Those grey-haired, high-level masters immediately put away all arrogant states, and were all looking respectful. Those who had never seen the God of Sword all raised their heads and were grateful to witness this myth. Initially, they felt pitiful, as they hadn’t been able to see the God of Sword, and now their wish was fulfilled finally. So, what does it mean by a high-level master or a God-level master? Chu Cangming was no longer that quiet old man sitting on his wooden chair, but a quiet old man immersed in nature. Only with his appearance, people believed it even more. This respect stemmed from the bottom of their hearts.


“Wow! Grandpa, here you come!” Chu Jingtian screamed happily. For the others, he’s the God of Sword, yet for Chu Jingtian, he’s the only family member.


Chu Cangming didn’t pay attention to the crying and screaming of the people and Chu Jingtian. He was looking directly at Yan Duancang. He spoke slowly and heavily in the air, “I’ve been hiding from the world for over a decade, and I’m sure there have been many high-level masters out there. You’re already much more powerful than me from 25 years ago. Over these years, I’ve chosen not to interact with reality, and I’m not sure whether this is correct or a regret. Can you tell me where you’ve come from, since I’ve never seen your martial arts and your momentum.”


Not only him, but many masters in the venue who had seen many different people and levels of martial arts, had not been able to recognize Yan Duancang. Also, what’s the name of the practice of Yan Gongluo? As for Leng Ya, his Qi was messy and non-regulated. However, Chu Jingtian was their shocking spell of the God of Sword.


“Me? It’s ok if I tell you. I’ve learned everything from my father. As for my origin, it’s nothing special. It doesn’t matter anyway. From now on, I only have to remember that I’m the most loyal servant to my master, and I will follow him wherever he goes.”


These words full of determination made everyone take a deep breath, what he had said were clearly “master” and “servant”!


A god-level master who could beat all enemies throughout the whole Tianchen Continent, and one that no one dared to offend, called someone else his master, and he’s the servant! Also, when he said so, he looked so natural, and one could tell that everything came from his heart. You could see his loyalty when he said no, and he even…felt so proudly of it.


Twenty-five years ago, among the four God-level masters, Chu Cangming was the most admired. When Snow Girl was far in Canglan, the royal family of Canglan dared not to offend. Once, when the Empress of Canglan died, the Emperor, who had a deep, profound relationship with the Empress, went to the North of Canglan, and spent one whole day in front of the Palace of Snow Girl. When he couldn’t take it anymore and fainted, Snow Girl was touched and helped him. The Royal family of Canglan had no complaints at all, and even had heartfelt thanks to Snow Girl. Although Feng Chaoyang was willing to become the servant of the royal family of the Big Wind Country, the royal family has always been very respectful to him, and dared not offend him.


It’s harsh to become a God-level master, but once someone managed to do so, he could conquer everything. He could move everything and let everyone know. And this man who had a breath of God turned out to be the “most loyal servant”!


What kind of person had made this God-level master willing to be a servant?


Chu Cangming’s brows moved slightly, and he was surprised. No matter who he was, after hearing this, he would subconsciously think about the “master” mentioned by him. As he’s the master of a God-level person, then what kind of power, charisma, means did he have? And in the whole of Tianchen Continent, who would be qualified enough to be his master?


Who was this person?


“So, I finally have to admit that I’m old.” Chu Cangming was thinking something and suddenly sighed lightly.


“No, no, Grandpa is not old at all.” Chu Jingtian screamed happily under him.


Chu Cangming finally looked at him, and after looking at people around him, he said, “you, you were thinking about killing.”


When Chu Jingtian heard this, he was suddenly panicking. After being thrown off to the bottom of the cliff by Leng Ya, he was feeling a lot of grievances and anger, and almost exploded. The sense of killing had awakened, and was impossible to be controlled. And since he was little, his Grandpa had always reminded him not to abuse the others by using violence, that he had to stay calm always.


 It was also under the teaching of Chu Cangming, Chu Jingtian was raised to become a person without evil thoughts, yet in his loneliness, he had developed a frantic admiration to the Cangming Sword.


He was just about to confess to his Grandpa, then heard Chu Cangming continued saying, “good, I was actually quite worried about you being overly innocent. And I was worried that you didn’t know what it means by “hate” and “killing.” Now, I believe that I’d over-worried. You have to know that, if you have no evilness in your heart, you’re not evil even if your hands are soaked in blood. But if you let your partner soak in blood, then you’re really evil.”


Chu Jingtian was stunned for a while, then he hurriedly nodded, “I understand, Grandpa. I will try my best to protect every partner of mine. And I won’t let anyone bully them.” Afterward, he approached a step forward to Leng Ya, who’s still weak on the ground. He looked serious and was full of determination.


“The God of Sword, my senior, since you’ve always been hiding in the dark, would you like to explore our skills together?” Yan Duancang raised his head and asked.

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