Heavenly Star – Chapter 298 – The Shocking Yan Duancang


Many masters stood by and watched without any action, no one dared to speak, and no one wanted to be involved. These were very strong people and naturally, they weren’t afraid of the Northern Emperor sect. Otherwise, when Leng Ya was beaten heavily and thrown off the cliff, they wouldn’t have been furious. However, the fact that the conflict between Xie Gongluo and the Northern Emperor sect had been created by Xie Gongluo. Since the beginning of the competition, there were already a few young people who had stunned down by their incredible performance, and now, it seemed that the atmosphere had become eerie as well.


“Third Kid, come here.” It was a middle-aged man. This seemingly calm voice sounded somehow deep, and a sense of disappointment that people didn’t understand.


Yan Gongluo nodded, and he didn’t look at Yan Ximing and the three seniors. He went back to Yan Cangming, who breathed a sigh of relief. Then, he slowly said, “maybe I’ve had too high expectations, and that’s why I’m so disappointed. Northern Emperor sect…how can the real Northern Emperor sect endure such an insult? Anyone who dares to offend him will have to pay a big price, sometimes even sacrifice his life…but you, you endured this, and you retreated…you dared to say something so relentless because of the power you have, and you plan to take full revenge by relying on the Northern Emperor sect. Do you know what’s more pathetic? In order to save your face, you had no difficulties in seeing your partner die in the hands of someone else.”


As he spoke, he slowly walked forward and approached the three seniors with their facial expressions frozen. Although they’d betrayed the reasons of existence and mission of the Northern Emperor sect, and they’d been his enemy, it wasn’t them who had forced their senior master down the Duanhun Cliff. Also, they had the blood of the Northern Emperor sect, and so he didn’t have genuine hate towards them. All in all, these people from the Northern Emperor sect made him extremely disappointed.


It’s the most privileged blood, the blood that can’t be offended. It’s like everybody’s Saint. For the others, they didn’t know what it means by retreating, and what it means by bearing with insults. When facing an enemy, he didn’t know what it means by kindness, hesitation or taboos. Whoever dared to offend would have to pay the biggest price or be humiliated a hundred times more. This is the blood of the Northern Emperor sect or his pride.


But, the “Northern Emperor sect” in front of him made him extremely disappointed. He didn’t know if he’s been comfortable for too long, or that he’s too arrogant, or he had let his wish run wild, they’ve become incredibly proud, losing the humility that they were supposed to have. They’ve also lost the insistence of holding on, and could now endure seeing their partner sacrifice in the hands of the others.


What the Saint master said was right, indeed, there was no need for them to exist anymore. It was only one of the purposes to kill their ambition and to stabilize the world, but what’s more important for him is to not humiliate this Northern Emperor’s blood.


Not only Yan Duancang, but Yan Tianwei and Yan Qinghong also slightly shook their heads and sighed. These three seniors were enough to imply something. From the test with Yan Gongluo, they knew that this “blood” deeply rooted in their sense had gradually been washed away by the comfort and personal wish. This isn’t the way the Northern Emperor sect should behave.


In front of his family and friends, Yan Duancang was always an honest guy, he even looked like a foolish middle-aged man, and he’d smile to everyone. However, at this time, he had completely changed. He looked serious, plain, and his footsteps were stable. When facing the three seniors, who were a lot older than him, Yan Duancang was acting as a senior teaching his later generations a lesson. Every word was as firm as iron.


In the arena, everyone was silent. Everyone’s gaze was focused on this ordinary-looking, ordinarily dressed middle-aged man. In their eyes, it was full of fear and shock, much stronger than the way they’d looked at Chu Jingtian, Leng Ya and Yan Gongluo.


After being taught, the three seniors all had their eyes widened. It’s as if they’d seen a phantom, all stunned and couldn’t say a word.


The wind, which had been wet and cold, had suddenly become violent, like drizzles that had suddenly turned into a raging rainstorm. The wind was sometimes turning to the east, sometimes to the west, or the south…it was very unstable. The clouds in the sky were scattered in the chaotic wind. The wind was blowing each great master’s clothes, and it was blowing their trembling hearts.


The wind was blowing from every direction, and it was seeing Yan Cangming’s body as the center, making a lot of loud noises.


He hadn’t moved his body; he had made use of the momentum to interrupt his surrounding environment. And with this momentum, he’d successfully make these strong people have a sense of inferiority…when Yan Cangming stood firmly at the center, all the strong masters felt like they’d seen a big mountain in front of them – it was so high that you couldn’t see the top, even if one looks up, he wouldn’t be able to see the top that’s already inside the clouds. On top of the clouds, it was a height that obviously no one could touch.


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