Heavenly Star – Chapter 299 – The God of Sword, Chu Cangming


Yan Qinghong and Yan Tianwei were still standing there without a sound. And Yan Qingping was still smiling. Yan Gongruo and Yan Qiusha were also smiling, they weren’t shocked at all, unlike Chu Jingtian and Leng Ya. Yan Duancang glanced around again, and met the people’s enthusiastic gazes. No one had responded to him.


He had appeared too early. A high-level master like him was supposed to watch the others’ performances on the side, and appeared at the last moment. Now that he was there already, the fights that followed would surely be very dull.


Yan Duancang stopped looking around, he raised his head and roared, “it seems that senior has been watching me for some time. I’m sure you want to do something. So why don’t you show up now?”


His voice wasn’t too loud nor soft, yet it contained a durable, vibrating power. In this open space and on top of the cliff, people heard echoes. The aftersound was very clear in their eyes, and it lingered.


Just when the people were still in doubt, the wind of confusion caused by Yan Duancang suddenly stopped …it’s not because he had suddenly retreated his God-level breath, but his momentum was suppressed silently by a mysterious power. The master, who found it hard to breathe, could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Suddenly, the wind started forming again, but this time, it was not a wave like before, it’s more like a sharp blade. It’s no longer wave-like, but more like millions of severe winds forming together. When it blew across the people’s faces, they felt as if their faces and bodies were being cut open.


People were stunned. When they were guessing who caused this sharp wind, they knew that they had to protect themselves. But even though they were trying to do so, some of their clothes and hair were still being cut open. There were also red marks appearing on their skin.


Was that the sword of the wind? If so, then it’s really very powerful, as it had managed to suppress the momentum of Yan Duancang. Such wind could also break through their defense. Since when there was such a fantastic magician on Tianchen Continent? Also, what “Xie Duancang” was crying was obviously – “senior.”


If this was not the sword of the wind, then what was that…


Not sure whether it’s done intentionally, but Yan Tianwei’s area was not affected at all. However, the sound of the chaotic wind had already let them know how scary this wind was. Yan Tianwei and Yan Qinghong looked calm, and their facial expressions hadn’t changed a bit. Yan Gongruo retreated behind her mother and whispered, “who is this person…look at father’s look, he seems to be a bit stronger than father.”


When two Qi’s encounter each other, one could tell which one is stronger in seconds. Although no one knew who that was yet, the momentum that he created seemed to have a rich foundation. Once it appeared, it entirely suppressed the energy of Yan Duancang. With “Qi” alone, he had already lost a bit.


However, he still looked as calm as usual. He wasn’t surprised nor scared.


Chu Jingtian opened his eyes widely, and looked at the opposite party with panic. He could feel the breath in front of him – this was a familiar person, and this person had been with him since he was little, this was the person the closest, and whom he had always respected the most. He could never take him as the wrong person. Out of consciousness, he made a step forward and yelled, “Grandpa! It’s grandpa…you’re here, and I knew you would come!”




This was not the sword of the wind. It’s the God of the Sword using the flowing air as the carrier, making the “Qi” as an air of the sword. Instead of saying that it’s wind like a sword, it’d be better to say that they were millions of flying swords coming from all directions. If these masters bent down a little, they would be injured for sure.


“Ha ha ha…”


A burst of soothing laughter came from the air, and the full range of the atmosphere of the sword disappeared in an instant. Once you heard the laughter, you could immediately imagine a fairy-looking elderly. It’s just that this voice seemed to be vague, it seemed to come from all directions, and one couldn’t find the source of it. When these high-level masters realized it, they almost looked at their behind at the same time. Up in the air, and not sure since when, there was an old man about 60 years old. He was wearing a green robe, with a black ribbon around his waist. His black hair was moving along with the wind, yet his face still calm as ever, and his look sharp like a blade.


“The God of the Sword!”


“He’s Chu Cangming!”


Since about a decade ago, Chu Cangming had stopped appeared in front of people. He had also become an elderly right now. However, anyone who’d seen him before, had recognized him immediately and yelled his name. Aside from his old face on which his personality hadn’t disappeared, it’s also the unique momentum that only the God of the Sword had.


The God of the Sword was not just a title, but also an invincible myth in the world of Sword. So many people had wanted to see how he looked like, yet their wish was never fulfilled. Twenty-five years ago, his name was famous in the whole of Tianchen Continent. After 25 years, everyone on the Continent knew his name. And he influenced more than one generation of people.


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