kept seeing unexpected incidents, and situations that they couldn’t control at all…the eldest master was dead, and now the young master had been seriously injured. And this horrifying man had just teased the Northern Emperor sect in front of everybody.


Never done it before, never thought about it! They started to think that they had such a low sense of existence here, they didn’t dare to be the witness and judge of this competition anymore.


Xie Gongluo – they had now firmly remembered this name, whether it’s true or not.


“Young man, your performance has opened our eyes. It’s your power that made you win, we do not doubt that. However, we still suggest you act more humbly, if you offend anyone that you shouldn’t, even if you’re ten times stronger, you’ll still regret being born.” One old man stood up and said with a low voice, his eyes were hooked on this young man. The other two were trying to lift Yan Ximing up and only glanced at him briefly. They tried to help the heavily defeated man sit in front of the stone wall.


“Offend someone that I can’t? Ha…this senior from Northern Emperor sect, do you want to try competing with your younger generation?” Yan Gongluo looked at him and his sarcastic smile still lingered.


The old man’s facial expression changed instantly…his strength was even weaker than that of Yan Ximing. Since Yan Ximing was defeated without even having touched his opponent’s clothes, he was quite sure that he would be destroyed. He had also witnessed the four linked stars that Yan Gongluo shot out from his Qi arrows, and if it’s now him who faced this, he knew he wouldn’t do better than Yan Ximing.


But if he didn’t try, it would mean that he had admitted being more inferior to this young man. And he would make the Northern Emperor sect lose face again.


On top of that, he’s almost 70 years old, and he was no longer impulsive and ignorant. He knew that this man was not someone ordinary, since he’d got a horrifying power at such a young age. Also, he had always been acting calm, even though he knew that they were from the Northern Emperor sect, he still dared to laugh at them. He had to reconsider his options.


Once again, he sighed. There were only four seniors at the competition, they looked way too inferior.

His brief moment of hesitation only made Yan Gongluo act more sarcastic, he started laughing, “well, it looks like you dare not try…okay then, why don’t you three fight against me at the same time?”


The three seniors had never been despised by someone like this before, even though they had always been polite, they couldn’t suppress the anger right now. However, they couldn’t do such a thing as fighting together against someone younger. The second senior said coldly, “hey, ignorant young man, we have nothing against you, and we aren’t fond of offending anyone. Have you ever thought of the consequences?”


“The consequences? Oh? The only thing I know is that this competition only takes place once every 25 years. We can challenge and learn from each other, no matter we’re male, female, evil or kind. If your man dies in my hands, so be it. And if he dies in the hands of my brothers, so be it too. There’s nothing to be calculated, nor nothing to hesitate about. This has always been a one-on-one thing, and everyone knows about it. According to the rules of the competition, none of the parties will look for any responsibilities from the other party. As a witness and judge of the competition, how could you mention about ‘having nothing against me’? And for the consequences that you mentioned, can I take that as a threat?” Yan Gongluo squinted his eyes and said casually.


The two masters laughed, instead of becoming angry. Then, they became serious again, “good, very good…it looks like that we’ve been silent for too long, and now some ignorant people have started to forget our existence. Great! Xie Gongluo! This is the name that the Northern Emperor sect will remember from now on! Now you must be proud enough!”


What would be the consequences of offending the Northern Emperor sect?


The words of the second master had implied that this man called Xie Gongluo had completely offended the Northern Emperor sect, and there was no point of turning back. For so many years, the Northern Emperor sect had kept silent, at least on the surface, yet its existence had always been on high ground. The fact that they were silent didn’t mean that they would tolerate any insults.


This man called Xie Gongluo indeed had great power and stunning skills with his Qi arrows, but was he qualified enough to fight with the Northern Emperor sect?


No. Everyone had this answer in their mind. Even with tens or hundreds of the same person, they couldn’t compete with the Northern Emperor sect. So why did he choose this moment to tease at them? Was he merely ignorant? There must be something that they didn’t know.

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