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Heavenly Star

Chapter 304 – Those who offend my master will die! (Part 2)



Everything happened too fast and too suddenly, when Yan Tianwei’s voice with coldness and murderous just sounded, and the three senior masters of the Northern Emperor Sect were killed one after another, and in no more than three seconds. When the fourth senior master fell, still with his eyes widely open, a lot of people still hadn’t realized what had just happened.


The four Sky-level masters had super powers, and they belonged to the Northern Emperor sect. In the end, they were crushed so easily, just like leaves being swept away. If Yan Duancang only had to kill three sky-level masters, he would at least need to spend some effort, but when facing four God-level masters, they couldn’t defend nor struggle at all.


And in the entire Tianchen continent, how many people could become sky-level masters? Not to mention whether they could defeat these people, but who could walk in front of the Evil Emperor without being hurt? They were not the same as the four God-level masters 25 years ago – the God of Sword, the God of War, Snow Girl and the God of Illusion. And they hadn’t never united. Once they did, no army could stop or defeat them.


But with the Evil Emperor, after shooting his arrow, everyone understood how powerful he was. It was completely out of the scope of a human being. It’s completely…unpredictable.


Moreover, even the senior masters of the Northern Emperor sect were killed just because they had “offended” the Evil Emperor, so who else could still stay safe? And who else were they afraid of? In other words, what they had shown was just a tip of an iceberg, and no one would make them scared actually.


Undoubtedly, this time, the Evil sect and the Northern Emperor sect have created a big hatred. No one had ever dared to offend the Northern Emperor sect, but the Evil sect had just stabbed into its heart relentlessly. Nobody knew for sure whether the Northern Emperor sect would take revenge or keep silent from then on. Given the reputation and the power of the Northern Emperor sect, it’s quite unlikely that they’d keep silent. Then, would the whole situation of the Tianchen continent change because of these two powers?


Also, the power of the Evil sect had got to the top of the Southern and Northern Emperor sects. And if the two power clashed, the consequence could be a catastrophe.


Initially, Yan Ximing had wanted to join the conference to see how the other masters fought. That’s why he came with the four senior masters. And now, he witnessed how they were crushed down one by one in front of him, and one could only imagine how shocked he’d felt. He reached his hand into his arms and grabbed something short and tough; it’s a signal arrow of the Northern Emperor sect – only if someone use the force of Yan Soul and light it in the air, there would be a fire phoenix rushing up in the sky, and everyone from the Northern Emperor sect, after seeing this phoenix, would gather at the same place.


His hand was trembling slightly, and his heart was beating fiercely. In the end, he suppressed the hatred and impulsiveness and retreated his hand. Those who died in the hands of the Evil Emperor were the three senior masters, and the Evil sect didn’t treat him as the target. In this case, those who kept silent would be staying alive. However, if he shot the signal arrow, it’s true that he could summon the whole of Northern Emperor sect in the shortest time, but it’d also imply sending himself to death. He would also sacrifice.


He was holding his breath. And he tried to suppress his anger as much as possible. This kind of “getting away and avoiding” behavior had been the biggest insult to him, and it’s an insult to the whole Northern Emperor sect as well.


He could only close his eyes and hold his breath. And he tried not to make the Evil Emperor look at him. He’s the young master of the Northern Emperor sect and he couldn’t sacrifice like that.


Under the silver mask, the Evil Emperor’s stare quickly stayed for a while on Yan Ximing, and it contained a sense of insult and helplessness. There couldn’t be two leaders in one place. Since the ancient times, the Southern and Northern Emperor sects had never stopped fighting. Actually, they had reached some kind of agreement for the same goal, and there were already less confrontations between the two sects. After the “performance” of about twenty years ago, the “defeated” Northern Emperor sect had vanished completely, and it only reappeared this day. Naturally, the fight didn’t exist anymore. However, if there’s suddenly a dragon appearing in a mountain where they were already two tigers as leaders, of course they’d fight together for defense.


In the past year or so, the Evil Emperor’s understanding of the Southern Emperor Sect and the Northern Emperor Sect became deeper and deeper, and he became more and more aware of their richness and power. Judging from the forces that were discovered so far, the Evil sect might be able to control one of them but far from both. Therefore, in the past year,  in the face of the subtle observations of the Southern Emperor sect and the Northern Emperor sect, their choice was to evade and they never tried to provoke the two sects openly.


He hadn’t killed the young master of the Northern Emperor sect, Yan Ximing, which was one of the reasons, and the other reason would be…


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