Heavenly Star

Chapter 305 – The real face of the Evil Emperor


The tragic death of the senior masters of the Northern Emperor Sect has made all the other high-level masters horrified and sigh at the same time. Who had to pay the price for this incident? Indeed, the three senior masters had “offended” the Evil Emperor, but what they had done was just surrounding him and made him feel like that he was being attacked. Strictly speaking, they didn’t even touch the corner of his clothes, let alone really offending him. Also, it was the Evil Emperor who had attacked Monk Wuhua, and who had in turn broke the rule of the conference first, it was naturally the duty of the three senior masters to expel him. In any case, that extent of “offense” had caused them their lives, the cold-blooded nature of the Evil Emperor could not be merely described as “excessive”.

However, compared with the “no full corpses” rumor of the Evil Emperor, would such a punishment be too much for him? Also, the four God-level masters, serving the Evil Emperor, were the ones sending the three senior masters to death. Seeing how cruel they acted, one can imagine how loyal they were to the Evil sect.


No one dared to step out to blame or to comment. They knew clearly that in front of the Evil Emperor, who’s both powerful and cruel, no one would be spared in front of him. Although they were strong, they were just victims whose lives could be taken at any minute for the Evil Emperor. They might not be afraid of death, but no one would want to sacrifice because of rage.

Yan Tianwei looked at everyone’s facial expression. He took a step forward, and the calm look on his face had vanished. What replaced it was a peaceful yet fake smile, “everyone, for us people from the Evil sect, our Master is our God. We will never let anyone offend him in any possible ways. Otherwise, we’ll kill him for sure. However, I also know that I’ve jeopardized today’s conference, and I would like you all to accept my apology. The Evil sect will leave now, and I hope that this Tianchen Magic Martial Arts Conference can continue, so that the real hero will be born today.”


Afterwards, he took a deep bow in front of everyone.


For those who practice martial arts with a high degree of cultivation, the strong masters were always the goal that they admired. And now, they felt like they couldn’t accept the salutation of this ultimately powerful master, and they hurriedly saluted back. After Yan Tianwei nodded to them, he didn’t stay there anymore. Together with Yan Qinghong, they brought the Evil Emperor and Yan Gongruo up in the sky and leave. When people saw them, it was just as if the Evil Emperor and Yan Gongruo flew away themselves, making their jaws drop. After witnessing how powerful Chu Jingtian and Yan Gongruo were, they dared not underestimate this masked young girl with a curvy figure, yet they didn’t expect this girl to be able to float in the sky…could this girl achieve the God-level as well?


Once again, they shuddered for the power and mystery of the Evil sect.

Yan Duancang brought Yan Qiusha, and followed closely behind with Yan Qingping. Having been there for a long time, Chu Jingtian shouted after they flew away, “wait…oh, wait for me…”

“The God of Sword’s spell…the light sword has no shadow.”

He grabbed Leng Ya, who could barely stand still, and chased quickly with his sword. Although the speed was high, his “light sword has no shadow” could only fly at a low altitude. Therefore, he had to chase and yell at the same time to catch up. At this time, he had already forgotten the martial arts conference, as the real masters were just next to him.


They didn’t fly for too long. After leaving the Luochen Continent, Yan Tianwei and Yan Qinghong brought the Evil Emperor and Yan Gongruo to land on a dry grassland. Yan Qingping, Yan Duancang and Yan Gongruo also followed and landed. When the Evil Emperor just got on the ground, he shook for a few times and he almost stumbled. Yan Gongruo hurriedly used her soft body to support him, and anxiously yelled, “master brother, are you okay? Come, sit down here first.”


Yan Gongruo supported him to sit on the grass, and the Evil Emperor slightly shook his head, “don’t worry. I’m fine…just a bit tired.”

The first trick of “splitting heaven and earth” of the Southern Emperor’s Star Cutting Sword had once enabled Ye Wuchen, who was far less powerful than the God of Sword back then, to successfully cut him into half, and he also completed the myth of being the “God of Slasher”. The Disaster Bow’s spirituality was far less than that of the Star Cutting Sword, but its destructive and murdering power were far higher than that of the latter. Its first type was “Arrow of Killing the Earth”, which had cut the Luochen Continent into half, its power was not just a little stronger than that of “splitting heaven and earth”. However, it also meant that the one using it would have to consume a lot of his energy, which explained why the Evil Emperor was so exhausted now.


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