This is indeed the breath of God!


Quietness, it was absolutely quietness. Chu Jingtian was shocked, even Leng Ya, who seldom showed his emotions, was shocked as well. Aside from the few people who already knew how powerful Yan Cangming was, everyone was shocked.


“May I…may I ask about your name?” The atmosphere of Luochen Cliff became unstable because of one person’s appearance. Finally, there was a sound, which stirred the whole atmosphere. That is the son of Wu Qiaocui, Wu Sansi. When facing this person with the breath of God, he subconsciously revealed a gesture of humbleness. He knew, and so did everyone, that another powerful person had come. And that’s a name that was going to be widely spread throughout the Tianchen Continent, almost equal to the Sword God, the God of War who’s already dead, Snow Girl and God of Shadow.

“Xie Duancang.” Yan Duancang said lightly, he was looking directly as the three scared masters.


Xie Duancang?


Xie, it’s again Xie (meaning evil).


People’s gazes were fixed on Yan Gongluo and the few people around him…there were nine people altogether – three young men at their early twenty’s – Chu Jingtian, Leng Ya and Xie Gongluo, every one of them was more powerful than ever. There was also a young girl. For the other five people, there were two middle-aged men, one who called himself Xie Duancang, and the other person was a middle-aged woman who looked so-so, there’s also an old man who didn’t move like a stone, and two other old people.


The three young men all had God-level power. And every one of them had a horrifying skill, making them surpass opponents of the same level – Leng Ya’s Blood Kill Magi Pupils, Chu Jingtian’s amazing sword, Yan Gongluo’s Qi arrows…aside from these three, the middle-aged man also imposed immense pressure on them…he’s also a God-level one!


So, that young girl, and the middle-aged woman, those three stable seniors…how could they acquire such power?


They couldn’t help but think in this direction. Since they were there, it already proved that they weren’t ordinary people. The three young men who could be called monsters and the one with a breath of God were also there, so who else could doubt their power? However, one might wonder, “where do these people come from actually? Since they’ve got such incredible power, how come they had to stay unknown previously? It’s like…they appeared out of nowhere.”


“Xie Duancang…father was right. For each edition’s Tianchen Magic Martial Arts conference, there must be people with great power who participated. I now finally see what it means. Brother Xie, I’ve remembered your name firmly.” Wu Sansi nodded and said, and he was sighing in his heart. In front of him, this person was of a similar age, yet he had become a God-level master, no one in this world would reject being on such a level.


“Well…uncle has become a God-level one, just like Grandfather!” Chu Jingtian couldn’t trust his feelings at all, and he was mumbling in shock. To his knowledge, it’s extremely difficult to become a God-level one, but once someone succeeds, he will instantly be admired by everyone in the world. And no one can stop whatever he does.”


However, he had never thought that this seemingly kind and enthusiastic middle-aged uncle would release a breath of God.


This middle-aged man, that kind Grandpa, Grandpa Da Cong, and Grandma Cong Hua, could they be…


The three seniors’ facial expressions darkened; they had now remembered firmly the name “Xie Duancang”. Even though they couldn’t, this name would surely be spread through the whole continent. And it would be impossible to not know this name. Such a God-level player had appeared in front of them, just like that. Moreover, not only this person hadn’t shown any signs of fear toward the Northern Emperor sect, but he’s like Xie Gongluo, he was full of hostility. And such a style had put huge pressure on them. Aside from feeling shocked, the three seniors also felt looked down and despised.


The facial expressions of the second senior have returned to its normal state. He tried to utter a smile, “I wouldn’t allow an outsider to comment on how the Northern Emperor sect should act.”


In front of a God-level master, he couldn’t help but experience fear, admiration, and humiliation in his mind. He didn’t want to continue the conversation any further. Then, he said again, “today, it’s the Tianchen Martial Arts conference, please don’t forget where this place is. Today, we have masters from all over the world, and we can compete as much as we want. As for other matters, let’s further discuss later.”


After such a serious speech, he turned around and checked the wound of Yan Cangming. Although his back was facing Yan Duancang, his breath and gaze made him act uncomfortably.


Yan Duancang glanced around, and the people who had been looked by him felt a majestic pressure in their heart, they dared not breathe and they were shocked by such momentum, such is the God-level power…although there were differences between God-level and Sky-level power, the difference was tremendous, and there’s a huge gap between these two levels. Since ancient times, not many people could overcome this gap. A very talented person might be able to reach Sky-level at his thirties, but he might not be able to reach God-level within a hundred years. That’s because a person would stay as human when he promoted to Sky-level, from a beginner; but when he reached God-level from Sky-level, he had to first become God as well. And everyone that could overcome the gap would be widely known in the world.


“I, Xie Duancang, am here to meet you, heroes.” Yan Duancang slightly yelled, and his voice was heard by everyone.


No one replied to him, only silence did. The God of War had passed away, and the God of Sword, Snow Girl, God of Shadow hadn’t appeared yet. Who would be stupid enough to compete with a God-level master? Even for someone at Sky-level, he’d be like a child who’s only started walking in front of a God-level master. Failure and insult would be the only outcome.


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